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Age when it happend: 25
Where it happened: hotel room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

On a business trip to another city I decided to fulfill a fantasy I’ve had since I was a teenager. I’ve always dreamed of being dominated by a beautiful woman. Even without really understanding them I would have dreams, as a teenager, about being tied up naked by one of the neighborhood girls while she and some of her girl friends would make fun of me and play with my cock. I believe that women are sexually superior to men and have a great deal of sexual power over us.
After getting a room at a hotel I called an escort service asking for a dominant woman.
A hour later a knock came at the door and there stood a beautiful blond who introduced herself as Topaz. She was about 5′ 7″ tall with a magnificent body weighing about 120 lbs. After talking for a bit about my fantasy and taking care of some preliminaries Mistress Topaz ordered me to get naked, which I did in about two seconds. As she began to slowly remove her clothes, she ordered me to get down on all fours. When she was naked I saw a beautiful body of 38″ 24″ 36″. Not being a natural blond I saw a patch of black hair on her magnificently beautiful pussy. My mouth began to water at the dream of sticking my tongue into that delicious pussy and having her cum in my mouth.
Once naked Mistress Topaz turn around to open a small suitcase on the bed which she had brought with her. As she did I saw her beautifully shaped, round firm ass only inches away from my face. I could not resist such a beautifully tempting sight and started kissing and licking her delicious ass. To my great joy Mistress Topaz moan with pleasure as I devoured her beautiful ass. After several minutes however she suddenly turn around and slapped my face. She yelled out, “How dare you touch me without my permission. You will never do that again unless I command you.” With shock on my face I humbly replied, “Yes my Mistress. You’re so beautiful I just couldn’t resist. I will obey every command you give me.”
Then she ordered me to bow down to kiss and lick her feet. As I crawled over and obeyed, the sense of her power over me and the humiliation excited me very much. The sexual power of a woman is intoxicating to me.
From that suitcase she had taken a riding crop with a piece of leather on the end. With firmness a strike came down across my back. She commanded, “Little boy, tell me how much you enjoy kissing my feet and being humbled.” “My Mistress, It’s such a privilege to serve you and being humbled before you. Your feet are so beautiful. It is such a privilege to kiss and lick them.”, I replied.
With my ass sticking up in the air she began to swat my ass checks and then directly on my ass hole. As the riding crop came down on my ass hole bolts of painful pleasure shot from my ass hole to the head of my dick. It felt wonderful as my cock began to get hard.
Then Mistress Topaz sat down on the bed raising the foot I was kissing and told me to suck each toe like it was a cock. Starting with the big toe I took each toe individually into my mouth and gave it a blow job. Being pleased with my efforts she said approvingly, “Now your beginning to learn.”
Next she removed from her suitcase and ordinary piece of rope. Giving me one end she ordered me to put this leash on my dick. I wrapped the rope at the base of my cock under my balls and up around the cock shaft and tied it. It felt wonderful for her to have total power over my cock like that. It was one of my dreams come true.
Feeling thirsty she then ordered me to get her a drink. As I went to the bar she told me that I was not moving fast enough and began pulling on the cock leash. The more I tried to hurry the more she pulled on the cock leash.
After finishing her drink she ordered me to lay on the floor face up. She said to me, “Your purpose in life is to serve me and give me pleasure. This is the most important thing you have to do. You’re going to suck my pussy and you better please me or you will be sorry.” With a thrill at the thought I replied, “Yes Mistress. Your pussy is so beautiful. I will do everything I can to give you pleasure.” Then she sat on my face and ordered me to eat her pussy. Grabbing my head she forced my face into pussy and I began to feast on her magnificent gift to me. First I stuck my tongue deeply into her pussy moving it in and out as if it were a cock. Then finding her clit I flicked my tongue rapidly back and forth across it. This gave her so much pleasure she began to tremble. The more I sucked and licked the more excited she got.
As waves of pleasure moved over her she began to moan and move her pussy back and forth. Sucking a beautiful pussy is my most favorite thing to do, and to be doing it to such a powerful dominant woman was the thrill of a lifetime.
As she sat on my face she draped the rope of my cock leash over her shoulder and began to pull. Then she ordered me to start jerking myself off. The pleasure of sucking my Mistress’ pussy, the pleasure of the cock leash and my jerking off brought me to the edge of blowing my load. Sensing that, Mistress Topaz ordered me not to cum until she gave me permission. It was a terrible pleasure to hold back.
As her pleasure increased she cried out, “Tell me how much you love my pussy!” Filled with the love of worshipping her pussy I cried, “My Mistress, your pussy is so beautiful and delicious. It is such a privilege to have my tongue deep inside your pussy. I can’t get enough of it. I love tasting your delicious pussy juice. Please fill my mouth with your pussy juice. I love giving you pleasure. Please don’t take your pussy from me. I can’t do without it. Cum in my mouth Mistress, please.”
As I alternated between sucking her pussy and telling her of my love for her pussy, I began to caress her breasts with one hand and put my other hand on her ass pushing her pussy even more into my face.
More and more she moaned and trembled until she was overcome with a powerful orgasm spraying pussy juice into my mouth and rubbing her pussy all over my face. She collapsed with pleasure and exhaustion into my arms with her breast filling my mouth. I lay there thrilled that I gave my Mistress such pleasure and nursed from her tits.
After laying there for a while Mistress Topaz got up to go to the bathroom. I thought she was going to take a shower. Instead she came out a couple minutes later wearing a ten inch strap on dildo. With me still laying on the floor she said with an angry tone, “It’s time for you to be my bitch whore.” She straddled my chest and forced that dildo down my throat saying, “Now suck my cock.” As it filled my mouth It sucked for all I was worth.
Then she took it from my mouth, got up and ordered, “Now bitch, get up on all fours. I’m going to rape you up the ass. You’re going to be my little bitch whore.” Being ass fucked by a beautiful woman is the ultimate humiliation for a man and the ultimate power for a woman. The force of her sexual power and being humbled thrill me.
As I obeyed she went behind me doggy style and put the dildo at my ass hole. At first she kindly pushed slowly till the hole opened some and then she pushed it in all the way. The first sharp thrust was very painful, but as she continued to thrust my ass muscles began to relax. The pleasure began to mount as she fucked me more and more.
With a wall mirror across the room I could see us both. The roles were reversed. Her huge cock was thrusting in and out of my ass cunt. The scene of her power thrilled me. She leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “How do you like being raped, you bitch whore?” As shafts of pleasure shot from my ass hole to my cock head I replied, “My Mistress, it is such a privilege to be your bitch whore. Rape me like a whore. I love it when you have such power over me. Fuck my ass cunt.”
As the pleasure from my ass hole to my cock grew I began to get hard again. Seeing this, Mistress Topaz said, “You really like being raped, don’t you bitch? Grab your cock and jerk it off.” As I stroked my cock the pleasure grew and grew. Then Mistress Topaz told me, “This is how a bitch whore should cum. You have my permission to cum.” As I was continuing to be fuck and jerking off I exploded all over the floor. I collapsed exhausted. Mistress Topaz and I then took a shower together.
That was the greatest orgasm and greatest sex I have ever had. Unfortunately I have never had the opportunity to relive that fantasy with anyone else, but I will never forget that day.

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