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Sweet sister-in-law Part I

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Age when it happend: 25
Where it happened: Parent's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

Annie was my university classmate. We actually become good friend but never closer. I introduced her to my elder brother one summer and they quickly become close. Next thing I heard from home is whe they got engaged.
Well I necer actually got jealous except envy brother. Annie was quite nice looking especially her pair of nice breasts (very beautifully). I actually had a glimpse of her boobs I help her moved. From then onwards she was my constant fantasy during my masturbation.
When she engaged to my brother, she stayed in my parents house, 120 miles from where I work.

It happen when my father wants me to fix some carpentry work at home. Taking a day off, I arrived at my parent’s house about 10a.m.

I expect no body at home. When I entered, Annie was just finished her shower and with just a tower acorss her chest. She was surprised to see me. I was stunned to see her. Her tower was so low that I could see her whole breasts.
“Hi, ..” Isaid but my eyes was fixing on her boobs.
“Hi..” She quickly went to her room. I guessed she was nervious and clumsy. Because her tower fell off to the ground. As she turned to pick up the tower, I saw her full breasts standing proudly against her chest. When she saw me satrring at her breasts, she was too nerious to pick-up the tower. She quickly went to the room and changed

My dick was already hard. I felt like my cum is coming inside me. As I sat on the living room, Annie came out. She was wearing a short and a t-shirt. Her t-shirt was so thin that I could see that she was not wearing any bra. Her wet body was beginning to soak her t-shirt. In no time, I could see her nipples traced across her shirt.

I think she notice me starring at her body, and she was kind of uneasy. I could not control myself anymore. I excuse myself and went to the washroom to masturbate. I cummed in less than ten seconds. I stayed longer hopping she would change ptherwise I could not stand such lust.

She was still sitting at her usually place.

“Is sam coming home” I asked, eyes stopping at her chest most of the time. I was having a raging hard-on inside me.

From her I knew that sam would be back in hour time. Our conversation turn to other subject. I had the feeling when I saw her eyes that she was trying to behave normal.

Shw was complainign that she was having a stiff neck and was causing great discomfort.

“I knew how to massage” I offered my help. At first she hestitated, but later she wanted to try.

I moved to her back and massaging her neck. the softness and the smell of her perfume was really irresistible. From behind, her breasts looks even more seductive, especially when I was swaying her body, I could see her breasts bouncing inside her t-shirt.

My massage become bold. Instead of her neck, I moved down to her shoulder and ber back and was rubbing her gently. I saw her eyes closing gently. I could not control anymore. I slowly lower my lips to her shoulder and I was panting heavily. Before mt lips touch her shoulder, I could feel that her breathing was heavier.

She did not resist when I kissed her shoulder. I become bold. My hands moved to the front and cupped her breasts gently. At this time, she moved away. But my lips already sealed on her shoulder and using my tongue I was tracing her neck and her ears. I cupped her breasts even harder. Her hands moved on top of my hands, at first trying to moved my hands away. But seeing a waste of time, her hands move in harmony with mine. I was massaging her breasts while my tongue was licking every inch of neck.

“Annie…oh your breasts are so big…let me..oh…” I said as I turned her over. We starred at each other for a moment. Then without a word, I lifted her up and pull her towards me. I quickly sealed my lips on hers while my hands move vigorously aroung her breasts. As I kissed hard on her lips and tasting her sweet saliva in y mouth, I lifted her t-shirt and fondled her breasts hard and desparately.

“Oh..Annie..oh….hmm” IMy mouth was moving all over her face and neck wetting her face with my saliva.

Annie was moaning gently.” oh…oh…..please don’t…do… that ..your brother is coming..” Before she can finish her word, my mouth was pressed hard against her.

i parted wither slightly. In no time, I stripped myself naked. I pulled her to me, pressing my hard seven inch cock against her short. I already came and was wetting her short. I removed her t-shirt and short. She was not even wearing any panty. My hand rewached to her cunt and my head follow. I lifted one of her leg while she was standing. I buried myface hard against her cunr as she tried to pulled me away. After a while, I traced my self up to her breasts. This is my favourite spot. I spent long enough to h=make my self satifed with her boobs and nipples. I was sucking and fondling her breasts.

I sat on the sofa and make her sit on my laps. In this way I was able to suck her breasts hard.


“AHHH..AHH….OH..NO…NO…STOP…..NO…..” She was moaning and at the same time kissing my body.

Before she knew it my hard dick was inside her wet pussy. I was bouncing her up and down so hard that her breasts was bouncing up and down. She had to hold on to my body to hold on to the force.

“AHH..AHH.AHHH…AHHHH….” We both was shouting of ecastsasy. I was fucking her for a good twenty minutes before I slowed her down. We lost count of the no. of cum we had.

As I lowered her on to the coffee table, I spread her leg opened. I entered her again. From slowly to fast to vigorously pounding her pussy as my hands greedily fondling her breasts.

When I was about to cummed, this time I pull out and shot my load on her stomach sreading to her breasts. I used my hands to rub my cum against her breasts. She was closing her eye panting fast. I kissed her hard trying to go for another round. As i was about to turn her around for doggie style, we heard car coming into the garage. We knew brother was coming. I quickly went to the washroom, while Annie went to her room. Before I left, I gave her nipple a hard suck that make her moan….

{to be continue}

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