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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: my house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

Hi, my name is Summer and it’s pretty weird to be telling everyone about how I lost my virginity. Here it goes!!

It was this year after school was out. I was hanging out with Kevin, a friend that I have known for a long time. Kevin and I were only friends and I never thought of us as a boyfriend and girlfriend. He was just a really nice guy and I liked doing stuff with him. I am 15 and he is 18. He is not like aot of the other high school guys that I know and didn’t act like a jerk all the time. We knew each other well enough that he knew that I was still a virgin and I knew that he had been with a couple of girls already. It didn’t matter to me because I never thought anything sexual about him before. I guess I was one of those goodie two shoes girls that never got into any trouble and was always sweet and innocent.

I guess I was getting to the point where my body was teling me something and I started to think about sex and stuff alittle more. My mother has her own business and works alot of hours. One day it was realy ot and so I invited Kevin over to go swimming. He has been over many times before so nothing was unusual. We swam and talked about different stuff. Since it was so hot out, we spent most of the time in the water. I don’t know why but I kept feeling funny and kept staring at Kevin and I think he was looking at me differently too. I didn’t think too much of it. I had gotten out to get us something to drik and when I came back, Kevin and I started to have a pushing contest and tried to throw each other in the pool. Kevin grabbed me around the waist and I turned to brace myself and I felt his hand slide across my boob. I just figured it was an accident and didn’t think anything of it. It was the first time that a guy had touched me there and it sent a chill through me. We kept pushing and shoving and he threw me in and I pulled him in with me. As we were falling, I felt his hand brush across my boobs again. It gave me chills again and I wondered if it was another accident. We swam and then had a dunking fight. We were getting kind of wild and it happened a third time. We kept dunking each other and I wasn’t going to lose. I jumped up and pushed him as hard as I could and when he tried to push me away, his hand landed right on my breast. When I slipped backwards, his hand slide across and pulled my bikini top to the side and my nipple popped out. At first I didn’t notice it and whe I did, I knew that Kevin had already seen it. I was pretty embarassed and tried to fix my top, but all of a sudden, Kevin kissed me. It surprised me alot and I didn’t know what to do. I let him kiss me and then I started to kiss him back. It was weird because I had forgotten all about my nipple sticking out. I guess I remembered it when all of a sudden, kevin put is hand on my breast and started to feel it. I was alittle bit scared, but it also felt good. Kevin rubbed his finger over the nipple tht was sticking out and it felt even better. We just stod in the pool and kissed and Kevin felt my boobs. I’m sure Kevin knew that it was even my first time having my boobs played with and he was so gentle. I think it was right then that I knew tht I liked Kevin and that I liked him more than just a “friend”. We kissed and kissed and then Kevin asked if I would let him take my top all the way off. It felt so funny to hear him ask that. I was nervous, but I blushed and said OK. Kevin kissed me and reached around my back and untied my strings and my top fell off. I felt like I wanted to cover my boobs, but tht would be stupid so I didn’t. I don’t know if Kevin could tell, but I was shaking like a leaf. It was the first time that a guy was seeing my bare boobs. I wasn’t big, but I guess I had enough. I saw Kevin looking at them and he said that I had nice boobs. It was so totaly weird. there I was standing there topless and both my nipples were hard and sticking out. Kevin put his arm around me and we kissed some more. He felt my boobs and it felt really good and my nipples started to tingle. He splashed me in the face and we had another dunking fight. this time it was to weird because I could feel my boobs jiggling around. We stopped to kiss and then Kevin asked if I had ever gone skinny dipping. I blushed and said NO and asked him if he evr had and he said Yes. I asked him with who and he said Lori. I knew Lori from school and it was weird too think that she had gone skinny dipping with Kevin. Kevin asked me if I wanted to try it and at first I told him that I was too shy. It was weird enough going topless in front of Kevin and I couln’t even think what it would be like to be totally naked and letting him see everything else. I was going to tell him No, but I didn’t. I knew that I was blushing and I smiled and said OK if he went first. Kevin pulled his shorts off and smiled at me and said that it was my turn. I felt totally nevous, but I did it. I reached down and took my bikini bottoms off and I was totally naked. I was so nervous, but it was kind of fun not to be wearing anything. I looked down and could see Kevin’s penis. I made me even more nervous. I saw Kevin looking down and I guess he could see my patch of pubic hair in the water. Kevin swam away and then came back and he kissed me. I never thought about what it would be like to have a guy kiss me while we were both naked. Kevin smiled and asked if I was OK and I said Yes. He took my hand and we swam around together. We both stayed in the water for a while and all he really saw was my bare boobs. We went back to the shallow end and kissed some more. Kevin told me that he wanted to see me. I felt myself blush and he took