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I met Debbie at the state fair – shed been working in a booth selling jewelry for her sister,
she was tall and thin – with dish water blond hair in tight jeans that showed off her
nice ass and was tight in her crotch – her panties and jeans tight enough to show an
outline of her pussy groove – I stopped and talked to her for an hour or so (she told
me about working for her sister because she couldnt get a good job )
and then asked her if I could drive her home when was ready to leave. She was getting
bored and it was getting late at the fair – she decided she wanted me to drive
her home instead of working later . I drove her home and we parked in front of her house
and tongue kissed – I reached for her tits under her blouse and rubbed them – she didnt
stop me – she had nice hand size tits – so I reached down to her crotch – again she didnt
stop me so I rubbed her cunt through her jeans. I started to unbutton her jeans and reach inside
her to her panties and then I stopped and decided to move the car to the side of her parents
house I thought incase I got her to go a little farther than just letting me finger her. I moved
my car to the side of her parents house where we continued to kiss and rub each
other – she was rubbing my cock through my jeans. I reached down to her jeans
and undid the button and unzipped them. I reached inside her panties and moved
my hand down to her cunt hair ( it didnt feel like she had much hair – when I finally looked
at her cunt she didnt have much pussy hair )and then down
to her cunt. I moved a finger to the lips of her cunt. Her lips felt slippery and wet,
my finger parted them easily and I slid it up and down in between them for a minute
feeling how full her lips felt – I could feel them flaring out ( another time we fucked when I
looked at them she had large full lips that would flare out a good 3/4 inch on each side when
we fucked – I loved how her full lips would surround the shaft of my cock and how easy they
could be seen as I or we BOTH looked down to watch my cock move in and out of her cunt –
and with her small amount of cunt hair every thing was visible even her clit rubbing my cock ) .
I moved the tip of my finger deeper in between her cunt lips to the opening of her vagina and
felt the wetness of the opening of her vagina. Her cunt felt very slippery and open, as if it was
ready for me to fuck her right now – I pulled my finger out to between her lips and slid then
slid two fingers into her – they slid right in – a second finger into her next to the first one –
her vagina felt open – it felt like it was well developed – open for a cock – I thought she
might have been fucked alot by the way it felt – it was ready to be fucked . My cock grew
stiff in my pants as I fingered her deep trying to touch her cervix with my finger tip
and as she rubbed my cock through my jeans. Her cunt felt so wet and warm – the
funnel of entry felt very open . She told me that we shouldnt fuck tonight -that she had
a rash a few weeks ago – she said thought she was over it but wanted me to know that
she wasnt sure if she was. I told her it didnt matter – we werent going to do it. I kept
fingering her – her hole felt so good to my finger (s) I wanted to fuck her, my cock was
stiff inside my pants. Feeling her hole carefully with one finger tip and feeling the
tears in her
I asked her to lower her pants and panties more so I could rub her
cunt better – she lowered them to her knees – and I rubbed and fingered her vagina and
clitoris more while kissing her, I was determined
to make her hot enough to fuck if I could. I thought about what she said to me about
her cunt but I wanted to fuck her – my cock was stiff and I wanted it in her . I pushed
her jeans and panties down farther to her ankles and then slid them off her feet as I
rubbed her cunt and fingered her vagina kissing her as she rubbed my cock – she
was pushed up into the corner of the seat of the car with her legs well spread. We
both got real hot. She said we couldnt fuck next to her parents house – by their
bedroom window – so I said OK lets leave and I thought id move the car to a field
I saw as I drove her home that was by her house. I pulled my pants and underwear
up a bit to my thighs – my cock was still sticking up from my thighs in between the
undone zipper of my jeans. She picked up her jeans (left her panties on the floor) and
then put them on pulling them up just over her thighs. I started the car even before
she had her pants pulled up and we drove down the street, away from the street
light and traffic by her parents house. I drove to the field were we parked and
kissed again. She took her pants off as I pushed my pants and underwear
down to my ankles. I rolled down my window even though it was cold outside so
I could hear any noise around us while we were together. I leaned over her and
kissed her . I reached down to feel her cunt lips again – she was soaking wet –
and placed my finger inside her and fingered her vagina for a couple of minutes
she was opening up her legs for my hand – as I kissed her and then laid her back
into the corner of the seat of the car against the door. I reached for her thighs and
she spread her legs open – her feet apart – as I moved in between them on my knees
on the car seat divider I pushed her legs up a bit – they were now bent at her knees,
her feet back towards her ass in the seat – a push them apart a bit more to open up
her cunt up to me.

