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Sweet stepmother

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: stepmother's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

My mother died when I was six and my father remarried a 20 year
old farmwoman, with little experience with men. They had three
children of their own, but my father died when I was 13, leaving my
stepmother with three young children. My family decided I should
live with one of my siblings in another state. However, I visited
my stepmother the following summer for a week. I was a horny
fourteen year old and couldn’t think of anything but sex, masturbated
whenever I had a chance. Two days before my visit was over, I
noticed that my stepmother appeared to be deliberately leaning over
toward me to show me her breasts. Not only this, but she also
obviously could see how intently I liked to stare at her tits.
This went on the whole day and as you can imagine, I had a hard-on
that wouldn’t stop. That night, after putting the three kids to bed,
we went into the living room to watch the fireworks (was the
4th of July) through the window. We were standing close to each
other and she kept giving me these sexy looks. I knew something
was happening but wasn’t sure how to proceed. One of had to make
a move or it would never happen. So I got this brilliant idea;
I told her that it was too hot and humid and that I was going
to take my clothes off and did so with no further notice. I will
never forget the expression on her face, because it was filled
with so many different emotions: some anger, that I would dare to
do this; some embarrassment at seeing my big and hard cock; some
desire and lust in seeing a cock for the first time in several
months; and some guilt for having these lustful thoughts toward
her step-son. I was afraid that she would leave the room because
of her guilt, so took her hand and placed it on my cock and
said “It’s okay, I won’t tell anyone.” This is all it took to
release her inhibitions and she started working on my hard and juicy
cock like she had never held one before. Needless to say, it
only took me a minute to come all over the place. My stepmother
must have been as horny as me, cause she almost ripped her clothes
she was so eager to get them off. I was still hard and seeing
the nude body of a grown woman for the first time made my cock
grow even larger. She pulled me down on the couch, took my cock
and guided it into her. Since I had just had a orgasm, I stayed
longer this time, and could feel her getting more and more excited.
Finally, she screamed and I could feel her pussy contracting
around my cock and I came again. I couldn’t believe that I had
actually made love to my stepmother. I was even more surprised
when she told me that she had never felt such pleasure before.
Evidently, my father was a “wham bam thank you mamm” type of god
and she had never had an orgasm before; she didn’t even know what
to call it. This story is getting too long but to conclude it,
we made love again in a few minutes, and this time it took me
fifteen or so minutes to come and in the meantime she had three
orgasms. She was so delighted with her new-found pleasure that
she made me sleep with her that night, and we woke up in the
middle of the night and made love for what seemed like hours.
It took me forever to come, which was fine with her, since the more
time for me, the more orgasms for her. Unfortunately, I had
to leave the next day, and I moved several states away, and we
were never able to get together sexually again, and never talked
about our night of love (or lust?) together. But I believe the
experience was positive for both of us, I certainly know it was
for me, and I will never forget my sweet, sexy stepmother.

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