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sweet,wet and 15

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: her bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I was fourteen when Nancy and I had first started going out. I had just moved in to town and had met her after a football practice. She was a cheerleader, and she was hot. She wasn’t the best looking girl in the school but she had look to her that said fuck me. We were dating for about two months when we finally decided to have sex. I had fingered one girl before and kissed maybe three or four girls alltogether. Nancy had kissed one other guy and that was about it for her. Just so you know I was fourteen, I was about 6’0 175lbs and in great shape, (who wasn’t at that age). Nancy was fifthteen and was 5’9 about a 140lbs. We were both the biggest boy and girl in school. Nancy didn’t have any fat on her she is just a big girl (muscular) and she is still to this day. Nancy and I went after her house after school one day and started our usual kissing. I quickly was up her shirt and feeling her b-cup breasts, I rubbed her small pink nipples as hard as she wanted, and she wanted it hard. Quickly I took off her shirt and bra and began sucking on her small breasts. I could put one in my mouth almost completly. As i worked down to her tight jeans I realized that this was going to be the day we finally did it. I unbuttoned her jeans and rubbed her tight pussy through her panties. Nancy loved to be fingered forever and she was really getting off on my rubbing her lips. I pulled her jeans off and so just how wet she was. I assumed that all girls get that wet but as I found out later on she was just about the most wet girl on the planet. Her panties were soaked it was as though they were just out of the washing machine. I pulled her panties down and began to lick her pussy. I have to admit I didn’t stick my tounge inside her because she was so wet and I wasn’t sure what to do any way. I did lick the edges and continued working two fingers inside of her. Quickly I pulled down my pants and slid up to my cock just touched her pussy. My cock was good size for my age it was about six and half inches long and fairly thick. In fact its the same size now as then. When my cock touched her pussy I remember it felt so good I had never felt any thing so good in my life. We were both so nervous you could here our heartbeats from a mile away. We were both breathing so hard. i reached down and slowly sarted trying to work my cock in. It took a couple of time but it finally went in. Once the head was in I new I wouldn’t last long. To this day I think that was the best feeling pussy in the world. I pumped her once and she moaned loud. She begged me to take it out but I new I wouldn’t last anyway so I said to her “does that hurt you? do you want me to take it out?” she of course said yes with that I pumped her hard three times and she screamed loud and I pulled out and came in her ass crack. I acted like nothing happened but I shaking all over. To this day those four pumps were the best of my life. When you read about these fourteen year olds fucking their girlfriends for twenty minutes with no rubbers and eight inch cocks you no its a crock. Remember your first time I bet it was more like mine than you care to admit.

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