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Where it happened: My tailoring Shop
Langauge: Hind-English
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

Neeta madam Ka Blouse Or Chudai

This is a True story which was happend 2 months back name is Sumit and I am employed as a tailor in a ladies garment stitching shop. We were known for our tailoring and used to get a lot of customers. Work was good and I especially enjoyed taking measurements of ladies. One of our regular customers was Neeta madam. She used to get various types of garments like salwar, kamiz and blouse stitched by us. She usually used to visit us at least once a month for new clothes and on most of the occasions
I used to take her measurements. She was very particular about the fitting of her clothes and therefore I had to be very
careful in measuring her.Neeta madam also was very particular when she came for trying the clothes on before we did pucca stitching. She always would make sure that the trial of her clothes was extensive and flawless before we did the pucca stitching.

During the measurement and fitting sessions, normally our conversation used to revolve around general topics such as the weather, people, politics etc. Although the conversation was general, the closeness to her used to give me and unusual pleasure. I at times used to linger on her body for a longer period of time in measuring her. Sometimes I would slowly press her boobs with my fingers while measuring. Also at times when she would come over for the fitting session, I would rub my hand on her boobs, ass and stomach on the pretext of analysing the fall and smoothness of the garment. If it was a dress with a collar, I would get closer to her to get the collar straight and touch and rub my chest against her firm and big boobs. At times I also got a glimpse of her boobs while doing so and I used to get aroused. Her boobs were very smooth and silky. At times I
would also masturbate fantasizing about squeezing and pressing her sexy boobs.
One dayNeeta madam came to the shop for getting a new red blouse stitched. She wanted me to stitch a blouse to
suit the red saree she was wearing. She was looking great in the saree and blouse. The saree was hugging her body and showed all the curves. Her blouse was low cut, both from the front and back. I noticed that the saree she was wearing was very thin and almost transparent. Inspite of her pallu, I could see her smooth and sexy cleavage through it. When she would inhale, the top of her boobs would be more visible through her pallu. I asked what was wrong with the red blouse she was already wearing with the saree. She said’Yeah blouse loose your old fashioned hair.’ I asked her ‘Madam kis tharh ka blouse stitch karna hai?’ ‘Well fitting blouse’ she replied. ‘Let me see how loose this blouse is’ I said and went closer to her. all this time I was stealing glances at her sexy cleavage and neck. As I got closer to her, I could smell an amazing and a kind of arousing perfume. ‘Madam kaunsa perfume hai, bahut achi smell aa rahi hai.’ She just smiled and came nearer to me so that I could check the blouse.
I came nearer and started to check the sleves first. Her arms were smooth like malai and I was slowly rubbing my
finger on left arm with my right hand while touching the cloth. I rubbed my finger on the cloth on the sleve of the blouse for a while enjoying the touch of her arm. I could feel a tingle in my croch. ‘Aap theek kaih rahin the madam,, yeh sleves to
loose hain…is blouse ka back bhi dekhta hun. I said. I moved towards her back. What a great ass she had.Neeta
madam was standing in front of me with her legs spread a little. This blouse was low cut from the back. I could see
her chikni and spotless peeth. I started to stretch the back of the blouse to see how loose it was. In the process I also was
rubbing her bare back…it felt very good to do that. The tingling in my crotch was growing. I pulled the back of her
blouse a little more and quickly peeped inside. I could see her bra strap and hooks. ‘Kya gori your chikni peeth
hai…kaash main isko choom sakta your rub kar sakta.’ I thought to myself while rubbing my fingers on her sexy back.Neeta
madam shifted a little and I could see the round globes of her ass moving with her saree. In addition to having sexy and
perfect mummay she also had a great ass. ‘Peeche se bhi loose hai…your fitting bhi acha nahin hai’ I said. She nodded in
I then walked in front of her and said ‘Madam pallu thora neeche karna parega, blouse ko theek tarah se dekhna hai.’
She removed her pallu from her boobs…and what a site it was.Farheen madam ke big mummay ka upari hissa was
totally visible. With the deep cut neck, and without the pallu on her boobs, she was looking real sexy. I could see her
mummay going up and down. I got my face closer to her boobs on the pretext of checking the fitting. I could see her boobs even more as I came nearer. I was so near to her mummay that I could feel my breath bouncing off her mummay
back to my face now. ‘Yeh to aage se bhi loose hai.’ I said while pulling her blouse a little in the front to see how loose it was from the front. As I pulled the blouse, her boobs came up and I could see how chikna they were. I wanted to put my tongue between both her boobs and lick them. This thought gave me a bigger tingle on my semi erect lund.