She already had sucked my cock and I had been kissing her for 10 or 15
minutes, I felt like I wanted to eat her – I didnt think I could catch anything that
I already didnt get from her from kissing her . I leaned over and down towards her
hips, putting my face near her cunt – I hesitated to go farther for a second – then
I stuck my nose against her clitoris – she smelled sweat . I rubbed her clitoris with
my nose for a few seconds and then I stuck my tongue out and licked her cunt lips
around her clitoris – I thought maybe I wouldnt fuck her tonight and maybe it would be
safer to just lick her clitoris and not even her vagina or cunt lips by her hole . She seemed
to like me licking her clitoris – I could tell with my tongue that she had a nice size clit
( another time fucking her I looked at her inch + long clit that would swell up real nice
and rub against my cock shaft ) she moved her hips up a little into me making it
easy to see she liked her clit being licked – my cock was hard and ready to fuck
her – I touched the head lightly as she rubbed it – I could feel my precum making a
wet spot on the head . I lowered my face moving my tongue down along her cunt
lips and licked her cunt lips from top to bottom – I didnt care about her recent
problem – she tasted good – her cunt was coming in my face – I stuck my tongue deep
into her vaginal opening and through her torn hymen – we both got real hot to
fuck. I leaned over her farther and again licked the inside of her cunt near
the opening of her vagina and then up by her clitoris again – I wanted to make sure
that her cunt would be real wet for me and let my cock slid into her real easy when
I moved over her and placed it against her cunt. I moved my tongue back to her hole deep and
stuck it in her as deep I could into her vagina, I could feel the pieces of her torn hymen
with the tip of my tongue, for a couple seconds I licked her hole and then licked her
clitoris again – then her cunt lips – then her hole – I loved eating her – I could feel
them flaring open with my tongue – her cunt was soaking wet – she was ready – I
stopped licking her and moved away from her a little and let her move her legs
down a little and spread them open. I moved up a little to a kneeling position on
the seat divider and rolled down her window so I could hear anybody coming towards
us and leaned over her placing the head of my cock against her cunt lips with my
hand – the head moved easily in between her cunt lips – I moved it up and down a
couple times rubbing her cunt lips with the tip of my cock wetting her liips with my precum
and the head of my cock with her juices – put it next to her opening and slid right into her
vaginal opening up to the ridge of the head.

I still wondered if I should fuck her deep –
but I already ate her out and it was getting to where I was pretty hot to fuck and
her warm vagina around the head of my cock made my mind up for me. My cock
was hard and at the opening of her vagina. I pushed forward and slid the head
of my cock into her maybe an inch, back out – then in and out with little short
motions – pulling it out to the tip and the into her up to the ridge – I just wanted to
feel how open her hole was – and it felt nice and open the head of my cock feeling
very little friction or resistance – after maybe ten little in and out movements to feel her
hole – I could tell she wanted it in deep – I pushed in a little deeper now moving the
shaft of my cock about two inches into her vagina – back out a little and then with
one continual stroke I slid deep into her cunt – I moved easily into her – she had a
well developed, open, hot and well moistened vagina. I started to pump her – on each stroke my
cock slid into her vagina deeper and deeper – my cock slid easily in and out of her hot
and very wet vagina – I pulled out so the tip was just inside her opening and teased the head
with her opening a couple times – it felt so smooth and open – well experienced and good.
She moved her right foot up on the dash and her left foot up on the back of the seat
spreading her thighs even more – to where she could get some leverage for her hips. She
started to move her ass in time to the stokes of my cock that was moving in and out of
her vagina – she obviously wanted to rub her clitoris on my cock while stroking my cock . I
rested my head near hers on the side of the car door as I leaned over her and moved my cock in
and out of her vagina, as she rocked her hips stroking my cock so her clitoris would rub the
top of the shaft of my cock – I concentrated on feeling the head of my cock moving her vagina
– she was enjoying her clit getting rubbed by my cock . It was great fucking her, she was
well experienced – her vagina smooth and soft and well opened – I thought shed probably fucked
alot by the way she moved – later she told me shed probably had about 20 guys before me –
after she told me this it kind of turned me on alot since I knew she had felt 20 different
cocks in her and she was enjoying mine inside her cunt – shed
been fucking since she was 13 or 14 – fucking now for 3 to 4 years already – her cunt was
well developed – I liked fucking someone who had been fucked a lot and she had been fucked alot
and she had learned how to fuck good – her cunt had been opened up nicely to be a smooth fuck
but it was still snug around my cock – she had learned how to move her hips in time with my cock
– to give good head – she telling me about all the cocks that had been inside her made me hot to
lick her cunt lips and hole and then fuck her — I knew she had given alot of pleasure to many
cocks and I wanted some for mine – she moved her hips in time with my strokes and pumped and
stroked me good – I could feel she was rubbing her clit on my cock and it really turned me on –
we fucked for 12 or 15 minutes – her cunt felt so warm – so smooth – so wet – shed open her legs
so I could get my balls against her asshole on the in strokes – then id pull it out so the tip would
move to her vaginal opening and then push into her deep – I would push up into her – I wanted to touch
her cervix with the tip of the head of my cock -I didnt want to cum to quickly so at times Id slow down
