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Sweet Sixteen

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Beach
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

When I was in my teens, I was crazy over my cousin brother
Ken. He was charmingly sweet and had those endearing eyes
that could melt you with a single glance. My infatuation
for him deepened when he confided in me that ever since
his mother passed away, he had never found the substitute
for maternal love.

So, when I heard that he was migrating overseas, I was
shattered. I knew Ken was the first person I would surrender
my secret garden to.

On that fateful evening, we walked along the beach as we
usually do. Suddenly, the weather turned gloomy and it
began to rain buckets. We ran for shelter and
found ourselves alone in a cove. I was glistening wet and
was breathing hard; Ken must have been attracted to my
heaving breasts straining against the wet fabric of my
blouse. He started caressing my wet dark tresses and
kissing my neck. I was lost and could not resist his
advances. It was frightening, yet thrilling at the same
time. In the coolness of the rainy night, we were feeling
the feverish heat of our passion.

Ken started to fumble with the buttons of my blouse while
I crouched on the wet sands, silently and breathlessly.
Immediately after peeling off my tops, he began to suck at
the breasts. It was electrifying with wild tingling
sensations. I murmurred no but my innermost being wanted
more. We grabbed each other and shook the last vestiges of
clothings off.

I took his penis in my hand and touched it gently, feeling
the shaft throbe to the fullness of life.It was the first
time I had seen a male organ with my naked eyes and all
I could think of was nurture it in the warmth of my body.
Ken anxiously, dragged me under his tanned well-built body,
while I guided his manhood to the entrance of my vulva.
In the slippery wetness of my pussy, his penis kept sliding
under my buttock. I was out of my senses with desire.

Finally, he turned my body around and asked my to crouch
doggie-style. I rested on my elbows and my knees with my
buttocks pointed toward him. He finally pressed his penis
against the vulva, pushed hard and suddenly broke through
my maidenhood. The intense pain that I felt could not equal
the pleasure that followed. I felt him warm and hard inside
of me, as an indescribable feeling of belonging swept over
me. He drove his shaft slowly at first, later increasing
in vigorousness until both of us came in obliviuos esctacy.

We continued making love that night and for days later
before he finally departed. Ken may never be back again
but he left an experience of love that is worth reminiscing

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