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Speedo Love

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Private Pool
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

My first time was very memorable, an experience I will never forget. It was my senior year in high school. I was very active in the band and was first chair in the instrument I played (trombone). Because I had a problem with acne and had been fairly chubby most of my high school time I had never been good with the girls.
However during the summer between my junior and senior year I had a growth spurt, my acne cleared up and I had lifted weights all summer. When school started I was quite a hunk, even if I do say so my self. The other students couldnÆt get over the change.
One day as I walking down the hall a girl, Sally, who had never paid any attention to me came up from behind and grabbed my arm. Her eyes got big as she felt the large muscle there I had developed from lifting weights. She squeezed it and said, ôI canÆt believe how much youÆve changed over the summer! ThatÆs a huge arm muscle youÆve got there!ö I flexed it, and her eyes got even bigger.
She said she was having a pool party that night at her home and invited me to come. I had never had an invitation like this before, especially from someone as popular and good looking as Sally. I accepted.
That night when I got to her house I rang the doorbell and one of the football players who had made my life miserable the previous three years answered wearing only a skimpy bathing suit. It really showed his body and dick off; I was really taken back. I had worn my baggy shorts. When I went out to the pool all the guys were wearing the speedo style suit, and all the girls had on the very skimpiest bikinis.
Sally came over and said not to worry she had some speedos in the house for me.
I put them on and was surprised how good I looked in them. My new slim, hard body really looked great. My flat, washboard stomach, my pecs, broad shoulders, and large arms looked great; as did my now muscular legs. When I came out Sally was beside herself and we went to the pool.
Sally said her parents were gone for the weekend and had said she could have the party. Then I noticed something. The boys and girls were beginning to pair up and some were making out. My dick started to get real hard. That is something that Speedos canÆt hide, no matter how you try and Sally came over and began to kiss me and run her hands over my body.
Now there was no doubt of my state, and she reached down to stroke me. I felt very embarrised at first until I looked around and noticed this was going on all over the pool side! In fact there were come guys who had gotten out of their trunks and were taking the girls suits off!
Sally invited me to a lounge chair where she took off her top and then her bottom and then reached over and took my suit off. We made out for about 15 minutes when she asked me to eat her. I told her I didnÆt know how, and she said donÆt worry she would direct me. In a few minutes she was screaming that she was cumming, and suddenly my face was covered with her wettness as it shot out of her!
She said it was my time and went down on me, sucking my dick. I couldnÆt believe how good it felt. As she did this I looked around and there were couples with the guys eating out the girl, the girl sucking the guys Dick, and couples fucking. When I saw this, I shot off into SallyÆs mouth. What a blast!
After we calmed down for a minute laying side by side, she began to play with my dick and it soon rose to the occasion! She said, ôFuck me.ö I told her I had never done that and didnÆt have any protection. She told me not to worry and pulled out a condom which she fitted on me.
She then lowered herself on me and sank deep on my penis. If the blow job was great, this was heaven. She began pumping on top of me. In a few minutes we seperated, and I got on top and we really began to get into it. After a few minutes I shot off again. It was wonderful…a time IÆll never forget.
Sally and I never dated, but remained friends after that. I went to a few more of here parties that year.

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