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Step son

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Age when it happend: 28
Where it happened: in my house
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I have always been a bit of a slut, having lost my virginity when I was 12. My husband loved that part about me and really encouraged it. He loved me to parade around the complex in an extremely revealing bikini. the bottom barely covered my pussy, which, of course, had to be shaved. He also encouraged me to wear only gartered stockings, he loved having sex with me wearing an open cup bra and a garter belt, stockings and heels. I learned pretty quickly that combination really turned guys on (and some women). He had custody of his son by by his first wife for a couple of weeks during the summer. He was 14 and a swimmer for his school swim team. Stan had to be gone for several weeks so I was the one to provide supervision for Eric. The first time we went swimming, I knew I wanted him. His speedo fit like a glove and when he saw me in my suit, a huge bulge developed. We played in the pool, lots of touching and teasing. Later I told him I wanted to go out to eat and he should wear nice pants and a shirt. I, of course, wore a sheer blouse that showed off my nipples nicely and a short skirt that rode up and showed off my stocking tops when I sat and four inch heels. I wore a necklace that said “slutty woman” in scripted letters and put in a plain tongue stud. He looked but couldn’t make out the writing. I was such a tease. We went to a nice restaurant which was kind of dim inside. Heads turned when we went by. He was as tall as I was in heels and pretty buff. I made a point of sitting next to him and letting my hand touch his arm when we talked and then let my hand rest on his thigh. I put his hand on my thigh after a while and encouraged him to slide up my stocking to my garter strap. I kissed him and told him I had to use the powder room. In the bathroom, I raised my skirt to check and adjust my garters. Several other women checked me out, some with an appreciative eye, others with disgust. I changed the plain stud out to one that said “Fuck me” and left. We enjoyed dinner and the teasing. He pretty quickly found out I had no underwear on. As soon as we walked in the apartment, I kissed him and began to rub my hands on him. He was turned on but had very little experience. I unbuttoned my blouse and let my skirt fall to the ground. He couldn’t get undressed fast enough. I got his virgin cock in my mouth and began to enjoy it slowly bringing him to a throb. I stood back up, kissed him. It was clear he had never been kissed by a t-stud before. I pulled it out and told him to read it. He got all red in the face. I pulled a condom out of my purse and rolled it on. Then I turned around and bent over. I reached between my legs and guided his cock into my wet and waiting pussy. With wearing the taller heels and bending over, my pussy was just perfect for him to enter. He didn’t need any more instruction as he began to fuck me like a stud. I had to tell him to slow down and enjoy it. I certainly was. Well, you know he only lasted for a couple of minutes but it was worth it to have him shudder and yell as he pumped his first load into a woman twice his age. We slept together that night and all the other nights until Stan got home. We enjoyed sex several times a day, as well. I eventually told Stan and he just smiled and said, “Why do you think I left for that week?” I was a great summer for both of us.

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