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Sweet lips

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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: brother's bedroom
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

My first time with a boy was in my brother’s bedroom.
One day I was in my bedroom when I heard strange sound coming from my brother’s bedroom. Curious, I walked down the hall, opened the door quietly and peeked into my brother’s room. I saw my brother, Joe, and his friend, Ted, standing in the middle of the room with their hands on their penises stroking them back and forth and groaning in pleasure.
I asked, what ya doing guys? They were startled, as they hadn’t heard me come in. Having fun, Sis, want to join us, my brother asked? Sure, I replied, tell me what to do. Joe said, come over and stand between us and grab a peter in each hand. I went over, and facing them, grabbed a stiff penis in each hand. Now, start moving your hands up and down on our cock shafts. I did as I was told and soon both boys were moaning with pleasure again. This was fun and I enjoyed have two boys cocks in my hands and giving them pleasure. After awhile both Joe and Ted began moving their hips forward and groaning real loud. Suddenly it happened, white creamy stuff shot out of the end of their cocks and all over my stomach. It was warm and slippery. What’s that, I asked, like a dumb girl. That’s the stuff that makes babies when a guy shoots it into a girls pussy. One of my hands smeared the stuff all around on my belly.
Ted asked, would you like to taste it girl? I guess so I shyly replied. Ted said, get down on you knees and put my cock into your mouth. I took his rigid cock and raised it to my lips. White stuff was still oozing out the pee hole. Stick out your tongue girl and lick it off. I did as told and the slimy stuff tasted real good. Ted then asked me to take his penis into my mouth and lick all around the head. His warm penis felt good and my tongue continued to swirl around his cock head. Now close your lips and suck girl and I’ll give you a treat. I mouthed his cock and he pumped is hips moving his manhood in and out. Soon he was breathing hard and groaning. Suddenly his penis exploded sending spurts of the slimy stuff down my throat. I looked up into his eyes and he said, swallow it girl. I gulped and gurgled as I swallowed hard and it all went down my throat.
Ted’s cock became limp and slid out of my lips. Wow! that was fun and really tasted good, I gurgled.
While I had been sucking Ted, my brother had been watching and had a huge hard on. Joe looked at me and asked, how about doing me Sis. I said alright and moved over to him. He placed his throbbing manhood into my mouth and began humping his hips. His cock moved in and out of my mouth and my tongue teased his cock head. Soon Joe was breathing heavy and his moaning became louder. Before I knew it he was moving his cock faster and faster. Suddenly it happened. He grunted and I felt the spurts of his warm cum explode into my mouth. My tongue went wild licking it up as it spurted out of his throbbing cock. When he was finished cumming,his cock went limp and slid out of my lips. I looked up at both of the boys, smiled and gulped. His huge load of sperm slid down my throat. We all laughed and said, that was better than jacking off, we must do it again some time. Next time we got together for fun and games, the guys fondled my pussy and licked it with their tongues. It gave me a most exquisite feeling. Joe sucked on my tits while Ted sucked on my pussy and tongued my slit. After awhile I became quite aroused, my breathing became faster and I moaned in pleasure as these tow wonderful boys pleasured my tits and pussy. Suddenly my whole body trembled and I screamed as I gushed my juices into Ted’s mouth. He sucked hard and swallowed all my juices. The boys both laughed as I said, that was some treat, I’ve never felt so good before.
The following summer we played with each other every day and the boys put rubbers on their cock and fucked my pussy one after the other. That felt really good as well. I learned all about sex from these tow wonderful boys and now have a lot of boyfriends who like to play games with me. I may be a slut but I rally enjoy sex and do it as much as I can.

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