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swimming sperm

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: swimming pool
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

May is my first love. We got to know each other during a party beside the swimming pool. May is a nice, caring, loveavble and pretty girl. In short, she’s the type of men desiring.Erm….i think i know her last year somewhere in June. It was my cousin’s birthday party. I was alone at time as i don’t know any of my cousin’s friend. I sat by the pool enjoying my Voldka. Suddenly May sat by my side. She was very pretty; wearing a tight skirt and speggethi stripe baby-t. Her voice was sweet. I talked to her the whole night even though everyone had gone back. I felt like we are fated. Then our conversation suddenly move on to sex. She said she always wondering wat so fun about having sex as almost all of her friends had experienced it. So i suggested that why don’t we try it out now. She said OK! We started the process with French kissing. I liked her tounge as she was rubbing my pants. I got soo stimulated that my dick erected. Then I slipped my fingers withing her bra. I played with her nipple. I pushed her head down and she unzipped my pants. She gave me a nice blow job. Slow and steady. She do it soo perfectly just like she’s talented in it. I laid her down on the floor and started kissing again. I roll on her body and undid her bra. I licked her breast and hug her. I make her roll on me and eventually we feel into the pool. I got more stimulated as the water was freezing cool. I underwatered to liked her pussy. I felt some difficulty in doing that soo i asked her to sat by the pool side while i lick her wet pussy. I could wait no longer and pull her down the pool. I inserted my stiff dick into her pussy. She moaned! I can see blood coming out from her pussy as this is her first time. I go in and out and increased my speed at the same time. I could feel my loads are coming out and i quickly pull my penis out from her pussy. She masturbated for me and soon my white soap came out. After that day, May and I are couple and we have this kind of exercise 3 time in a week. I can say I’m a good fucker as i’ve tried many kind of position and May was also good as she can stand the pain when i fuck her ass.

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