my hand and we gotout of the pool. I wanted to cover myself again, but I didn’t. Kevin faced me and I saw him looking at me. I could see he was looking at my breasts first and then he looked down and was looking at my crotch. He could probably see my legs shaking too. I looked dwon too and saw my first bare penis. Kevin kissed me and then said how beautiful I was and that I looked so sexy. I giggled and said tht he probably said that to all the naked girls he saw. Well, I guess the hard part was over and we had seen each other naked. We kissed for a few minutes and then we both dove back into the water. We swam and then when we got into the shallow end again, we started kissing and Kevin started to feel my boobs again. I started to relax and it felt really good. Kevin had his arms around me and I put my arms around him. After a little while, Kevin’s hand started to slide down and I knew where he wanted to put it. He stoped before he got there and he asked if it was OK. I waited a second and then said Yes. I felt Kevin’s hand slip up my thigh and he touched my pubic hair. I shivered at first but it felt so sexy. Kevin was so gentle and he took his time. I didn’t know what it was going to be like to have a guys hand down there. I looked down and watched him play with me down there. For a long time he just touched my thighs and my pubic hair. It was only after, that i felt his hand go farther and he touched my vagina. It made me shiver even more and it also made me gasp without knowing it. When I looked down the second time, I saw that Kevin’s penis was hard and sticking out. I guess I knew that it was going to happen and after we kissed and touched for a long time, Kevin lifted me ut of the water and sat me down on the edge of the pool, with my legs hanging down. Kevin kissed my legs and up to my thighs and he said how smooth my legs were. At that poin my legs were together and Kevin asked if I would open them and that he wanted to see my pussy. I felt so weird and liked it when he said that he wanted to see my “pussy”. I let my legs open a little bit and then a little farther. Kevin slid his hands up my legs and said that I had a nice bush. I felt myself shiver when he said that. He gently lifted my knees up and then apart and I knew that he was looking at my vagina. Kevin kissed the insides of my thighs and he opened my legs even more so that I had to lean back on my hands to suport myself. I felt his tongue licking the inside of my thighs and then he touched my vagina with is tongue. “Oh my God” it felt so good. I gasped really loud and thought I was going to scream. I never knew oral sex felt that good. Kevin even opened my vagina with his fingers and exposed my clitoris. He touched it with his tongue and I thought I was going to explode. He played with it for a few seconds and I never thought it was going to be like that. I knew tht we were going to do it and Kevin took my hand and we went to the lounge chair. I laid downa nd Kevin got on top of me and we just kissed for a long time. Kevin didn’t even play with my breasts. We just kissed. Kevin finally reached downand kissed both of my breasts and he licked all around my nipples. His other hand reached down and said that he liked that I had a small patch of pubic hair instead of a big one. Kevin played with me down below for a few minutes and then he told me that I was pretty wet. I felt him use his finger and thought that he was going to try to slip his finger into me first. He just touched around my opening and down around my butt. He gave me a reallysoft kiss and then he moved his body so I felt his penis rub against my vagina. He kissed me gently and pressed it in. It hurt and I felt my hymen pop. He slowly put it in and I was no longer a virgin. It hurt for a while but then the pain went away and it felt so good. It was such a weird feeling to know that I had a guys penis inside my vagina. Feeling him moving it back and forth in me was so incredible. It wasn’t until later that I realized that we weren’t using any protection. I guess Kevin figured that since I was a virgin, that I wasn’t using anything and when he came, he pulled out and it squirted all over the front of me. I can’t realy describe the feeling, but it was great. We just laid on the lounge chair for a long time and Kevin held me. the funny part was that it felt like I couldn’t close my legs for a while. Kevin kissed me so softly and then he kissed my neck and then my breasts. It was so hot that we both jumped back into the pool and cooled off. I was alittle sore but not too bad. We swam together and tok turns diving off the divingboard. I never thought that I would be running around my backyard totally naked. Luckly, we live out i the country and no one could see into our yard. We swam for most of the rest of the afternoon and at one point we were kissing in the pool and Kevin started feel my crotch. I felt him slip is finger into me and he fingered me for a few minutes. Things got pretty heated up again and I took Kevin’s hand and said that we could go up to my room. We dove down to the bottom of the pool to get our bathing suits but didn’t put them back on. We dried off and wrapped the towels around us and held hands while we went to my bedroom upstairs. The towels came off right away and we fell onto my bed and explored each others bodies. It was so sexy being naked and foling around like that. We touched and kissed and then Kevin asked if I liked having my pussy eaten. When I said Yes, he spent along time exploring my vagina with is tongue. I about died when he touched my clit with it again. I was funny to hear him say that my pussy tasted good. I never called it my pussy before, but I told Kevin tht he could taste my pussy anytime he wanted. He used his finger again and I think I almost had an orgasm.

