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strip poker: Tiff, Chris, Wendi, Jim

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Where it happened: summer camp
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

When I was a CIT at a camp in the Catskills and so was my best friend Wendi. We each had “boyfriends” who were also CITs but we had never done anything except hang out at nite and talk. Anyway, one nite we bought some food and were going to build a fire and cook some hotdogs and stuff but it rained. We ended up looking for a dry place and found the archery range office open so we went in there. It was raining hard and we just hung out there trying to think of something to do. Christopher, my bf came up with the idea of playing cards and he had them in his backpack. Chris and Wendi’s bf, Jim, then suggested we make the game more fun and Jim said he wanted to play strip poker boys against girls. I was nervous but Wendi seemed OK with it so I agreed. Besides, I had on more stuff than anybody because it was sort of a cool damp night. The boys were wearing just t shirts, (Jimmy had on a sweat shirt too)shorts, running shoes the usual stuff for a guy. Anyway, the game lasted awhile mostly because I never played poker in any form. but the boys taught me. After maybe a half an hour, there were definite results. I had lost my sweatshirt, shoes, socks and WEndi had lost the same plus her shorts and was sitting there in a bra and her panties. Chris was the first to lose his shirt. Chris had a sweet body with freckles on his shoulders and large round nipples which always turned me on when I saw them. Jimmy was in a t shirt and boxers. It was Chris’s idea to up the stakes and he said the winners should get a reward. I held my breath when he suggested the winners should get their nipples sucked by the losers. So the first two naked had to suck the nipples of the other two. That thought blew my mind but it was Wendi who agreed and the game went on. The next to lose something was Jimmy. He lost his shirt and I watched him pull it off. He had a nice body too, nice pecs and he had small nipples which were very dark and hard. He even had a few dark hairs around each nipple which I thought was VERY sexy. WE played the next hand and WEndi lost her bra and she didnt hesitate a and took it off and sort of tossed it at the boys. HEr breasts were large for 15 I thought–bigger than mine and she had large nipples but they were soft. I could tell Chris and Jimmy were definitely aroused and I enjoyed looking at their boxers. Next hand, I lost and was down to my panties and bra. The next hand, Chris lost!!! We were all laughing and demanding our prize–his shorts. Chris was way cool but I could tell even he was nervous. I noticed his bulge was gone but the more all demanded he strip the more he blushed until finally he did it!!! I got to see Chris totally naked and he was beautiful. He had a nice cock and sort of sandy blond pubic hair and big balls too. He tossed his boxers at me and I just held onto them as I sat there and looked at Chris’s beautiful manhood. We played our next hand and Wendi lost!! Again she didnt hesitate and pulled down her panties and she had a pretty bush of dark hair, not alot yet but nice and I could see both boys were very interested!!! The very next hand, Jimmy lost and now he had to strip. If I thought Chris had been nervous it was nothing because Jimmy didn’t want to strip all the way. He did start to pull down his shorts and we saw his black bush then he pulled his shorts back up. Only after we threatened to strip him ourselves did he do it. WE were clapping while he pulled down his boxers and I was impressed. He was definitely more mature than Chris. Jimmy’s penis was bigger and he had a really lush amount of black pubic hair, more than Chris had that was for sure. Well, now Jimmy and I reminded the first two to lose that they had to suck the nipples of the other two. THat meant Chris had to suck my nipples and Wendi had to suck Jimmys which I thought was very cool–a girl sucking a boys nipples. I really wanted to try sucking Chris just because they were so big and he was so hot. Chris reminded me there was no nipple sucking unless I finished off and took off my bra which I did. Clearly he liked what he saw because he said “awesome!!!” as it came off. IT was then that the winners reaped their rewards. Chris scrambled over and cupped amy right breast and drew my erect nipple to his mouth and began sucking it. It sent shock waves right to my pusssy. He even nibbled at the tip and played with my other nipple while he did it. He must have sucked for five minutes alternating nipples and then took a break. Chris was so excited. His penis was rigid and Wendi and I saw his huge erection. Jimmy was still semi hard and not upright like Chris. Now it was his turn. He sort of sat there with his hands behind him holding himself and Wendi went over and began to lick one of his nipples. I was so amazed because it was VERY obvious Jimmy was loving it. His nipples were pebble hard and I watched his cock thicken and harden and when I heard him groan when Wendi bit his nipple I almost came. I never knew a boy could be pleasured by playing with his nipples and I was dying to do this for Chris. Wendi teased