‘Madam, aapko to naya blouse silvana hi parega.’ I said. ‘To measurements le lo.’ she said.
I got my measuring tape out and stood in front of her. ‘Mujhe Sleveless blouse chahiye’ she said. ‘Theek hai…apne haath upar karna madam.’ I said. She lifted her hands and her sexy and big boobs also came up a little from her blouse. I could again see more of her cleavage and chikne mummay. ‘Kaash in boobs ko main masal sakta.’ I thought to myself as I put the tape around her back. While soing so I got my face very near her mummay and could see the outline of her bra. I got the tape in front again and made sure that my fingers where somewhat in front of her nipples. I tightened the tape a little and asked ‘Itna tight chahiy?’ ‘Nahin…aur tight karo.’Neeta madam replied. I tightened the tape more and now my fingers were touching her mummay. They felt soft and coushney. ‘Ab theek hai?’ I asked again. ‘Nahin thora tight karo.’ she said. I tightened the tape around her more. I was nowo standing just about 3-4 inches away from her and could feel her scented breath on my face. Mera lund your
khara ho raha tha…thank god I was wearing a baggy pant. Now my fingers were totally on her soft boobs and pressing
them. I pressed my fingers a little more on her boobs on the pretext of tightening the tape. I also moved my hands a little up and down and could feel her mummay bouncing a little.
‘Thora loose karo…yeh to bahut tight ho gaya.’Neeta madam said. I loosened the tape a little. ‘No…ab loose ho gaya.’ she said. Maine is bar tape your zyada tight kara.’Aahhh…itna nahin…dard ho raha hai.Neeta madam said.’Sorry.’ I apologized. ‘Koi baat nahin…agar achi fitting chahiye to yeh sab to karna hi parega.’ she said smiling. While she was saying all this, I was enjoying the feel of her boobs against my fingers and I was also moving my fingers side to side to rub her big boobs. This was feeling great. Her soft mummay were making my lund hard. ‘Ek minute…main batati hun ki kitna tight chahiye.’ saying this she chaught my hands and started adjusting them to get the right tightness. I was enjoying the brushing of my fingers against
her mummay while she was adjusting the tape. I was pressing my fingers more and more to the soft big boobs and
also eying her cleavage, which was now even more visible. I could imagine what her nange mummay would look
Finally she was satisfied with the measurement of her boobs. I wrote down the measurement. ‘Buttons back mein chahiye?’ I
asked. ‘Han…back mein.’ she said. I went towards her back and started measuring her. ‘Deep cut back banana.’ she said. I started measuring the height of her back. My fingers were now rubbing against her exposed back while I measured lund was fairly erect by now and the sight of her back was giving me great pleasure. I was also occasionally rubbing my hands on her back below the blouse on the excuse of measuring her back. She was shifting her position again and I could see her round and sexy ass moving. I got the measurements of the back of her blouse and again came in front of her. ‘Madam aage se kitna deep chahiye?’ I asked. ‘Is blouse se zyada.’ she replied. I put one end of the tape on the base of her neck and started stretching the tape down towards her mummay. While doing this, I was rubbing my fingerson her bare and smooth chest. My face was again very near her face and noticed the red lipstick on her very kissable lips. My gaze went down to her neck. She was wearing a thin glod chain around her neck. It was adding great sex appeal to her long and slender neck. I could see her well formed bare collar bones. My fingers were travelling down herchest and were getting nearer her cleavage. I got my hand further down and now it was between both her boobs.
I stopped there and asked ‘Itna deep?’ ‘Hmmm…thora your.’ she replied. ‘Ek do hooks kholne parenge agar your deep karna hai.’ I said. ‘Theek hai.’ she said and opened one hook. I could see her cleavage and the top of her mummay even more. I moved my hand further between her mummay while touching her boobs and moving my hand side ot side to get a feel of the sides of both her mummay. ‘Yeh theek hai.’ she said. Her body was now very close to mine . I was careful not to touch her with my croch. My lund was totally erect in my pants and i really wanted to chodo her badly. Anyways, I wrote down the measurements. ‘Madam is blouse ki fitting to niche se bhi theek nahin hai.’ I said as I got one finger of my right hand inside the blouse from the bottom. I could feel the bottom of her of her left boob over the bra. Mera lund pant ke andar throb kar raha tha and i could feel a drop of pre-cum escape my piss hole.

