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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: car
Langauge: En
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

No way can a girl ever forget this. That time I gave a boy a blow job the first time. I sure remember it. I was kind of boy crazy at the time and had this stady boyfriend named Jack at the time. His real name was John but he went by Jack. Two weeks earlier, Jack made sure I could see his dick pushing out against his shorts when we were kissing. I knew he was wanting me to touch it from the way he was acting. I did touch it and ended up taking it out and giving him a hand job for the first time and seeing a boy cum also for the first time. That’s what I was starting to do to him when this happened.

I had heard girls talking about blow jobs at school and I had thought to myself no way. I had no desire at all to stick a boy’s dick into my mouth. But, some of the older girls at school kept talking about how much there boyfriends love it when they did this to them and that the cum wasn’t all that bad to taste. One of the girls even said she had swallowed it. I told her “Gross” when she said this.

Then, on this night, I thought about the girls saying how much there boyfriends loved it when they did it and I was wanting to please my boyfriend Jack the best I could. So, on this night as I was starting to stroke his dick, my head went down closer and closer to it. I then got up the nerve to kiss the head of it and Jack let out a gasp when I did this to it and he pushed his hips up toward my mouth. I could tell he was sure wanting me to do it. I went down again kissing it and didn’t come back up. I just kept kissing on it. Jack went to squirming in his seat and then said “Please Stacy”. I then took a deep breath and built up my nerves real hard and opened my mouth over the head taking it into my mouth. Jack again let out a loud gasp and again pushed his hips up toward me. I then went on down taking all I could of it in my mouth. I then started the up and down movement on it and Jack was making all kinds of sounds. It was sure easy to see he was sure loving what I was doing to him. After a minute, I felt Jack start to stiffen up his body and I knew he was about to cum. I just told myself I’m going to do it and I kept it in my mouth when he started squirting his cum into my mouth. When this happened, I jumped up and gagged. His cum came out so hard into my mouth that it hit the back of my throat choking me. I came up coughing and spitting out the cum. I couldn’t help it. I sure wasn’t expecting this. I also wasn’t crazy about the taste and its saltiness. Jack just kept shooting his cum all over his lap. When he finally finished, he said “I’m sorry”.

I finally recovered and Jack again kept saying how sorry he was. I told him “It’s OK just as long as you enjoyed it”. He told me it felt wonderful and thanked me.

Well, I did finally mastered this and have since been a great “cock sucker” and actually like it now. I even swallow most of the time. But, who can ever forget that first time. I know I sure can’t.

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