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So she was my roommate’s mom

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Age when it happend: 17.5
Where it happened: Her marital bed
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

My first sexual experience was with my roommate’s lovely mother. You see I was invited by Aaron, a really cool guy that I had roomed for the freshmen year in college, to spend the short one-week break before summer school session started.

After a three-hour drive, we got to his home in a rather secluded neighborhood. That was a Saturdy afternoon. His parents made me feel really welcomed at the very first moment I was greeted. The house was a big two-story nestled in the woods with five bedrooms located upstairs and a huge garden surrounding it. Over dinner, I learned that Aaron’s dad would attend a three-day conference in Chicago the next day.

I went with Aaron to take his pop to the airport on Sunday. On the way back, we chatted about girls and Aaron seemed very earnest in getting me my first experience. He assured me that he knew a lot of hot girls from high school that would be willing to put out with me. Well, that night after dinner, we headed out for a club in downtown. There was a number of cuties there but we came home around midnight empty-handed.

The next day went by quite uneventful. Other than the occasional chats I had with Aaron and his mom, I just napped a lot and did some reading. I noticed the boy was quite excited during dinner, and later he told me that he had just called his old girlfriend in highschool and she said she would bring a friend to our double date. It didn’t happen as planned. When the old girlfriend showed up, she told us that her friend flaked on her at the last minute, but insisted that she would find another. I told them to go ahead and I would stay home as I felt I would be a nuisance to their night. Needless to say, I was quite down thinking of spending another crappy night alone in the room reading.

So, I got back inside the house and sat on the couch and started flipping through the TV channels. A little while later, Aáron’s came down and was surprised to find me in there. She expressed her sympathy when I told her what happened. Now I would be honest to let you know that I had jerked off to her the night before. I felt a sense of guilt fantasizing about my friend’s mom in such a sexual way, but I guess any teenager in my position would probably have the same thoughts. There was something very charming about her that I couldn’t describe. She was in her early forties, very feminine with all the sexy curves and roundness of an older woman.

Anyway, I found it hard carrying an intelligent conversation with such a sexy woman. It was quite warm that night so she was wearing a low cut summer dress which accentuated her voluptuous body so well. I do not remember what we had talked about but somehow, it ended up with back pain or some sort. At which point, I commented that I used to give my dad backrubs which greatly ease up his lower-back pain since he spent most of his day on the field as a farmer. Aaron’s mom seemed really interested in that sort of therapy so I did something that I never thought I would be able to do – I suggested I would give her a backrub to see if it helped her tired back after an afternoon out to tend her garden.

My heart beat like a drum when she agreed to my suggestion and asked me what she needed to do. I told her to lay face-down on the couch. She rest her head on a soft pillow to get more comfortable while I was bending over her with my shaking hands. She was totally oblivious to the effect she had on me and kept asking me about school and occasionally giving out soft content moans whenever I hit a right spot. I started working on her shoulders and neck then slowly moving down to her lower back. Now that I had given back massages countless of times but this was the first time that I had performed on someone who wasn’t my dad nor mom.

As more massaging went on, my luscious subject relaxed even more. Her talking was replaced by satisfied moans. She looked like a sleeping Roman goddess with her eyes closed, her round big ass forming a little hill. She was wearing a knee-length dress which revealed her smooth delicate calves. I tried to leave her lower back temporarily to reach for her feet, the move seemed to greatly please her as she gave out a loud moan. I worked on her legs for a while and was debating what I should do next. Then inexplicably, I started moving past her calves and onto her thighs. I was scared of my move for a moment and that she would stop the whole thing, but to my amazement, she gave out a little gasp and made no attempt at stopping me. I was so nervous and excited at the same time, gingerly touching her creamy thighs and pushing her dress up further.

All this time, I had a ranging hardon inside my shorts but I was so concentrated on pleasing her and exploring her luscious legs that I almost forgot about my achingly stiff cock. Only when it got too uncomfortable in an awkward position that I had to readjust the bulge. Anyway, my eyes were devouring every inch of her newly revealed lush thighs. I eventually pulled her dress all the way up to expose her beautiful smooth round ass and started squeezing her ass cheeks. By now, I knew that she was enjoying what I had been doing so my confidence was boosted ten fold though my body was still shivering due to the excitement. I finally took a plunge and touched her pussy. She gasped and buried her face in the pillow as I slid my middle finger into her hot wet hole. I was surprised that I was calm enough not to shoot in my shorts right then, but my focus on pleasing her probably prevented me from coming in that situation.

While I fingered her, I was trying to find her breasts which were between her chest and the cushion. She was a very buxom women with heavy round jugs that showed their size even underneath her conservative clothes. As she lay face down on the couch, it was hard to get a full squeeze of her boobs, so I rolled her onto her back. She cooperated with my move eagerly and then I found myself in front of such an unbelievable scene – a half nude goddess with her eyes closed in anticipation. I looked down and got a full view of her glistening naked pussy with red pubic hair. My head was just blurred by the lustful desire and all I wanted was to plunge my cock into her wet cunt. With one hand massaging her tits under the fabric of her dress, I used the other to unbutton my shorts and in less than a second, my cock sprang free from the confinement.