I noticed thatNeeta madam had tied her saree wele below her round navel. Her gora and chikna stomach contrasted with the red colour of her saree. I could see the curves of her bare waist. I took my finger out and brushed my hand against her stomach and navel while getting it back. Her stomach was flat and very fair. I wanted to touch her mummay again. ‘Madam mera khyal hai ki apki sides ka measurement bhi le lena chahiye…fitting your bhi achi hogi.’ I said. “theek hai.’ she replied and raised her hands again. ‘Madam sar ke upar haath karo…ekdum straight.’ I said. ‘Measurement ekdum accurate hoga.’ She raised her hands straight over her head.
Her blouse also went up as she raised her hands. I went to her left side and started stretching the tape from the middle of her back towards her left boob. I was brushing every millimeter of her side with my fingers as they travelled towards her boob. She was a little sweaty under her armpits and I was getting very aroused by the aroma of body. My other hand reached her left boob and I stopped stretching the tape as I reached the approximate position of her nipple. Then I pressed my fingers against her boob so that the tape would not get loose. As I pressed my fingers deeper into her boob I could feel the faint outline of her nipple. Her blouse had travelled up as her hands were over her head. I could see more of her exposed body, especially the lower part of her bra cup and a little bit of her lower mumma.By this time my lund was making a tent in front of my pants and I wanted to press and squeeze and lick her white and big mummay very badly. The top of her mummay was also more visible as her hands were up in the air. I could see a lot of her cleavage and top of her big boobs.
‘Yeh mammay masalne your dabane mein kitna maza ayega.’ I thought and got even more horny.
I was now pressing my hand on her mumma and getting the tape tighter on her side. I could also feel her nipple getting a little harder and was rubbing my fingers against it. I could feel another drop of pre-cum on my now very erect lund. ‘Madam ek minute…mein abhi aya.’ I said and went to the other room. I had to adjust my lund in pants to avoid any embarrassment. I went to the other room and got my hand inside my pant. I held my lund and pressed it against my stomach so that the tent in my pants is no more visible. I also pumped my lund a few times thinking ofNeeta madams big and soft mummay, her cleavage, her stomach before going back.
As I entered the room I sawNeeta madam bending down to take her sandals off. I could see most of her boobs as her pallu was down. Her boobs were big and round. They very fair and jiggled as she bend and moved to remove her sandals. The sight of her mummay started getting me hot. They were the most desirable set of boobs I had ever seen and wanted to squeeze them so hard that they turn red. ‘In mummon ko main itna dabana chata hun ki ye lal ho jaye.’ I thought. She noticed me eying her mummay and just smiled and stood up. I noticed that she was also looking at my khara lund. She got her hands up again and I started measuring her right side. I streached the tape again and rubbed my fingers against the side of her right mumma…this time harder and with a purpose. When my fingers reached the center of her boob I slowly pressed my hand against her boob againand tried to feel her nipple. I could feel the nipple getting hard and I brushed my finger against it while holding the tape. The smell of the armpit was sweet and I was enjoying it. I pressed my hand against her nipple and tightened the tape further. ‘Madam agar ap chaho to main apke chest ka bhi naap le loon.’ ‘Han le lo.’ she said in somewhat a very meaningful way. I got one end of the tape on the top edge of the front of her blouse and the other end to the bottom edge.
‘Kya aap is tape ko pakar sakti hain?’ I asked. She held the tape from both the ends. I started to rub my hand on the tape in order to smoothen the wrinkles of the tape. I could feel her full boob with my hand as I did that. I cupped her boob with my hand and adjusted it so that the tape was straight and did not have any wrinkles. By this time I could feel her hardened nippel through the blouse. I wondered if she was also aroused by all this. ‘Bari garmi hai…mujhko pyaas lag rahi hai…thora pani pila do.’ she said. I got her a glass of cold water. I was admiring her body, especially her firm and big boobs as she drank the water. Some water also spilled out of her sexy lips and trickled down her chin and chest. She took one end of her pallu and started wiping the trickling water from her chin and chest. She put her hand inside her blouse to wip the water that had trickled inside and in the process one more hook opened. When she took her hand out, her moist boobs were looked very desirable and my lund throbbed again.
