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surprise of my life

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Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: my house
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

i went to the bar with a few friends from school. we were having a good time when i noticed a girl over by the bar looking right at me, so i went over to talk to her. she was a tall blonde blue eyed sexy girl. i introduced my self and asked to buy her a drink. a few drinks later we decided to go back to my house. when we got there she told me she had a little secret. she told me that i may get mad and was willing to leave and proceeded to tell me that she had a penis. to be honest i was kind of turned on becasue i have always been a little curious about having sex with a man. i told her we should go to my room so she could show me. we got into the bedroom and she started getting naked. i took my pants off and started jacking off. she had huge perky tits and a medium sized cock. it looked so tasty. she came over to the bed and started sucking my dick, after a few minutes i came in her mouth and told her to lie on her back. i took her cock in my hand and started strocking her boner and then sucked it. she was moaning and clenching the sheets until finaly she pushed up with her hips and pushed on the back of my head and she blew a huge load in my mouth. it tasted so fucking good i drank every drop of cum that came out of her. she asked me if i wanted to experiment more. i said yes and got on my knees. she licked my tight virgin ass and spit in it then slowly pushed her cock into my ass.it hurt at first but it wasnt to bad seeing as how i have put things up there before when i would jack off. she fucked me harder and harder until she came. she pulled out and gave me a reach around till i came. i sucked her dick out of my ass and then i fucked her ass and gave her a reach around. we fucked all night long and sucked eachothers dicks and drank all the cum that came out. i now have sex with gay men as well as any tranny that comes along. dont get me wrong, I LOVE PUSSY!!!

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