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sooooo wet!!!

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Where it happened: Class trip
Langauge: English
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

In school their are many people that i have fantisized about be they guys or girls. You see i am bi i’ve often played with my clitty, fantisizing about girls and the occasional hot guy.
One class trip we had we were able to get to a hotel we got to go out of town it was a three day trip. And we had to find a roommate i realy could not dicide between Cindy or Macy. Cindy is a redhead with a size lucious size b cup.And macy is a Brunette with the tightest ass u have ever seen she even has a c cup breastess.Im 5’5 with longe blonde hair, a b breasts nice body and tight ass sometimes i would just look at myself im the mirror and get horny.
For the class trip we begged the teachers to let Macy Cindy and i sleep in the same room…….they said yes.it was good. our first night there we could not sleep. so i got talking about the day the subject then slowly turned to sex i dont know how or why. we started talking about how al of us were attracted by women. then i was getting so wet and i asked if any one else was to they all said yes. i then took off my panites exposing my tender young virgin vigina. i started to fuck my self with my vibrator. Macy then started to take off her uderwear and finger her self. then i said macy u shaved it!!!!!!!! i would never do that i said. as i turned on the lights and shoved my nice neat blond pubic hair. Cindy also siad that she would never shave it. as she striped, exposeing her wet pussy with a mund of firey red pubic hair.
this got us all very horny and wet. we began to touch and fondle each other. cindy had my breasts they were so hard they were almost being milked. she gently rubbed my nipples with my vibrator, it felt soo good it made my pussy wet. my pussy was dripping with my juices just then macy saw and began to gently rub the out side of my pussy i was so close to orgasum then she began to suck un my dripping pussy as she fingered my asshole. i climaxed just then i was moaning so loadly i thought the teachers would here.
just then we all moved to the bed where cindy sat with her legs all spread she said now do me. i began to lick her legs all the way up to her pussy and then back.she was coved with my saliva i only wanted to make her as Macy was making me. i felt her pussy slowly relax and become loose as i licked it. jest then i drove cindy to cum all over my face as i cam all over macy”s face cindy and i both moned loudly. now it was macy”s turn cindy climbed on her face as i gave her head. at this point we were all horny as hell and all our pussys were driping with our love juices. the bed was covered in our love juices. cindy began to cum and covered macys face and hair in her cum. i was in heaven licking Macy. i drank macys great tasting cum it was sooooo goooooood that i cam my self. after we all cam we lay on the bed and kissed each other and talked we were all still naked covered in cum almost from head to toe.
Just then we noticed that the door was ajar and the nerdy pimply kid from our class was at the door, we will call him jef. he threatend to tell the teachers on us. Macy noticed he had a huge cubby pertruding from his crouch Macy then promptly started to seduce him. She grabed him from the door and brought him to our bed, Cindy and I were both disgusted at the thought of what we might do. So we talked to macy and she said it was the only ting we could to keep him from telling the teacher. we reluctantly agreed Macy proceded to take off this pants and his underwear, to reveal a 8 inch crooked hairy dick. it looked dirty, like he never wased it. he smelled bad and never combed his hair. even macy was disgusted at this point but jeff said if we didnt fuck him he would get us suspended. so macy started. she began by sucking his testicals they small and bloated. when macy was done cindy sat on the bed reluctantly and spread her legs open he then inserted his tool. she slowly bounced up and down on his rod. he began to french cindy as he ws doing her. she tried to turn her face away but he reminded her she had to do him or else. so she gave in and they continued to fuck he started to forcefuly lick her breasts. as he pushed deeper and deeper into her lovely body. they both came at about the exact the same time. they both gave out a loud moan. he then began to finger macy forcing his fingers ever deeper into her pussy. you could she the cum on Macy’s loose pussy. every time Macy became looser and looser until he was able to fit his entire fist into Macy.buy this time he was hard agin. he ordered macy to get on the floor. macy didnt want anymore but he forced himself in her. i was begining to get scared at this i love cindy and macy and i didnt want this to happen. but we had to do what he said. his cock moved im and out of macy”s pussy as he liked her breasts. cindy was now cring beside me. macy begant to moan as she was near climax. i heared jeff moan just as macy cam. he pulled out and shot his cum in macy’s mouth. i thought that i wouldnt have to do any thing to that smelly disgusting nerd but within a minute he was hard and said it was my turn. i didnt want to but he said i had to. He took me to the bed told me to lay down, so i did. he told me to spread my legs i did. my eyes were glued on his crooked, drtiy, bony, hairy, vainy, dick. i have never seen a dick so horrific in my life. he leaned over me and slowly placed his dick onear my unshaved beautiful pussy. the thought of having that horrific thing in me sent shivers down my spine. he moved closer. i spread my legs more. he began to enter my pussy. i felt his vainy dick in me as it went deep in me. then he started to move up and down and he pumped in me. he began to to stick his tongue in my mouth. then he began to lick my breasts. he pushed faster and faster my pussy was becoming very very wet. i let out small moans as he pumped faster and harder. then i started to moan very loudly as i was staring to cum. he told me that he was going to come in me. s later i couldnt help but cum. my pussy started to contract around his dick. just then we both moaned extremely loudly as we came. i fealt his sprem gush in me, as i came on the bed. he said that he liked me the best and said he would do me doggy style i dint want more he was nasty, but masy said i had to put up with it. i lent over the bed and felt him enter my pussy from be hid. he pumped hared and came.

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