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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Picnic
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I was raised in the country and at 14 I was very interested in watching animals mating. My young dick would get very hard just watching, I thought that the bull peed into the cow when he was inside her and that was what a man did to a woman also. What was confusing me however was that when I had a hard-on I found it impossible to piss. My best friend at school was a girl my own age ‘Cora’ and we talked about everything as we walked hame from school. Gradually we started to talk about sex and what we thought men and women did. Cora knew no more than me – she had no brothers and I had no sisters. One day in summer we decided to go for a picnic in the mountains near our homes. When we got to a nice secluded spot we spread our rug and has our picnic. Afterwards we lay back,relaxed and talked. Our conversation got around to how babies are made and I asked if she would let me see her pee hole. She said O.k. if she could see my pecker. I removed my pants and just sat in my underpants and Cora pulled her dress up above her waist.
I can still remember the lovely white panties she was wearing. I very matter- a-factly moved her panties down and Cora raised her bottom off our picnic rug to allow this. Her crotch had just the slightest covering of brown furry hair and I was surprised that I couldn’s see her wee hole directly. I started to feel around with my finger and found that it was futher down between her legs than I had realised. I raised Cora legs up and she spread them apart and then I saw her lovely pink lips which opened as if to invite an intruder. As I got closer to look I found the smell very pleasant. Simultaneously my dick had got rock hard and was pushing out my shorts like a tent pole. Cora put out her hand and touched my Dick which felt wonderful. She quickly got her hand through the Y Front slid and managed to set my Dick free. She said it was bigger than she had expected but felt very nice to hold. I told her how nice her touch felt and asked her to continue rubbing it. During this time I continued to rub my finger along her slit and I knew she found it nice and she was lifting her body against my hand. I started to tell her about how I thought sex worked – the man putting his pecker in the woman pee hole and then pissing inside- and that I was worried that I couldn’t pee when my pecker was hard. Cora said I souldn’t worry as it was probably different if the pecker was inside a woman’s pee hole. I asked if she would let me put mine into her just a little to check if I would be able to pee inside. Cora said she would let me but asked me to pull out immediately I started to pee as she was afraid she might get a baby as her mother had warned her when she first bled from her peed hole two years earlier.With the talk and our hand work Cora’s pussy was feeling wet and slippery to my fingers while my dick had a slippery substance on its tip. I got Cora to knell down and put her face down on the rug which made her lovely white fourteen-year-old ass turn upwards. I was surprised at how accessable her pussy lips were to me. KKneeling I placed my dick’s wet tip betweem her wet lips and pushed slightly but my dick just slipped in between her legs. I tried this a few times with the same result until Cora offered to put her hand back under to keep my dick aimed correctly. As soon as she did this I felt his head going into a lovely warm, tight tunnel. Cora gasped and said it was hurting a little. I pushed on a little and then found that there seemed to be something blocking my progress. Cora asked me to try peeing so that we could finish. I tried but was unable as a feeling I had never had before was starting all around my dick. If I moved my dick it increased the feeling so I started to move it in and out a little. The feeling became so strong that I was oblivious to Cora complaining of discomfort and asking me if I was trying to pee. Suddenly I felt that I needed to have all my dick inside this lovely, tight, warm place so I thrust really hard and heard Cora gasp as I slipped right in and my tummy hit her bottom. Immediately the feeling in my dick became overpowering and I felt it pumping and the lovely feeling spread all over my body. Cora was shouting and asking me to get out of her so I did so. My dick’s head was covered with a white substance and speckled with stains of blood. More ofthis was dripping from Cora’s wee hole onto the rug. Cora was crying and saying I had caused her to have her monthly before its time. I reassured her that I hadn’t peed inside her but was unable to tell about the feeling that had taken over my body. We dressed and tidied ourselves and went home. We were never as friendly again but neither of us told anyone (I think) about the experience. It was only in the following weeks, when I found I could get the same feeling by rubbing my dick with my hand and had another climax that I realised the white substance spurted out of my dick.
So my first experience was not a very pleasant one. I hope the experience which was even less pleasant for Cora didn’t cause her any problems later. She grew up to be a really beautiful woman is married with a family and lives many miles from me

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