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Slumber party

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: sister's bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

My little sister had two friends spend the night and my parents were going to be
out late. My sister, Lisa, was 14 at the time and so were
her friends Julie and Tiffany. Julie had long brown hair,
small titties and a skinny little body, Tiffany was plumper
with large breasts and a nice ample ass.

I was walking down the hall when Lisa asked me to come in to
her room. There the girls said that they had been talking about
sex and wanted to know if they could see my penis. I was
stunned, at first I didn’t want to but we agreed Julie would
take off her shirt and A-cup bra in return. I pulled down
my pants and my penis stood erect for all to see. Julie’s
tits followed. After a little standing around and talking
about it I put it away and went to my room not thinking
anything would come of it.

About an hour later my sister came by and said that the girls
had something to ask me. I went back to the room and the
girls began asking me many questions about sex. Having never
done it before I didn’t have a lot of answers. But suddenly
Julie asked “Will you try it with me?” The room was silent.
“Well, will you?” asked Lisa. With a bit of coaxing I agreed
, however, the other girls insisted that they be allowed to
watch. By now Julie had undressed and was kneeling on the bed
tempting me.

I got on to the bed with Julie and we started to kiss as I
ran my hand up and down her leg. She reached out and started
rubbing my cock. Before too long I became so swept up by
her feeling, smell and taste that I forgot that my sister
and Tiffany were watching. By now they had both undone their pants
and were masturbating.

I got on top of Julie and put my penis in her. She was very tight
and I slowly eased into her until womething went “pop”
after that I fell right in. Julie gasped and held me tightly.
Over the next 10 minutes our bodies rocked in and out of
eachother getting progressively faster. When my penis fell
out of her Julie eagerly grabbed it and put it back in gasping
and panting all the while. Lisa and Tiffany now had their
pants off and were even masturbating eachother.

Then I felt Julie’s orgasm and in all the excitement I
shot my sperm into her tummy. I couldn’t believe it, I had
had sex. Lisa handed Julie a towel to wipe out the cum and
blood between her legs. Tiffany then climbed on the bed
and said “My turn”. She worked my penis until it was hard
and then I slid into her. She was much looser than Julie
but still a Virgin. Tiffany orgasmed very easily but had
me pull out and cum on her tits because she wanted to see
it. Later that night, Tiffany sneaked into my room and
had me come inside her.

I was always invited to slumber parties after that.

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