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Step sister

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: At home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

When i was 15 my mothers then fiance’s 13 year old daughter moved in with us. At first i resented the fact that she had come to live with us and never really paid much attention to her. One day she was running around the house in a tiny bikini, and for the first time i realised she had an amazing pair of legs and huge tits for a 13 year old. I soon realised she kept hanging around me alot that day making sure i noticed her. At the time i thought i shouldn’t do anything as she was my future step sister.
A few nights later the whole family was sitting in the living room watching some T-V. I was cold so i went and got a blanket. She said she was also cold and asked if she could share with me, I said sure. Very soon her legs were on my lap, so i thought what the hell id give it a try and i placed my hands on her inner thigh and started feeling her legs. She was wearing loose shorts so I slipped my hand between her legs and started to rub her pussy. By the smile on her face i could see she was loving it. This felt really weird as our parents were sitting opposite us, with no idea what we were doing.
That night we waited for our parents to go to bed and started making out on the couch. i started to kiss her neck and then moved down and lifted her shirt and started to kiss her tits, she had perfect nipples. i then moved down and removed her shorts and panties and started to eat her, she had a small bush and small lips, i then slipped one finger into her now soaked pussy, she was so tight i struggled to get a second finger in, she was trying not to moan so as to not wake our parents, she came within minutes and the juices tasted amazing. i went up to kiss her and she grabbed my dick and started to jerk me off. i came all over here tits and stomach. we continued to make out for a few hours that night.
A few nights later she was in the bathroom, i went in behind her and stuck my heavily erect penis against her ass (i had been thinking about her naked body all day) She took off her top and turned around. We quickly stripped each other down, i sat on the edge of the bath and she gave me what felt like the most amazing blow job ever. I came within minutes which she swolled, she said it tasted terrible. i lay her on the bathroom floor and started to eat her pussy, i started to finger her until she came, i climbed on top of her and ask her if she would allow me to fuck her, she said she wasn’t ready so we just grinded on top of one another for a few hours.
We continued pleasuring one another for the next few months with neither our parents or brothers and sisters aware.
Eventually one night we were in her room, i was eating her like i never has before, she said she was ready for me to fuck her. I jumped at the opportunity and quickly climbed on top of her, i had no condoms at the time but we decided it had to be now, so i took the tip of my penis and rubbed it against her lips, i moved it in slowing, she was in pain but told me to continue, i went in slowly until i had my then full 6 inches inside of her, she popped! she cried out with the pain. I asked must i stop, she said i must go on. Within about about a minute she started to really enjoy herself, i was harder than i had ever been before, we started moaning with pleasure, we realised we better start to keep the noises down so as to not wake the rest of the family. She started to come as did I, it took neither of us very long to as it was both of our first time. We lay on the now blood and cum soaked bed together for hours after that. We were very relieved a two weeks later when her period came. We continued to fuck like animals every chance we got for years after that (these times using protection). She really wanted to tell everyone about us and be in a relationship but i managed to convince her otherwise as we would be frowned upon as our parents were now maried. We both got into serious relationships with other people but continued to fuck each other for years after that. She and her dad had a fall out and moved back in with her mom and we didnt see each other for about 2 years. Then when she was 18 she moved back in with in us as she was going to varsity. At first it was quite awkward and we never did anything as she had a serious boyfriend. Then one day i was in the bathroom and had left the door open, she walked in and was wearing a very short pyjama top, barely covering her pussy, she looked great. I immediately sprung a hard one, she noticed the now huge bulge in my pants, she asked if i still liked what i saw. i said yes – so we continued where we left off, fucking at every chance we got. We had a huge fight a year later as i slept with her best friend, since then we have never been together again.

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