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Sweet Auntie

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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: her bed
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

When I was studying in my secondary school, I stayed with my youngest auntie by the name of Carol. I was 17 turning to 18 then, would be sitting for my SPM exam.
She is married with two children, one daughter who is many year younger than me and a son, also very young. Both of them were in their primary school when I stayed there. Her husband was working out station and he will come back on and off for the weekend.

I last visited this old house I stayed during my secondary school days. They have shifted out from this house for a long time already. yet the meories of the yesteryeras poured back.And I wnat to share with you how it happened.

During those days, my school started at 7.30 a.m. and finished at 1.00 noon. I use to cycle to school and by 1.45 noon I would reach home.Normally, my two young counsins would be in their primary school, and would not be back after 6.00 p.m. SO, after my lunch, I use to stayed in my room while my auntie would do her house work.
Actually, nothing much for her because she was a housewife.I could not remember how old was she but I think she was 35 then.She is an average looking lady with fair skin. But she has beuatiful legs. I have been staying with her for 3 years since I was 14 but I never have any sexual interest in her. MAy be I was too young then .

It was one after noon wafter I came back from school, I notice that no body was at home. After taking my lunch, I had my bath. After that when I pass by her room, I noticed her door was not fully closed. When I passed by, I heard she calling me ” Chong, come in please!”
I then went into her room and saw her lying on the bed. She complained to me that she has muscle pain at her stomach and asked me to help applying some oilment. She does not look well ….(to me then ) and I took some oilment and sat next to her. She faced me and loosen her sarong and released some buttons of her shirts.

My mind was not starying anywhere because I thought she really need me to help. I ask her ” which part of the body you need to apply the oilment? “

She said” this part!!!”pointing to her stomach below her navel.

I have never seen a woman, at least a matured woman tummy before. Her fair skin was soft and when I apply the oilment on her, she asked me to massage her stomach slowly. That opilment gave some heaty feeling and as I massaged her, she led my hand to move a bit higher and there, accidently I saw her nipples.

Frankly, I was not a virgin then. I used to have sex with my school mates here and there but never with a matured woman.When i moved up a bit, I could feel that my penis was hardened and my pant could not contain the bulging creature. Then her hand moved downwards and “accidnetly” touched my penis.Though it was juts an accidnet brush, I could feel the great sensation then.But I was sacred to do anything further because she is my aunt.

SHe then moved her body and slowly, her whole bra dropped off. There soon appeared infron of me tow hard dark nipples which look like two ripen grapes. These tits look so entising that I could not contain my urge anymore. But slowly, I just “passed” by her tits and at time. make a small accidnet touch on her tit. She groaned and move her hips, which then resulted her sarong to drop further.

I then saw her sexy tranpsrant panty which was holding back that dark coloured pubic hairs, which protuded from the side of her panty. She is hairy, very hairy. The curly hair around there was thick and the panty could not hide that dark colour. My penis became much harder and I could not stand it any more.But yet, my ahnd still moved around the stomach area.

She then said to me,” Chong….can you massage a bit lower….” and she slowly push her panty a bit lower thus expose her upper part of her vagina. Ohhhh…that scne was very alluring….

I then move a bit lower and now touches her pubic hair….slowly,,,,,,i push a bit lower and could feel the whole thing there. She did not protest and isnated, removed her bra and asked me to massage her breast two.

When I saw that two mountains revealed infront me, I asked her whether I can take off my T-shirt which she said ok….

Not only my T- Shirt, I also removed my pant and climbed on her. I told her, I can mssage her better but what happend was, my cock could not cotain any more whenmy body felt her warm body.

When her nice breasts touches my body…I move my head lower…and lick her body. She groaned again…and now she grab my cock and masterbate for me. The feeling was so good that I really fel so excited about it.

I the began to lick her from her breast down wards till I reach that deep valley hidden in the dark bushes. I use my fingers to find my way to the valley of life, and soon I discovered the juice of love over flowing.
Wiuthout muhc hesitation, I poke my tongue inside there and began to lick her clit. She moaned again….and this time, she removed her bra and panties lieaving nothing inside.

This will the first time I ever seen my auntie naked. I could see her facial expression. I think she was not sick. She could have just started masterbating when i come home.

I then took off her sarong….and allow my eyes to enjoy the sight of this beuatiful creature. She then move up and grab my cock…..and gave me a good blow job.The way she tickle myc balls and they way she lciked me from there to the tip of my penis greatly
stimulated me untill my juices also pouring all over.

I know I wnat he rbad ly that I slowly poke my penis deep inside her…..oh…..wow…..that warm feeling which grab my whole penis inside there is something I never have thought that will happen. I move in and out slowly and gently, and with every stoke I made, she will moan and groaned in pleasure.
I do not know how long I fuck her but after the doggie stayle, the ejaculation came too sudden that it went in all over her.

She told me not to worry because she was under pill. We ended slept on the bed the whole after noon. when her children came back form school that eveving, I was sitting in my room doing my revision.When her husband came back, things look normal. But after that,I use to screw her up till I entered university.
By now, she is in her late late 40’s. But when ever I come back to my home town, I still find ways to visit her.

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