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Spring House Cleaning

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Where it happened: My home
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Category: Straight

I and your typical high school freshman. I was tall and skinny, I guess kinda nerdy. I had friends, but no girlfriends. I had kissed before, during a game of truth and dare. And I spent alot of time in my room in the basement. I had a stereo and TV and a vcr to watch my pornos, which my older brother gave me. I jerked off to them all the time. My mom started working full time and my dad traveled alot for work. My brother was at school and I had the house to myself every afternoon. Mom hired a house cleaner and she began coming to the house twice a week, once on the weekend and usually in the morning during the week, when no one was home. Her name was Gina, she 0 and very pretty…in an innocent way. I loved watching her work although I tried to conceal my staring. It was a warm spring and she usually came over in a tight pair of shorts that clung to her round ass. On top was usually a tank top, supporting her luscious 34c tits. She wasted her time cleaning the bathroom, I would jerk off in there after she left. One day I played sick and went up to my moms bed after she left. I heard Gina arrive around 9am. I hid in the closet and listened as she began cleaning. I crept out and snuck a peek around the corner. Her back was to me and she was vacumning. She had on a pair of jean shorts that almost revealed her buns and a checkered blouse tied at her waist. I watched for about 5 minutes and then went back in the room. Minutes later I heard her open the door to the basement. She wasnt suppose to clean the basement, and I wondered if she had been down there before. I heard her go down and waited and pondered what to do. I quietly went to the stairs and looked down. I isaw my bedroom light on and the door half closed. I went down and peeked around the corner into my room. There, on my bed was Gina, with her pants around her ankles, legs spread. My cock jumped right up, I had never seen a naked girl in real life. Her bush was trimmed and her fingers were deep inside her. My tv was on and one of my pornos was playing. I opened the door and walked in. She jumped up and tried to cover her pussy with my sheets. She started telling me how sorry she was and begged me not to tell my mom. Hell, I didnt care that she was doing this, I loved it. She could see I was hard as a rock and she smiled. Then she climbed to the edge of the bed and told me she was going to do something for me if I didnt say anything to my mom. She pulled down my shorts and pulled out my cock. She stroked it and squizzed it before taking it in her mouth. I cam in a minute and she swallowed it all. Then she leaned back and untied her blouse. Her tits fell out and they were awesome. She pulled me close and began titty fucking me, my cock still hard as ever. Then she layed back on the bed and guided me into her warm cunt. It felt incredible and I almost came again. She wrapped her legs around me as I pounded my 6 inch cock into her. Then she had me lay down and she got on top. Her tits were cupped in my hands and she rocked her hips on my cock. She then spun around and faced the other way and leaned forward. She reached back and began fingering her ass as I fucked her harder. She was moaning and yelling, telling me to do it harder and faster. Then she lifted up and got on all four. I jumped right back in and held her thighs as I fucked her. My balls bounced off her pussy as my cock went deeper. I took over fingering her ass and she was loving it. Then she told me to fuck it and I did. I spit on her hole and started with two fingers. Then I began entering her tight hole. It was hot, and wet, my cock slid in pretty fast. She began bucking harder and I knew I wouldnt last long. Within minutes I began dumping another load into her ass. My hands on her tits, laying on her back as I was drained. We cleaned up and she finished her cleaning. She blew me before she left and we had sex a few more times before my mom caught on and put an end to it quickly, by firing Gina.

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