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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: my house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

my first was the bomb!!! i was 14 years old. my dad had remarried when i was 9 to a very beautiful woman. to my suprise she had been checking me out as soon as i started puberty. it all started when she caught me jacking off(this wasn’t the first time she caught me either)my dad drove an eighteen wheeler long haul so he would be gone for weeks at a time. well this night that she caught me i was lying on my bed with my door partially shut(i thought she was asleep)anyways i was stroking my cock as hard and fast as i could when my door popped open and she asked me if i wanted a ride to school the next day. i was as suprised as she was but all she could do is stand in my doorway and stare at my cock. i thought she was going to get mad and i was really embarrased but what happened next really changed the whole way i felt about her. before this happened we both had a mutual hatred for each other. anyways i stopped jacking off briefly because i was stunned she sat at the end of my bed and asked me if my dad had talked to me about sex. even though he had i told her no because even though i really didn’t like her i always thought she was sexy. well she asked some questions and i was still embarrassed to talk to her about it but she loosened me up by not asking really personal things. then she asked me if i ever had seen a vagina. i never had so i told her the truth and she said if she showed me hers then i could never tell anyone so i said okay. she had on a silk nightie with no panties (she never wore panties under her nighties) so she sat buck and spread her pussy lips and she asked me if i thought hers was pretty
i told her it was the prettiest i had ever seen because it was the only one i had ever seen. she asked me if any girls had ever touched my penis and i told her no so she also made me promise her not to tell anyone if i let her touch mine. of course i promised and she started stroking slowly and told me she thought i had a big dick for a kid my age. it was only 6 1/2 inches but at fourteen she made me proud that i had that much. then the asked me if i wanted her to -put it in her mouth and by this time i was really excited and said yes!!! she sucked me so good that i came in about three minutes. i shot cum in her mouth and she kept sucking it down her throat until it was gone. my cock got limp but she sucked it unti i got hard again and the she said i could fuck her but if i ever told anyone she would denie it to the fullest so i said that i would tell noone so showed me where i had to put it and she grabbed my ass and pulled me forward into her and from that moment i felt loke a pro but being my first time this is the only position i knew or thought i was good at. anyways i fucked her for about thirty minutes and then she said ” when you have to cum just tap me on the side and i will slide back and it wasn’t five seconds until i tapped her and she slid back and put her mouth in front of my cock and ate every last bit of my jizz. i was exhausted and told her thanks for the experience. months went by without either of us acknowledging this ever happened mainly because my dad was taking short runs with his truck and he was home for bed almost every night unti he ahd to go to canada for two weeks. as soon as i got home from school she was waiting for me and my cousin who also thought my stepmom was sexy. she was kinda upset because she thought it was going to be just me and her and she could seduce me again but when my cousin was outside she asked me if i had told anyone about what happened on that night and i told her that i had told one person and it was my cousin who came home with me. she asked if she could take him home so we could be alone and i asked her if he could join and at first she was reluctant but she said he could only watch from the outside ( i was upset because i told him that she would probably do him if i could talk her into it) well i told him to accidently walk in on us and while she was giving me head he came in my room and acted suprised but she knew what was going on and said that she was going to make sure that both of us get what we deserved and told my cousin to take his clothes which he broke a world record in doing that and she told him tomnget her wet and stick his cock in her ass. he was a virgin so he had really no idea what to do but soon found out what she was wanting. he was 13 at the time but he waws packing about a 8 inch dong. he ws fucking the shit out of her because when she was climaxing she accidently scraped her teeth on my dick. well to get to the end he fucked in the ass about 20 minutes and made her cum twice while doing this. i fucked her in her pussy for about an hour while he watched and jacked off. we were all exhausted and she told us that it was our little secret and we could continue this as long as no one found out. until this day i fuck the shit out of her every chance i get which is not much because my cousin leaked some info about what had happened and ny stepmom got paranoid and stopped the whole train until my dad was out of town for a while again and the it was better than ever. if my stepmmomma is reading this i would like to thank her for the best pussy i’ve ever had!!!!!!

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