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Squirts of Delight

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: my mom's friend's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I was a dumb 16 year old girl. I stayed home alot alone since my mom worked and my dad died. My mom’s best friend, Linda used to come by alot to check on me. I enjoyed her visits and she taught me many things that my mom was too busy to teach me. Linda was so beautiful. She was 5’2″ tall and had green eyes and brown hair. She was shapely but her tits were her best feature.
Linda was married and did not have any children. During the summer of my l6th year, Linda got pregnant. She was so excited and so was my mom. The shopping began. Mom and Linda would shop for the baby every chance they got and sometimes they would take me along.
When Linda was in her eighth month, she came by one day and asked me if I would like to go shopping alone with her. My mom was at work. I was only too glad to leave the house. We spent the better part of the morning at the mall. Linda asked if I would like to do lunch at her house as she was getting tired of walking.
We got to her house about noon, and after she kicked off her shoes and put on her robe, we sat in her living room to enjoy a sandwich and a coke. Linda sat close to me on the sofa and soon our talk turned to sex. I was very interested in her pregnancy and she was very interested in whether or not I had a sex life. I assured her that most of what I knew I learned from the girls a school.
She asked me if I would like to see her swollen abdomen and maybe feel the baby kick. I was so excited that I could hardly breathe, and my face was flushed. I stammered out a “yes” Linda was not shy and opened her robe, she was wearing pink maternity panties and a nursing bra. She pulled her panties down to expose her belly and reached for my hand and put it on her stomach. She moved my hand in slow circles on her belly as she talked about how good it felt to be pregnant and the changes in her breasts. I must admit I was getting so turned on and was also wondering what pregnant tits looked and tasted like. Linda excused herself to go to the bathroom and I leaned back to catch my breath and calm down. I did not know where this was going and I was not sure she did either but I was willing to take a chance and further my education. I knew I was horny and wet and needed some kind of release.
Linda came back shortly and sat next to me, I noticed that her robe was undone at the top and I could see that she had removed her bra. She opened the robe and said, Now, then, where were we? She again reached for my hand, only this time she put it on her right tit. I was in shock, but I wanted to feel this breast, so I went for it. I squeezed it and lifted it in my palm. The areola was dark brown and looked half as big as a saucer. The nipple was long and rubbery looking. Linda spoke to me the whole time, she told me that she planned to breast feed her baby. She told me how good it felt to have her breasts played with. She let me feel her boobs for a few more minutes and then she reached for my head and pulled my face to her breasts. She was cooing softly to me, please, please suck my tits, I need it so bad and I need to get them ready to be sucked by the baby. I need you to suck the milk out for me. Please.
I saw the nipple getting hard the closer I came and I opened my mouth to seize the rubbery tip in my mouth. I sucked her tit gently. Linda kept holding my head and encouraging me to suck harder. My pussy was wet and itching and I was so horny by this time that my excitement caused me to suck viciously on her tit. I got a whole mouthful of milk, I was plesantly surprised and this made me want more of her milk. I suckled her tits like a baby. I did not want this to end. Linda kept telling me, oooohhh yessssss….suck me ……harder, harder……..yes, that’s it, suck my tits…….oooooohhhhhhh….yessssssss……that’s my baby….suck mommy’s tittys for her…..suck my milk……I was in heaven. Linda then told me to take off my clothes that there was something she wanted to show me. I eagerly stripped and was back on the sofa in a flash. Linda began by telling me that there are different kinds of pleasures women can give to each other. I was nuzzling her tits again and sucking more of her sweet milk as she explained. She untied her robe and there between her legs she had strapped on a dildo. I was excited and wanted this between my legs fucking me. It was a black dildo, about 14 inches long. Linda encouraged me to relax and follow her to the bedroom. We headed that way with her in the lead. I could not keep my eyes off of her big round ass cheeks and was scared and excited thinking of what was about to happen. I knew that my nipples were hard and my cunt was wet. Linda lay down on the bed on her back and motioned for me to straddle her face. I was gentle when I eased my cunt to her waiting lips and she immediately began to lick and suck my wet gash. I was moaning and moving all about on her head trying to feed her as much of my slit as she could swallow. I moaned when I came and Linda sucked all of my love juice down. I climbed off of her face and lay by her side trailing kisses down her neck and again seized her right tit in my mouth, I was determined to excite and please her as much as she had me. I sucked her tit into my mouth as I reached down and felt of the black cock between her legs. She said, that’s right baby, feel of the dick that will soon be inside of you. Mommy is going to please you. I lifted my head from her breast and she said, now, suck my dildo for me. Get it good and wet so you can get fucked. I went down on the cock and sucked it below the rise of her pregnant belly. After getting the dildo wet, I lay down on the edge of the bed like Linda instructed and she stood on the side of the bed. She grabbed both of my ankles and held me spread eagled. She said, now get ready, It is time you found out what a fucking cock feels like. I was so wet and excited but I was not prepared for the pain I felt when she slammed that thick black dildo in me. I screamed and she said, Hang on, it gets better. She began to fuck me in fast hard strokes. I closed my eyes and clenched the sheet in my fists and gave up my virginity to Linda. She fucked me until I felt the waves of an orgasm beginning, and then she pulled the dildo out and replaced it with her mouth. Linda sucked and licked my pussy until I came all over her face. She lay down on the bed and pulled me along side of her and said, now that you have had a dick in you, tomorrow I am going to teach you to eat pussy. I smiled up at her as she pushed her milk filled tit back in my mouth. I fell asleep sucking her sweet milk.
Our affair continued until I went to college. I learned alot from Linda and am looking forward to seeing her again.

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