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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: home
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I am only fourteen but I am a very horney 14 year old. I learn’t how to please myself to satisfy my desires. My favorite thing to do was to call up friends and talk about sex while masterbating.

My first time having sex was with my best girlfriend. We were at home one night and our talk was about sex. She had never masterbated before and was curious about it. I showed her how I did it and she tried it on herself. I was very arroused by watching her. After a few minutes she wasn’t very successful and for some reason I just decided to try to help her. I am not gay but I am sexual and the idea that I could give her sexual pleasure was very exciting for me.

I stroked her to orgasm. Afterwards we were both lying there with our pants down and feeling still very horney. I had seen people giving oral sex on videos and just dove into her hot spot to pleasure her with my tongue. At first she found it a little odd but after a short time got right into it. She came after a few minutes.

Her response to this was to dive into my love hole and lick, suck, blow, and wiggle me to orgasm. With our mouths dripping with each other’s come we naturally decided to kiss and tongue each other. After a few minutes we turned around into a “69” position and just kept eating each other out. It felt like I was licking myself because as I licked her I received the pleasure she was giving me.

After a few minutes and a few orgasms later we stopped and kind of cuddled together. Of course we were both a little concerned about what we had just done. The next day we saw each other at school and kind of felt much more compfortable about what had happened. I was a little concerned that I might turn gay so I started to look for someone to “break me in.”

I guess I was pretty dangerous at that time because I really “hot-to-trot.”

My chance came when I skipped school with a 16 year-old friend of mine named Jeff. I told him that I really needed sex from him as soon as possible. He was very happy to give me my first real lesson. We went to my home where we could be alone and within a few minutes we both got naked. I was very wet and ready for “real” sex and after only a few minutes of warming up I guided his throbing big-guy into me. It felt glorious. I had no pain because I had been masterbating so many times with so many different things that it didn’t hurt at all. Being 16 he only lasted a couple of minutes before he came in me. I didn’t orgasm but it felt so good. We stopped after his orgasm for a while but I was still very horney. I got up on top of him and looked him straight in the eye as I started to masterbate myself. He responded quickly with a hard on that seemed to reach the celing. I stroked him with one hand and myself with the other. I saw him getting ready to explode and for some reason I decided to suck him really hard while he orgasmed. My mouth and throat were filled but the thought of what was happening really turned me on more. I sucked him up and kept sucking until he came again. He was just lying there with a look of great pleasure on his face. I was dripping cum from my mouth and still feeling horney. I asked him to lick me but he was not really wanting to do that. I am still a very horney 14 year old girl with a great sexual appetite.

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