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Still got my cherry

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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: Kitchen
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I was playing with my brother who was older than me. I loved to wrestle him. I was in a big growing spurt so I was way taller and bigger than him. Now the tide has turned and he is buff and he toys with me. He is only 10 months older than me so we were always close. Dad always treated us like we were the same sex even as old as 10 if dad was home we were thrown in the same tub . The airport my brother and I always stayed together and a few times I showed him I can use a urinal on the wall and not spill a drop on the floor. It was crazy but I have never seen the womens toilet at our local base ball field as the line to wait is just to long. The key is keeping your hair short or under your hat. No one cares about privacy our bed rooms and bathroom doors were never closed. My brother and I always were in each others beds . I always wore a big shirt or nightgown. He mostly wore boxers. I remember the day we learned about sex. He was like 7 and he woke me up and shushed me and I followed him. We stood at our parents door and mom was playing with dads monster penis and we watched her put a rubber on him and then she got on him.
That next day we were in the tub and I looked at my brothers foreskin. It was tight and didn’t pull back . He got hard and I played with his penis for a while. Mom came in to brush her teeth and we kept playing. She knelt down and watched me. She took my hand and said like this. So I had my first lesson at 6 from mom. We were never sex crazy we were in to base ball and outdoor stuff.
Well here I was at 13 bigger and stronger than my brother and we had a argument followed by a wrestling match. He couldn’t get away and I pinned him like four times. Mom announced she was going to work and my big shirt had fallen up as I wrestled revealing I was wearing nothing down there. My ass was up in my praticular pinning combination I had on my brother. My feet were wide like I was going in to a split . Let me up my brother squirmed . Not till you admit I’m better than you at wrestling. Pinch her ass Mom my brother whined. Mom leaned down and kissed our heads got to go. Before she got up off the floor she looked at my vagina and the she like checked me out with her fingers. Still a virgin ! Never expected that out of you at all. Why not mom? Because I had brothers and they climbed in my bed . You made love with your brothers. Well they all practiced on me, Dad and I make love . She said and left. I said yuck. We ran to a photo album and there was mom and her 5 brothers . Can’t imagine my uncles and mom YUCK. They practiced on mom. I’m gonna practice on you and I grabbed my brother and twisted his arm . I pulled his boxers off and he was naked. He was so small compared to daddy. Make it hard I asked him. No he said and got loose and ran out the door. I chased him in the big yard and tackled him. I was ass in his face holding him down in the grass playing with his boyhood . Make it hard or I’ll bite your nuts. ( my brother can get hard or go limp when he wants . He can go limp even when I am playing with him and he is about to cum if he wants.) So he is getting all hard and I was retracting his skin and giving him a blow job. What was mom saying your a virgin? He was digging in my pussy with his fingers. Then I felt a finger start to push up in me. Careful I said. You wrestle and beat me up all day and say that he whined. I held still as he was searching me pulling the loose skin and looking. Can I put a finger in you he asked? Why I asked ? He didn’t wait and I felt him find my hymen hole and it was real tight and I was blubbering as his finger went in. That’s enough and I stood up. My brother had a few drops of blood on his face and all over his finger. Well that was that and I just looked and now I’m 19 and I still have my cherry with a finger hole from my brother.

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