‘Kash main yeh paani apne hathon se saaf kar sakta your in boobs ko zor zor se masal kar choos sakta.’ I thought while getting even more horny.’Oh meri bra bhi gili ho gayi.’ she said. ‘Apka ek or red blouse yahan par hai…usko pahan lejiye.’ I suggested. ‘Han yeh theek rahega.’ she said. I quickly brought the red blouse and gave it to her. She started unhooking her blouse in front of me. I realised that and said ‘Mein bahar jata hun.’ ‘Nahin koi baat nahin…tum yahan par hi rah sakte ho.’ she
said and unhooked her last hook. She was wearing a very sexy red push up bra. All of her big and hot mummay were almost visible. I could see the outline of her big nipples through her bra. Then she unkooked her bra and took it off. I did not want to miss this chance and walked nearer. My gaze was fixed on her round and white boobs.Without saying a word I held both her mummay in both my hands and gave them a gentle squeeze.Neeta madam looked at me as if expecting it and smiled.’Ummmmm….’ escaped her lips. I squeezed her mummay again…this time a little harder. She threw her head back indicating that she liked it.
Her nipples were big and hard. Her boobs were very smooth, soft and round. I caught the underside of both her boobs tugged them and pulled them towards me. Meine uske mummon ko niche se apne haathon mein cup kar rakha tha or apni taraf khinch raha tha. Ab meiin uske mummay thori our zor se dabane laga. ‘Aahhh…’ came out of her mouth. ‘Madam apke mummay jaise mummay maine kahin our nahin dekhe hain.’ I complemented her while pressing her mummay harder. ‘Mujhe madam mat kaho…Faruu kaho.’ she said with unsteady breath. We were standing very close and I started pressing and squeezing her mummay harder. They felt good and hot in my hands. I was still holding her boobs from below and squeezing and shaking them.Her boobs were hot and jiggling in my hands while I pressed them harder. She cupped my hands with her hands and started pressing real hard, indicating too me that she wanted her boobs to be pressed even more harder. I got my hands over her mummay your zor zor is press karne laga. Meri unglion ke imprints uske mummay par dikh rahe the. Her boobs were turning red. ‘Ohhhh…mat rukna…inko your dabao.’ Faruu said. ‘Main inko bahut zor se dabaunga…itna zor se ki tumko bahut acha lagega.’ I said and started to press her boobs very very hard. Then I shifted my hands to the sides of her mummay and squeezed them hard towards each other. I was rubbing both her boobs with each other very hard.
‘Ugghhhh…’ she moaned softly and put her arms around my neck while I was pressing the sides of her mummay. Her nipples were totally erect and hard now and I got them between my thumb and finger and started pressing them. ‘Ooohhhhh…’ Faruu moaned ‘Mere nipples ko our press karo.’ she said. I increased my pace of squeezing her nipples and also started to pull them towards me. Her nipples had grown bigger and harder and I was squeezing them very hard now. She was enjoying that. I was squeezing her nipples and at the same time tugging them towards me. ‘Mere mummay dabao…’ she said. I released her nipples and started pressing her boobs again…this time very hard…harder and harder. I had cupped her mummay and was squeezing them hard while she was moaning. ‘Mein tunhare kapre utarna chahta hun.’ I said. ‘Tumhari nangi body dehkna chahta hun our ek ek inch ko kiss our suck karna chahta hun.’ and I started removing her saree with one hand while pressing her boob very hard with the other. I started kissing her on the lips and she responded with equal excitement. I was suckingn her lower lip and she was sucking my upper lip. I had her saree off. Then I pulled the string of her petticoat and it dropped on the ground. While doing all this we were kissing passionately…now with our tongues inside each others mouth and I was pressing her hot and sexy boob. She was in her panty and her legs were very shapely and long. I got my other hand to her boob and started pressing it
hard and tugging it towards me. We were kissing wildly and were very hot. I started licking her cheeks and lips with my wet tongue…while she licked my lips with her tongue. Then Ifocused on her neck and started licking it…gettingit all wet with my tongue. I was still pressing her boobs very hard andthey had turned red…which excited me even more.