As inexperienced as I was, I immediately tried to get between her legs and frantically jabbed my cock against her pussy. She suddenly stopped me and said that we could be getting caught there. I was bewildered and disappointed when she stood up, but soon became ecstatic as she told me to follow her to her bedroom. When we got inside the bedroom, she took off her dress and words couldn’t describe how I felt seeing her entire naked body. She looked absolutely a goddess with big pendulous boobs slightly sagging due to their size, a small waist, smooth belly even after having a son and wide luscious hips. She got on the bed, lay on her back and spread her legs invitingly. I knew exactly what I should do and within seconds, I was completely naked knealing in front of her. I was so excited that I fumbled to get inside her so she quickly grabbed my hard cock and guided it to the wet entrance. As soon as I felt the head popped in, I immediately thrust my heart out. It didn’t take long for me as I was my first time. After maybe ten or fiften strokes, I shot my first loads into a woman’s pussy. I continued to fuck her with slightly less vigor after my first orgasm. She was fervently responding to my hard fucking with passionate moans and her legs locking behind my thighs.

I lasted much longer the second time as I had come before, but still I knew that I would soon come again inside her as her wonderful pussy was so good. As I pounded away into her, I could see her moans got louder and more urgent and suddenly, her body tensed up and her fingers clawed into my back. She let out a loud scream and her body shook in series of spasms. It hit me that she was climaxing and I felt wonderful about it. It was my first time with a woman and I was able to get her off so powerfully. I continued to thrust into her as hard as I could and before I knew it, I tightened my grip around her shoulders, stiffened my ass and unleashed a stream of semen into her pussy. I came so hard the second time that I thought I pulled a few muscles trying to get as deep as possible inside her. When it was over, I crashed on her body and tried to catch my breath. My body was all sweaty from the intense fucking and my cock was still burried inside her. The remnants of the orgasm coupling with the wonderful feeling being inside her pussy made me feel surreal.

Here I was, no longer a virgin, on top of a sexy woman whom I had just shot my loads into on her marital bed that she shared with her husband, and she wasn’t just some random woman but my roommate’s mom! Finally, when I gathered enough strength, I lifted myself up and pulled my slightly deflated cock out of her pussy, then rolled to lay beside her catching my breath. We were laying quiet for a long stretch before she finally broke the silence saying that we shouldn’t have done what we had done and that it was wrong for her to let herself get carried away. She then turned to the side with her back facing me and became quiet again, probably feeling guilty of cheating her husband.

For a moment I felt quite sorry for her but the feeling was soon gone as I turned and looked at her statuesque figure which immediately caused my cock stir. I gently caressed her silky smooth body once again and she made no protest at all. I pulled myself closer to her so I could cub her breasts and played with her nipples. In the meanwhile, my now fully erect cock was sliding in the cleft between her ass cheeks as she shuddered. I wanted her again! Grabbing my cock, I was adjusting myself and probing for the opening of her pussy. She sighed feeling my cock was once again sliding inside her. I started slowly but soon picked up the speed and began pumping hard and fast while pulling at her hip. She was moaning ecstatically and came big after fifteen minutes of straight fucking. I jetted streams of cum into her soon after and managed to keep my cock stay inside her pussy while catching my breath.

After a while, my deflated cock slip out of her pussy. She was so sexy that even I just had her I still wanted more of her. While she was lying there, I kissed all over her back, her ass, hips, thighs and then rolled her onto her back so I could kiss her face. It was strange that we had had sex and yet we hadn’t tongued until then. I kissed her open mouth and quickly slip my tongue in. She was a bit hesitant at first but soon responded to my kissing and before I knew it out tongues were wrestling each other for control. I felt completely in heaven. My first time with a woman was beyond even my wildest fantasy. I next proceeded down to her neck and she seemed enjoying my kissing so much. Soon I had her erect nipples in my mouth one at a time and she was now panting and moaning again. It was incredibly hot!. The caressing and grinding of my cock against her smooth thigh caused it to swell again. That didn’t go unnoticed as she reached down to grab my hard dick and stroke it. I moved in between her legs and was guided inside by her. It was a wonderful fuck as we kissed throughout the whole session. We both came hard one more time. As we were laying there recovering from our intense coupling, we heard a car pulling into the drive way. I jumped up, grabbed my clothes and quickly ran to my room. Just as I finished getting dress again, I heard Aaron coming the stairs so I stepped out to greet him.

He winked at me with a big smile on his face and later on, he told me what a great night he had with the old girlfriend. He assured me that he would find me a hot one next time so I wouldn’t be missing out. Of course, I didn’t tell him how wonderful it was for me that night. And it didn’t end there. Later that night when Aaron was sleeping sound, I sneaked into his mom’s bedroom again and fucked her a few more times, one right at dawn before I came back to my room. For the next several nights, the same pattern was repeated. I would wait for Aaron to be asleep before sneaking into his mom’s room and had sex with her until dawn. But all good things must come to a stop, Aaron’s dad came back on Friday afternoon and that was it. I cóuldnt sleep that night thinking of how he must be fucking his wife who had been my sex goddess for the last several days. However, soon I was able to get what I had been wanting from her, but that wouldn’t be my first time anymore. So, that’s how my first time happened.

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