and pull the head to her opening – I wanted to feel her vagina for as long as I could. Soon my balls
started to tingle and I felt the head of my cock swell even more and I felt the cum rise in my cock as

I continued to pump her. I knew she could feel I was going to cum – she probably could feel the head
of my cock getting even warmer inside her – she worked her hips into me stroking my cock with her
cunt with little up and down movements in time as I moved in and out with shorter and quicker
strokes I now wanting to keep the head of my cock deep inside her – I loved how she made
it obvious that she wanted me to cum – and to cum inside her deep – her hip movements told me –
I was going to cum right now – I thought about pulling out as I came – I didnt ask her if she
was on the pill – her cunt was feeling too good to take my cock out. I had been feeling the head
of my cock swell up inside of her vagina. I told her I was going to cum – she stopped moving
her hips as much and opened up as wide as she could – it was a signal to me she wanted me
to cum deep inside her – I pushed my cock deep into her vagina so the head of my cock was
near her cervix. She held her legs wide open and still as I came – I figured she was feeling the warmth
of the head of my cock near her cervix and that it seemed like she wanted to feel my hot cum
spurting inside her cunt . I pulled my cock back a little ways out of her vagina keeping the ridge
of the head inside her vagina and shoved it back into her and held still pressing into her as she
pressed into me – our hips tight together. I knew the head of my cock was deep as it could be in
her vagina and near her cervix. I knew if I came now the cum would move from my cock right
into her vagina next to her cervix – I thought this was great. I felt my cock throb three or four times
as my cum spurted up inside her vagina as she moved her hips into me as I came . I had
shot my cum as deep into her vagina as I could – as close to her cervix as I could – I
wanted that white cream to coat her vagina and cervix – I wanted the cum to stay inside her for a
moment or two so I kissed her as I laid still with my cock deep in her vagina holding my cum inside
her . After a moment or so I felt my erection go down – my cock soften up – and I pulled my cock
slowly out of her vagina or rather it slid out – her vagina being very wet now with my cum. We sat for a
minute – I knew my cum was deep inside her vagina and now probably was starting to ooze
out of her vagina on to hr panties -and I said wed better get dressed pretty quickly before
someone sees us – we still were out in a field by a lot of houses were people might see us.
The head and shaft of my cock was wet with her vagina juices and my cum. I didnt wipe my cock
off – I wanted her juices to be around the head of my cock -to be on me – I knew they now were
trapped by my foreskin around the ridge.
She leaned over and picked up her panties and pulled up
her panties and then slid up her jeans and put them on. I pulled up my underwear and jeans as
she pulled her jeans up over her hips. I had to piss so I got out of the car and pissed
by the side of the car. I got back in and started the car and drove her home. We
parked in front of her house and talked for a few minutes. We kissed and I reached down
to her crotch again – I could feel wetness in her crotch – my cum was oozing out of her cunt
and making her panties and jeans damp. I thought this was great – I knew she could feel the
wetness of my cum I put inside her on her cunt lips now – she had to be able to feel the
wetness on her panties – it kind of made my cock grow sensitive again – I asked her to rub
my cock again – the thought of sliding into her cunt again right now -she knew I want to
fuck again and told me she needed to get inside her house – it was late . We kissed again
and she got out of the car and walked into her house as I drove off. It was so good I had
to fuck her again and I did a couple days later at her house – it was still great . We went into her
bedroom while her parents where out. I got down and licked her cunt lips and vaginal hole –
I looked carefully at her lips – and how they flared open – I licked her clit – what a nice sized clit –
it would swell so nicely up when I licked it with the tip of my tongue – and then her hole
again – I spread her lips apart so I could look at her torn hymen – it looked as though it had
been thick – maybe hard to tear open – it had been torn in many places by a big hard cock – it
must have hurt her to be torn so deeply – what we got when I first fucked her was just orgasms.
A month later we were still fucking often in her bed at her house – she let me take some great
close ups ( Polaroid’s )of her cunt – she had very little pussy hair – the pictures show her
lips flared open after fucking her for a while each lip maybe a good 3/4 of an inch
wide like pedals of a flower that were full length – they went from the head of her
clit to the bottom of her vaginal opening – maybe 2 inches in length – the skin below
her opening had been stretched enough that it also was a little lip -I loved licking
those lips so they would swell up and flare out before we fucked – some
pictures before we fucked with her lips next to each other and some after I had been
fucking her for awhile and with her clitoris swollen ( she had a nice size clit – maybe an
inch long – a good 1/4 of an inch wide – with a pencil eraser sized head – that hung nice
and low in her vulva with her cunt lips attached to it – so it would rub the top of the shaft of
my cock as I fucked her – her clit had a full skin hood over it – like a little jacket – I would lay
between her legs and suck on that clit and suck on it and suck on it – a couple
pictures – close-up pictures – with her spreading her lips apart showing her torn hymen
since then she has got married – Im sure he thinks shes a good fuck too. If you read this
Debbie – Id sure like to fuck you again – even after he fucks you – Id lick the cum off your lips
to fuck you again – sloppy seconds would be fine.

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