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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: friendshouse
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

my first black cock was with my friends dad it was a hot summer day went over to my friends house but she was gone just her dad was home for the night her and her mom was gone for the night so we started talking he ask what i was doing told him i just came over to hang out with trea his daughter i saw he kept looking me up and down i just had on a white tank top no bra and short bluejeans shorts my nipples were hard and sticking out he ask if i wanted a beer i said ok so i went in the house with him and went to the back sun room it was quiet back there no one could see in a little hot but i did not mind we sat on a small couch he had back there and just drank and talked the time went by i did drank 6 or 7 beers before i knew it he leaned over next to me and started kissing my neck i didn,t say anything it felt good he was a huge tall heavy man not fat but heavy his pushed me back on the couch so we were laying dow i tried to set up but he just kept me down his lips found mine and his tounge went in my mouth i just kissed him back his hand slide up my top to my huge breast he pulled my top up to see my tits he said very nice and started sucking them and squzzing them then kissing me again i did not noticed as he was kissing me and playing with my tits he took his pants and underware off his huge long fat black cock was hard and ready to fuck he reached down and undid my shorts and before i could say no he had them off me his fingers found there way to my hot wet white pussy all he said ohhhhhh yeaaaaaaaa nice and wet he told me he always wanted to fuck my little white ass and then he rolled over on top of me he spread my legs wide with his he reached down and took his cock rubbing the head up down between my pussy lips it was huge i screamed as he forced it in me i tried to push him out of me but couldn,t he started humping up down going deeper and deeper i cryed and screamed for him to stop it hurt so bad but he kept going and after 20 to 30 minuits i found my self enjoying him going in out of my pussy then i exployded spraying cum all over his cock and balls then he picked me up threw me back on the couch pulling my ass up my my knees he grabed the back of my head pinning me donw as he forced his cock into my ass it stretched my ass wide i cried i thought i was going to pass out he grabed my tits one in each hand yanking me back to him as he ramed it in out of my ass i cried and srceamed to hole time then he rammed it deep back into my pussy cumming a huge load of cum deep in side my pussy i could not hold it all it ran out and down my legs then he turned me around shoveing it in my face told me to lick and suck him clean i could hardly get the head in my mouth it was so huge after we was done he said for me to measure his cock it is 13inchs long 3and half inchs thick after some more beers we went to his bed room and fucked the rest of the night he cummed in every hole several times after witch we feel asleep only to wake up to see his wife looking at us needles to say since she found us she left him and i have been crawling into his bed and fucking and sucking that long huge fat black cock every night now i have even let him and 10 of his friends gang bang me all at one time some times he lets them play like they brake in and gang rape me beating me and forcing me to do what they want he will watch as they tear my cloths off and fuck me and laugh about it cumming all over me and in me

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