Mein uski gardan apni garam tongue se chaat raha tha our tickle kar raha tha. Uske mummay mere dabane se lal ho gaye the your mein unko zor zor se squeeze kar raha tha. Meri tongue ab uske mummon ko lick kar rahi thi your mere haath uske mummay daba rahe the. Uske mummay ekdum wet the your mein un wet mummon ko daba raha tha. While pressing her boobs my mouth started travelling towards her stomach.I was licking all of her stomach and especially her navel. My hands were still pressing her boobs and she was moaning louder with excitement. After doing this for 15-20 minutes I sat down between her legs and said ‘Apni tangon ko kholo…main tumhari choot bhi aise hi masalna chahata hun jaise maine tumhare mummay masle.’ She opened her legs wider and I now could smell the sweet aroma of her choot. I got up a little and caught the elastic of her panty in my teeth and started pulling it down. I was rubbing her legs and thighs while pulling her panty down with my teeth. I panty fell on the floor. She was totally naked and was very desirable and fuckable at this time. I gently cupped her choot with my palm and started pressing it. Uski choot bahut gili thi our mera pura palm uski choot juices se gila ho gaya
tha.I cupped her choot harder and started rubbing it.Usne apne legs your wide kar diye. Ab main uski choot bahut tez and zur se mal raha tha. She was also moving her pelvis and rubbing her choot against my palm. I opened her choot lips with my fingers and started rubbing the insideo of her choot. ‘Couch par chalte hain.’ I suggested.She sat on the couch and said ‘Paihle mere mummay our dabao…our mera doodh piyo.’ I laid down on the couch and put my head on her lap. Phit mein uske donoo mummay zor se press karne laga. ‘Mmmmmm…ahhhh.’ Faruu was moaning as I pressed her mummay harder. While pressing them I was also sucking on her big and hard nipples. She held her left mumma and put it in my mouth. I was sucking her nipple like a baby…but very hard. She was thrusting more and more of her mumma in my mouth and saying
‘Your chooso…zor se please…your zor se…mera doodh piyo.’ I was pressing her right mumma hard and sucking on her left nipple even harder. Her right mumma was again turning red.She was pressing her left boob while thrusting it deeper in my mouth. My mouth was full of her mumma and I was sucking her mumma hard…very hard and licking the nipple…nibbling it with my teeth. ‘Mere boobs your zor se dabao.’ she said. I started pressing her boob very hard.I did the sucking and pressing for the next 15 minutes and then got up and cupped her choot with palm again. Her choot was dripping with juices and I started licking it with my tongue. I wanted to lick every drop of her choot juices.Usne apni choot apni fingers se your khol do your mein apni tongue se uski choot lick karne laga. Her cunt juices tasted salty and sweet. She opened her choot lips even more
and said ‘Apni tongue meri choot mein dalo…jaldi…I wasn’t you to tongue fuck me.’ I could see her cunt hole and dipped my whole tongue right inside it. Her cunt was very wet and hot…I liked it. My head was going up and down…I hardened my tongue and was thrusting it deep in her cunt. ‘Meri clit rub karo.’ she said and guided my hand to her clit. I started rubbing her clit with my finger while fucking her with my tongue. Her legs were wide open and my face was all wet with her tasty choot juices. Then I got my tongue out of her choot hole and started licking her choot lips. Her clit was swollen and pink. She opened her choot with her hands and guided my tongue to her clit. My hands were again pressing her boobs hard while my tongue was licking her clit and her pink choot.
While I was pressing and sucking, she started to unbutton my shirt and took it off. Then she got up and almost tore my
pant and took it off also. Now I was standing in front of her in just my underwear. She tugged it in one motion and I was totally nanga. My lund sprang out and was totally erect. It was bobbing up and down and my piss hole had pre-cum on it. My lund had never gotten so erect earlier as it was now. every vein of my lund were visible. My purplish pink cock head was totally swollen and the foreskin had gone back, exposing the cock head. Faruu put my lund against my stomach and started licking the back while pumping it with her hand. ‘Mera lund apni tongue se pura geela kar do…aaahhhhh…’ I said moaning. I could see her fingering her choot as she licked my lund. This was getting me even more excited. My 7 inch lund was in heaven. Then she got up and started pressing her mummay against my chest and started pressing her stomach against my lund. I started kissing her and squeezing her mummay again. We were feeling each others heat and were getting hotter. While I was pressing her
boobs, she was still finger fucking herself. I released one mumma and started getting it to her choot. I put in a finger while her finger was in and we started to finger fuck her together. Then I released her other mumma and goto my hand on her round and sexy ass. I started rubbing my finger on her ass crack and she opened her legs wider letting my fingers explore her ass further. We were still pumping her choot with our fingers. I got to her side and started rubbing my other hand inside her ass crack. I rubbed some choot juice from her choot on her ass and slowly started probing her asshole with my finger. It was tight and I started rubbing it with her choot juices to get it to relax.
