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summer boys

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: at the beach
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

When I was fourteen, my parents rented a place at the beach. It sounded great, but it was a really boring beach with nothing to do. I spent a lot of time exploring the dunes. Being from the city the best thing was that I got to do was to go barefoot all the time and wear cut-offs. Something that I would have been kind of shy about, but here there was never anyone around. On about my third day there I met a boy named Gil, who lived there. He was slender like me, with shaggy blond hair that was sun-bleached, and quite tan. He was kind of quiet and nice and easy to be friends with. I remember thinking how good looking he was. Which was kind of funny, because I never noticed how other boys looked, and I certainly never found another boy attractive. Not that he even seemed at all aware of his looks, or that he was the type of boys that all of the girls would go ga-ga over. Like I said, like me, he was kind of shy.
Anyway, we hit it off really well, and there was this really neat, friendly-chemistry between us. It was just great to be together and we both enjoyed sort of shyly being chummy with each other. We’d go out to the dunes and sit next to each other and put our arms kind of playfully around each other’s shoulders and stuff like that. It was fun being sort of daring about doing stuff like that together as boys and we both really liked being able to be that way with each other. One morning we were sitting there together being friendly and I guess sort of flirting with each other. For fun, we did a kiss. It wasn’t like an all out, passionate kiss, but our lips were fully together and we both knew what we were doing and we enjoyed. It was sort of like WOW! We were both surprised by how nice that was. We ended up kind of making out together for a little while, and our kisses did become pretty passionate, using our tongues and all. Afterward we just laughed about it and thought that was pretty cool doing something like that together as boys.
We met the next day out on the dunes and we talked some about what we had done and admitted that we had really enjoyed it. We tried some kisses, and then Gil said that maybe we should take off our clothes (we were both wearing only cut-offs). There was nobody around so I figured why not? It would be fun. We got undressed and did another kiss and Gil started to get an erection and so did I. No surprise there. I thought that my boner was pretty good size, but Gil had this really big boner that to me looked huge! He seemed kind of embarrassed about that, but I was impressed. Anyway, we made out some more, and while we were doing that, we started feeling each other’s hard dick. That was just so great – the two of laying there naked, playing with each other erection, just doing that as friends, and not feeling at all gay about it. We jacked each other and it was so wonderful! Then, about half an hour later, we did it again.
Over the next few days we spent a lot of time messing around and jacking each other off, and we even tried sucking on each a little. To me this was like the greatest thing, the two of us having this kind of fun together. It was just our secret. Of course I could imagine what my parents would say if they ever found out that I was making it like this with another boy. And it would have been the same with his parents. For us sex just became part of our friendship, as was the feelings that we had for each other as friends.
A few days later, Gil and I were laying there rubbing each other’s cock and he asked me if I felt like doing it with him. I was surprised and not quite sure if he meant what I thought. He told me that he just wanted to see what it was like, so I said that I would try. I remember we used some suntan lotion, of all things, for lube, but it worked. He got on his hands and knees, and I got behind him on my knees, and I slid my boner into his butt hole. I was surprised that it wasn’t difficult to do at all, and I slid all the way in. Then for the next several minutes I fucked Gil, sliding in and out, and with bmy boner being just as absolutely hard as it could be. Then I ejaculated inside of him and it practically took my breath away! The sex was great, but the best part really was getting to do this with him, being that intimate with him as a boy.
It rained for a couple of days, and when it finally cleared up, Gil and I got back together. Once again we were naked up in the dunes, having the biggest hard-ons that you can imagine with each other. This time I kind of wanted to see what it was like to have Gil stick his penis in me, so we did that. It did hurt a little, but it was the most exciting thing for me, and I was just totally amazed that I was actually being fucked by Gil. When he came, I actually came too, without even touching myself. I was that turned on!
Over the next week we had intercourse probably a dozen more times with each other, and we even managed to give each other a complete blow job. Then our two weeks were over and we headed back home. It was sort of funny, because both my mother and father said that it had been a liitle boring. All I could so was to smile and think that It had been the most exciting two weeks of my entire life, and how I couldn’t wait to go back.
Sadly, we never did go back to that beach and I never did see Gil again. I still think about him quite a bit. I never did become gay because of my experience. Since, I have enjoyed the odd intimate moment with a friend or two. But to me, it will never be as sweet and meaningful as it was with Gil.

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