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Sweet mouth

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Girlfriend's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

The first time I sucked cock was with my best girl friend’s brother.
I had gone over to Gina’s for a visit. When I knocked at the door, this handsome guy with an athletic build answered the door. Hi I said, I’m Trudy, Gina’s friend. Trudy’s not home but come in friend, he said. I entered the living room and we sat on the couch. We started to talk and learn about each other. Now one else was home. He was home on Spring Break from college in the next state.
As we talked his eyes were roaming over my body like he was undressing me. I was getting excited from being given such attention by an attractive guy. It wasn’t long before we were making out, kissing each other’s mouth passionately and feeling each other up. His hand was inside my top massaging my breasts and tweaking my hard nipples. I was feeling his manly chest and became aware of the buldge in his pants. He noticed me looking at it and asked if I wanted to see it. I blushed but said yes. He lowered his zipper and pulled out the lovliest, biggest and hardest cock I had ever seen. I gasped with excitement and said, it’s beautiful. We returned to making out, kissing and feeling each other up. This time my hand was on that lovely cock and caressing it gently while his fingers were inside my panties parting the lips and rubbing my aching pussy.
After awhile we were both getting excited. He pushed me back and asked if I’d do something for him. Sure I said, what do you want. I’d love it if you would put you mouth on my cock and suck me off. I was surprised at his request but was hot enough to try anything. Never done it before, I said, how do I do it. He said softly, I’ll teach you and tell you what to do. Kneel down in front of me sweet girl.
I was on my knees in seconds. He was holding his throbbing cock in his hand and saying, put your mouth over it, close your lips and use your tongue to lick the tip. I did as he instructed. His cock was warm and a drop of fluid was oozing out his peehole. I licked around the head and tasted the drop of fluid. It tasted good. He now said gently move your hand up and down the length of my cock while you suck and lick. I followed his directions to the letter. He began moaning in pleasure as my mouth made music on his organ. He gasped, take your other hand and fondle my balls but squeeze gently as they’re very tender. I began stroking his shaft and massaging his balls. They were warm and felt good in my hand. I could feel my pussy getting wetter by the moment. Next he said, close your lips tighter, lick faster, suck harder and stroke my cock with abandon. I followed his every instruction and soon he was groaning louder and panting in short breaths. Before long he was pushing his hips forward and fucking my mouth. It felt wonderful to be pleasing this handsome guy. As I continued, I was getting hotter and enjoying the feelings of pleasure in my pussy. Suddenly, he grunted as his whole body trembled and big globs of his warm cum flowed into my mouth. When my mouth could hold no more, I gulped and swallowed his load of love juice down my throat and into my stomach. It was incredible and my pussy exploded in a massive climax. He kept cumming and I swallowed load after load of his sweet cum. When he finished, his cock went limp and slid out of my lips. Oh girl! that was really great, did you enjoy it? Yes, yes! I murmured, I never felt so wonderful before.
He noticed that I was still excited and breathing heavy. Can I return the favor? What ever, I said, I need more pleasure. He told me to sit on the edge of the couch and spread my legs. Then he kneltdown in front of me and removed my panties. I lifted my butt to assist him. He smiled and said, what a beautiful pussy. Glad you like it I cooed. He quickly moved his face into my crotch, craddled my butt in his hands and began licking and sucking on my horny pussy. His lips and tongue were warm and felt wonderful on my cunt. I pushed forward savoring the feel of his mouth. When his tongue touched the fold of flesh at the top of my slit I almost went through the roof. It was the most wonderful feeling I had ever experienced and I told him to keep it up. While he was tonguing my engorged clit his finger entered my slit and massaged a sensitive spot inside. It was wonderful and I was breathing heavy and screaming, it feels good, so good. Suddenly my whole body trembled as a wave of passion surged within me. I lurched forward into his face, put my ankles around his neck, screamed and experienced the best orgasm I had ever had. I was crying now and thanking him for pleasing me so. He came up and kissed me hard on the mouth, put his tongue between my lips and touch mine. Electric sparks exploded inside me. I could taste my pussy on his lips.
I had never sucked a guy before and had never been eaten out but I enjoyed every minute of this encounter. I am now addicted to cock and can’t wait to do this wonderful oralsex again. Thanks big boy, for showing a girl such a good time.

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