After 5 minutes her asshole relaxed and started to open up to the probing of my fingers. I rubbed more choot juice on her asshole and gently inserted one finger in her asshole. Our fingers were still pumping h er choot. I inserted my finger deeper into her asshole.’Ohhhhhh…dhere se…’ she moaned between thrusts of our fingers in her choot. I was standing on her side and
started licking the side of her mummay. ‘Aahhhhh….mere mummay chuso.’ she moaned. Now my finger was totally inside
her asshole and I started fucking her ass with my finger. I was finger fucking her choot as well as ass. Her choot was very very wet and her choot juices were flowing on her thighs. She was holding my lund with her other hand and pumping it hard. I finger fucked her ass for 10-15 minutes and then rubbed more choot juice on it. Then I inserted the finger in her asshole. ‘Aarrrgggghhhh…’ she moaned and her asshole accomodated my finger. Our choot and asshole pumping was on full throttle and her boobs were jumping up and down with each thrust. ‘I am going to cum.’ Faruu said. ‘Wait, I want to drink your cum.’ I said and kneeled between her wide open legs and started sucking her choot…licking her clit…nibbling her choot lips wildly. I quickly thrust one finger back in her asshole started pumping it while sucking her choot. ‘Ooohhhh….I am cumming…’ she shrieked and started to wet my mouth and face with her cum. I was desperately licking and drinking her cum and she was cumming harder. She shuddered as she came and pulled my head towards her choot. While I was licking off her cum from her choot, I was still pumping her asshole with my finger.
She sat down on the couch and spread her legs wide. Then she opened her choot with both her hands and asked ‘Want this?’ ‘Ohhh…yesssss.’ I said. She held her choot open with one hand and and held my lund with the other. Then she pumped my lund a little and guided it into her choot. With one big thrust I put my lund right the the end in her choot. ‘Ohhhh…fill my choot with your lund.’ she cried with pleasure. I started pumping fast as I wanted to fuck her real bad. My lund could feel her hot and wet choot. I started pumping hard and fast. Her boobs were bouncing with each thrust. While fucking her choot, I caught her mummay and started pressing as hard as I was chodoing her. ‘Aur zor is dhakka do.’ she wanted me to pump her choot harder with my lund. I started pumping even harder and faster while pressing her mummay and making them red again. We were fucking wildly. ‘Aaaarrrggggghhhh….’ both of us were moaning. We fucked for 10 minutes and then I took my lund out of her choot. ‘I want to ass fuck you.’ I said. She got up and turned her ass towards me. She bend down on the couch and
opened her legs wider. I rubbed her asshole again with her choot juices and slowly put a finger in to probe if I could put my lund inside easily. Her asshole accomodated my finger easily. Then I wet my finger and put it inside.She was enjoying the finger fuck. I quickly took my fingers out of her asshole and gently started probing her asshole with my cock head. I spread her ass cheeks wider and started to put my lund inside her asshole. ‘Aahhhhhh….dhire se….your lund is thick for my asshole.’ she said. I stopped thrusting lu lund inside her asshole and wanted to get it out.