and sucked Jimmys pretty nips and even tugged at his 2 or 3 stray nipple hairs with her teeth which was funny to watch. When she stopped Jimmy was totally aroused and his big cock was stading almost straight up his belly just like Chris’s. It was Wendi’s ideas to see who had a bigger penis and we told the boys to stand up. She said to be fair we had to measure the others bf’s cock. So We use a belt and marked off the length of each boys penis. I measured Jimmys and Wendi measured Chris’s and Jimmys was longer and thicker–not that Chris was any sort of wimp. Both were, as they say, well endowed. Actual inches–we couldn’t tell for sure, but both boys were just fine and I could tell they loved what we were doing and I am not sure, but I would say they were proud of their cocks and pubic hair and were sort of showing off and struting their stuff so to speak. Both boys kept scratching their bushes or balls and sort of drawing our attention to their manhood. I don’t recall whose ideas it was to masturbate but thats what we did. The boys masturbated the girls. It was incredible because we sat opposite each other and they played with our nipples and did some more nipple sucking and then both boys began to massage our pussys and it was mind blowing. Chris was not experienced nor was Jimmy, but they learned quickly and it didn’t take long for Wendi or me to have our first orgasms. I mean those boys brought us to climax almost at the same time. THey kept at it and I thought I would lose my mind. Chris kept tickling and fingering me and I think I must have had 3 or 4 orgasms and I could tell he was loving every bit of having that effect on a girl. Next it was our turn. Both Chris and Jimmy’s cocks were swollen and completely hard. They sat back and we each positioned ourselves in front of our boy friends and did exactly what we they had done to us. Chris’s cock was already wet and I when I mentioned it Wendi said Jimmys was dripping too. It was such a turn on, beacuas we had excited our cool boyfirends so much. We made them sit there while we tickled their nipples like they had done to us. Both boys were loving it. Jimmys nipples stuck out hard and Wendi pinched and sucked on them and I got my glorious chance to suck on Chris’s big beautiful nipples. I ran my tongue around them and then flicked my tongue on his nipple tips, and Chris was close to begging for mercy. I was sucking a boy’s nipples and I loved every minute of it! Now it was time to masturbate the boys. I knew how boys cummed. I mean I had read about it and talked about it with friends but this was going to be one awesome sex lesson. What I most remember is how two athletic, hot and studly boys became whimpering puppies while we each stroked their cock. At first they were trying to be studly and Chris and Jimmy even high fived each other when we first started stroking their cocks, but Wendi was saying stuff like “I love your thick bush Jimmy” or “Jimmys is getting hid ft cock massaged” so I did the sam and said to Chris that I loved his big nipples and he had the hottest blond pubic hair. This made the boys get incredibly excited and thats when their moaning and groaning began. It was so damn kinky. Both boys had stiff hard nipples and their cocks were equally rigid with pleasure and after like just 2 minutes the boys were sweating and when I heard Jimmy’s first groan I felt like an all powerful goddess. I was making a boy groan and the control over him was way cool. The boys were starting to tense up and Wendi was saying “come on Jimmy cum for Wendi” and he was leaning back as she massaged his lubed penis faster and faster. I followed suit with Chris and it had its effect on him first. He just let out a loud “holy shit Im gonna cum” and his cock just expoded in sperm. I mean he ejaculated everywhere. There were globs of Chris’s sperm all over the place. He even soaked my shirt which was behind me!!! I couldn’t believe how hard his penis became as I stroked him shile he ejaculated. It was rigid! I slowed down and gently massaged his cock after he cummed and he fell back all worn out! I massaged some of his sperm onto his big hard nipples and he just laid there exhausted. Not more than a minute later, it was Jimmys turn and he came very hard too. I love the ways boys cum! Jimmy tensed like Chris had and he was groaning and raising his crotch closer to Wendi and she just kept stoking him and his cock was damn huge and dark. All at once Jimmy shouted ” Im gonna shoot” and damn he was right. Jimmy actually hit ME with his first shot, right on my shoulder. His sperm just fired all over the place. We had two very fertile boy friends that was for sure. Jimmys sperm looked jut like Chris’s and he fired as much, maybe even a little more but he was groaning all through his orgasm and he was loud! he kept saying “oh my god” over and over as he ejaculated. When he was finished he just sort of collapsed too. We had conquered our two studly boyfriends and left them whimpering on the floor. We finished up that night but we returned a few more times and tried other stuff over that summer. No matter what I have done since then or with whom, that was the hottest night I ever had and I have a feeling the boys would agree with me!

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