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Strip Poker Fun!

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Where it happened: my house
Langauge: English
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

I knew this girl named Patty. We went out a few times and she was always teasing me about being too square. My parents were away for the weekend, so I invited her over one Friday night. After a few beers, she started in with the teasing again about being a wet blanket. I said “oh yeah?” and went to the desk and got a deck of cards. “Let’s see how chickenshit YOU are. I dare you to play strip poker right now!” Patty looked at me and asked “are you serious?”. I said “of course” and she said
“OK, but only down to underwear”. I replied “I knew you were chickenshit…now who’s too square!” Patty paused for a few s. “Allright, butt naked” she said, and we started the game. In the first hand, I lost my sneakers. Then Patty lost her sneakers. Then I lost my shirt. I lost again, and took off my t-shirt. Then Patty lost and took off her socks. “Boy, do my feet smell!” she laughed
and swigged another beer. Then I lost my socks. Then Patty lost her shirt (“this is starting to get embarrassing” she said). Next hand, she lost her jeans (“I am…like..REALLY getting embarrassed now!”) she said. Sitting in bra and panties, she breathed a sigh of relief when I lost the next hand. I stood up and dropped my jeans. Standing in my BVDs, Patty looked me up and down. “Wooo Wooo!” she exclaimed. Next hand, Patty lost (thank God!) and she said “Oh fuck!”. She turned around with her back toward me and unhooked her bra and took it off. When she turned around, she had her hands over her boobs. “Let’s see ’em” I said. “No!” she answered. “Chickenshit! Chickenshit! Who’s the wet blanket now!” I taunted. “Oh alright, THERE!” she said pulling her hands away and sticking out her chest. They were two little globes with tiny erect nipples. Blushing, she said “I’m like…soooo fucking embarrassed!”. The final hand. “Tell you what” I said. “High card strip.
You pick a card and I pick a card. Higher card strips.
“OK, you’re on” Patty replied. Patty picked the four of clubs and I picked the four of diamonds! A tie! “OK, looks like we BOTH lose!” I said. “You first” Patty said. “Chickenshit! Chickenshit!” I repeated. “Well, at least flip a coin or something” Patty replied. She called it heads. It came up tails. Patty shrieked “hey, this isn’t fair!”. “C’mon, quit stalling!” I said. Patty turned around, but I spun her back facing me. I put her hands out of the way and said “get these things off will you?” and pulled her panties down and off. She turned red as a beet, looked at her snatch and then at me. “I’m stark fucking NAKED!!!” she laughed. “Wait a minute” she added. “Let’s see YOUR equipment!” and with that she pulled my BVDs off. My rock hard dick sprang out and she gasped. “Oh my GOD. It’s like….so weird looking. It’s like…this big fucking alien creature!” She bent down for a closer look and carefully fingered it. “It’s like…really hard. Oh, I’m getting so horny, but I just can’t!” Patty said. “Why not?” I asked like a red blooded American male. “I’m not on anything. I don’t want to get pregnant!” Well, I didn’t want her to get pregnant either, that’s why I had a box of rubbers handy just in case! “Here, put this on me” I said, giving her a foil pack. She opened it and rolled it over my dick. “This is like….soooo fucking weird!” she laughed. She got down on the floor and we made it like a couple of rabbits all night long. In the morning we awoke, and she started joking around. “Phew, do you stink!” she said. “So do you. I think we both need a shower” I replied, so we padded over to the bathroom. She sat down on the toilet seat. “I’ve never peed in front of a guy before, but what the fuck” she laughed. I had to go, too, so after she finshed, I lifted up the seat and took a piss, much to Patty’s embarrased amusement. In the shower we washed each other. I had her spread her legs and worked her cunt until she came, then she jacked me off. Then I dried her off, and spread her out face down on the bed. I applied baby powder all over her body. She had some nail polish in her bag so, at her request, I trimmed and painted her toenails. We made it on the bed one last time. What an experience!

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