‘Nahin…apne lund ko andar dalo…I am licking it…thora dard hoga phir maza ayga.’ she said between her heavy breathing. I
again started gettin gmy lund deeper in her asshole.’Ohhhhh…ummmmmm…han aur andar dalo…par dhere se…be careful in the first fer thrusts.’ she said. Now my cock was totally inside her asshole and I started pumping slowly and gently.’Ab dard nahin ho raha hai…maza aa raha hai…thora zor se karo.’ she said. I started pumping her asshole a little harder. Her asshole was squeeziing my cock harder than her choot and I knew I would not last for very long at this rate. I started pumping harder and leaned on her back to press her bobbing mummay. While pumping her asshole with my lund, I cupped both her mummay and started pressing them real hard. She was moaning with pleasure and meeting my each thrust with the same force. ‘Zor se chodo mujhe…’ she said wildly ‘Mere mummay aur zor se dabao…’ We started fucking wildly. All this time she was also finger fucking herself and I wished that we came together. ‘Aaaahhhhh….mein jharne wali hun….meri choot bahut gili hai.’ she said. ‘Ruko…mujhe bhi tunhare saath jharna hai.’ I said and started pumping my lund harder in her choot while pressing her mummay vert hard. ‘Ueeeee main jahrne wali hun…ab nahin ruk sakti…’ she cried. I was also about to cum…but wanted to cum on her big and hot mummay and on her face. So I let her cum while fiercely pumping her asshole. Faruu started shuddering and cumming.
‘Ohhh mein jharrahe hun…aur zor se dhakka do…’ she said. I knew that I was also going to cum soon and started pumping her asshole with big thrusts. She was still fingerfuckingn herself and said ‘I wasnt to cum once again…this time with you.’ I tool my lund out of her asshole and we started pumping each other. My fingers were playing fiercely with her swollen pink clit and choot while she was busy pimping my cock with her hand. ‘Cum with me baby…’ she moaned as she started to cum again. These words really got me off and I quickly stood up in front of her. She was finger fucking herself with one hand and pumping my hard cock with the other. ‘Aaaaaaahhhhhhh….’ both of us yelled in extacy. We were cumming together. Faruu
was fingering her choot and pumping my cock simultaneously. I started to cum and she started pumping her chootand lund harder. My lund started throwing threads of cum on her face. She held her both her boobs with her hands and started getting my cum on them. I was now pumping my cock and moaning as I came. Spurts of my cum were landing on her mummay and face. ‘Mere mummon koo apne cum se geela kar do.’ she said and took my cock in her hand and pumped it even more. I could only manage a couple of more squirts of cum. She looked at me and rubbed my cum all over her hot mummay…over her big and erect nipples. Then she took my lund in her hand and put it iin her mouth and licked it dry.I sat on the floor facing her wide open legs and started sucking her wet choot again. I wanted to reciprocate to her in the same way that she gave the thrill of cumming. ‘Nahin aur nahin…I am totally exhausted.’ she protested…but feebly. I pretended not to hear her and continued to lick and suck her choot.
‘Faruu I want you to cum once again…cum for me please.’ I said. By this time she was hot again and started moaning while I sucked, kissed, licked, nibbled her choot. Uskii choot phir se bahut gili ho gaye thi aur woh kah rahi thi ‘Suck me harder…make me cum once more…I want to cum again on in mouth…on your face…ohhhh…..please mujhe jharna hai…tumhare munh mein…meri choot aur zor se chato… ungli se chudai karo…dono unglian dalo…. han… aur zorse…chooso…. uuggghhhhh…. aahhhhh…..’ she was crying out loud. Doing all this my lund was hard again and I was stroking it with one hand while eating her wet and tasty choot. My tongue was working fast and hard in her choot. She was rubbing her clit very hard and thrusting her choot further in my mouth. She had her clit between her thumb and finger and was squzeeing it hard and fast. I was licking her choot and fucking her choot hole with my tongue and fingers while pumping my cock with the other hand. ‘Ohhhh I am going to cum.’ she moaned and said. I got up and quickly thrust my hard and erect lund in her choot and started pumping her fast. with the other hand I started rubbing her clit and started squeezing it hard…vert hard…as hard as my thrusts in her choot. ‘Yes…yess….yesss….aahhhhh….fuck me harder…I am cumming.’ she yelled and started cumming and thrusting her choot to my lund harder and harder. She was in extacy and shuddering while cumming. She was holding me tightly with her hands and cumming. I could feel her hot choot juices on my cock head…I could feel the juices flowing all over my lund. I wanted her to cum more and started rubbing her clit harder and she shuddered with pleasure once again. I was pumping her choot with my lund while she was cumming and shuddering. She continued to cum and shudder and moan. I was going to cum too and took my lund out of her choot. She took my lund in her hand and started pumping it hard.’Aaarrgggg….mein jharne wala hun.’ I groaned and started to cum once again.
This time she wanted my cum inside her mouth and took my lund in her mouth. I started cumming in her mouth and she drank all my cum happily.

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