I know you guys probably only want to hear about the first time we had sex, but I wanted to tell you about the second time too!

Kevin licked my vagina for a long time. Kevin got on top of me and this time he didn’t have to tell me to spread my legs. He gently slipped it into me and we began to fuck like wild animals. We did it sloe and then fast and then slow again. I loved the way it felt. Kevin whispered that I had such a tight pussy and that it felt really good.
we kept dong it for a long, long time. I could kind of tell that Kevin was going to cum pretty soon and then I told him that he didn’t have to pull out and that he could do it inside me. When he did, I could feel it squirting in me. It felt like he came forever. When Kevin pulled it out of me, we laid on my bed and held eachother. I told Kevin that I was on birth control to help a hormone problem that I had. Kevin smiled and kissd me. I was fun to know that Kevin put his cum inside me and tht I know what it feels like. We laid on my bed for about an hour and kissed and touched. I loved the way Kevin played with my breasts and nipples and the way he touched my pubic hair. He teased me with is finger and ended up playing with my clit again. I guess I got up the nerve to be brave and I tried to give Kevin a blow job. He said that I didn’t have to but I wanted to try it. Kevin seemed so big and hard and it felt weird to hold his penis in my hands. I put it in my mouth and did what I heard other girls did. I gagged a couple of times, but it was OK. I guess I must have done something right because after about 5 minutes, Kevin came in my mouth. I swallowed it and it wasn’t bad at all.

Kevin had to get home, so while he got dressed, I put on my robe and walked him to the door. We kissed at the front door and Kevin said that he wanted to see me and that he wanted me to be his steady girlfriend. I was so happy and I said yes. that made us kiss somemore. Kevin slid his hand under my robe and got another feel before he left. He kissed my mouth, my neck, both my breasts and then my crotch. He gave me the most romantic kiss o the lips and said he would see me tomorrow. I was so happy!

About 5 minutes after Kevin left, my Mom came home early to get something. I hoped that she couldn’t tell that something happened. I was still in my robe with nothing under it. She kept talking to me and telling me about a new client she had. I felt totally weird knowing what Kevin and I had been doing a few minutes earlier. God! what if she had come home then and seen us screwing in my room? It felt so totally weird because I was naked under my robe and told her that I was about to take a shower. I was standing there with Kevin’s cum inside me and I could still taste it in my mouth. I could feel that my nipples were still totally hard and that my vagina felt very wet. In fact it felt like Kevin was still inside me. I hoped that i wasn’t going to loose it and blurt out that Yes, I had been upstairs with a guy and that we had fucked our brains out and that her sweet innocent daughter wasn’t a virgin anymore! I guess I was worried for nothing and my Mom went back to work.

Kevin and I are very much in love. We see each other everyday and I just have to be more careful about hearing if my Mom comes home early because Kevin and swim almost everyday and we kind of never wear bathing suits!

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