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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: My Room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

OK, so I have a really HOT step-sister. I had been Masturbating over just plain fantasies with her for a while. Until one day everyone was out and she was watching TV downstairs. I went down for a drink and saw her in short shorts and a bikini top. I felt like cuming right there and then but I quickly made a hasty dissapearance. Later that day she went into the bathroom to have a shower. I thought of how good she might look naked with water pouring down on her beautiful breasts. She spent about 10 minutes in the shower and when she got out I zipped up and made my way to the bathroom. On my way i heard her shout in pain….”Ow!”. I made for her room and saw her clipping her finger nails on her bed. She was facing me. Still in her towel. I could see right up the towel. Her pussy was gorgeous. Recently shaved and then she said to my amazement: “Want a closer look?”
At that point she started at me grasping my throbbing cock. I panted with anxiety as she undone the towel and revealed her amazing body. “What do you think?”
Before i could clear my throat inan attempt to reply she bent over infront of me and slowly rose back up again. Her Beautifully shaped ass rose further up and up slowly. She rubbed her ass up my erect penis and said “Take me..”
She slowly strolled over to her bed flipping the covers off in one sexy movement. She lay down and spread her legs. She began rubbing her pussy as i slowly walked towrds her. I wasn’t quick enough so she stood up and grabbed my shirt pulling me down ontop of her. We were making out and soon enough she was undresing my final pieces of clothing. I lay ontop of her vertically and began thrusting my cock inside of her. With each thrust she rose up towards me to get the whole cock inside. She tried rolling me over but i was too strong. I kept going and eventually came inside of her. She wasn’t ready to stop and wrapped her sexy legs around me, gripping my thighs into the bed with her senual vice. She had her hands on the back of my head and was kissing me. She rolled me over and began riding my ever-hard cock. I held her hips and gradually slid my hands up and carressed her breasts. She began to moan as her pussy got even more wet. After atleast 15 minutes she lay beside me and we have been grabbing every spare minute together when possible.

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