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Taking my brothers virginity

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: On a winged back chair
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

It was a long time ago but I remember like it was yesterday. I was a ripe old age of 15 and my brother was 13 1/2. My brother and I had just come in from our Jewish school and we were still wearing our uniforms. He ran up to his room, but I stop by the refrigerator to make a sandwich. Our rooms were across the hall from each other and actually you could see from his bed to my bed, if the doors were open. Normally my brothers door was locked but today the bolt was locked but the door was just a crack open. I took a peek in his door. There in front of my brother was a pinup centerfold taped to the table. My brother was faced away from me in a wingback soft chair. I took off my hard shoes and tiptoed into the room . I was careful to quietly shut and lock the door behind me. There I saw my brother masturbating full speed. I was going to startle him before he finished but I was too late. My brother fired a couple globs of spunk and hit the pin up . The rest of the spunk just dribbled over his knuckles. It was my first time seeing anything like that and it took my breath away. My brother closed his eyes and sliped back into the wingback chair. There he continued to stroke himself in a slow and relaxed pace. That’s when I realized for the first time, because I never saw naked before, that my brother was uncircumcised. I considered myself tall for a girl at 5’8″. My brother on the other hand who ended up at 6′ 2″ at that time was exactly my hight. Seeing my brother like this tempted me. I pulled the hem of my skirt up to my teeth and then I stepped over my brother’s legs. I steadied myself by grabbing the top of the wing tip chair with both hands. He was still unaware that I was even in the room. That’s when I lowered myself on to his erect penis catching it right in the middle of my white cotton crotch. Immediately his eyes popped open! Just shut up I ordered, I already locked the door. I knew my brother was a virgin, well I didn’t really know. I scooted my hips closer to his, his penis was stuffing my crotch of my panties up my love hole. Crap Sis was all he said with both hands gripping the arms of the soft chair. I pulled off my school sweater. Then quickly unbuttoned my top . Your pushing hard Sis he said holding on for dear life. I can only blame my actions on hormones. I still can’t believe I did what I did. I unlatched my bra and let my girls loose. I took his hands off the chair and made him play with the girls. Then he nuzzled, licked, sucked, and kissed my girls. He kept saying careful because I pressed with my hips too hard on his hard penis. His hard penis was a good inch up in me and I was loving it. I looked at my brother . My mouth watered with lust. I’m taking your virginity, even if you don’t want me to, Is what I proposed in my head. My brother just slouched there on the chair looking very nervous. I raised up back up in my tip toes, and pulled my panties out of my vagina. I pulled my cotton crotch to the side, and massaged my wet lady lips. I want on top sis, so that I can fuck like a man. Who is taking who’s virginity here? I guess you’re taking mine he said. That’s right just stay right there. I gave up fighting my panties and just stepped back and took them off. My brother’s eyeballs were straining. What’s the matter haven’t you ever seen a girls pussy before? He blushed, only felt one never saw one, it was dark. Do you want to see mine, it would be a good lesson? Yeah he just blushed. So I stepped 1 foot up on to the arm of the chair. I figured he could see about everything, more than I could see that’s for sure. I took his hands and put them on my pussy. Learn by doing and touching little brother. He was very careful and flipped my clitoris hood back and touched it. That’s sensitive isn’t it ? As sensitive as can be I told him. he stretched my lips a few times rubbing them with his fingers. My pussy started to drool. He ran his finger up and down my love crevice like a professional. Then his index finger started in me and I jumped, so he pulled his finger back quickly. What was that about Sis? So he pryed me open and was looking at me. You still have a fucking cherry ! He looked at me with his most stupid grin, which always made me mad. I’m still taking your virginity I told him. I stepped over him and his amazing penis was once more working its way down my love corredor. Oh gosh I feel your cherry my brother exclaimed. His hands were off my girls and around my waist. With an upward thrust from his hips it was all over. Sharp pain went all over me but quickly it’ subsided. Even though I was on top there was no question my mind that he had me, not the other way around. He found my uterus and he banged it around. I admit it was awkward, uncomfortable, and it really hurt . I was riding a bucking bronco I couldn’t get off and tears were running down my cheeks . Finally I got him in a position that felt really good. That’s better he said. Oh yeah I was all I could say and I said it 100 times. We moaned and groaned and It was amazing and getting better. Just don’t come in my pussy I told him. Crap Sis, it’s too late for that already have . I’m about to again . Just a second I said. Toooo late agin sorry he said. I then felt his warmth enter me. I shook with an orgasm I felt everywhere. I feel it squeezing me said my brother. I feel you throbbing in me, I told him. I got off of him. His pubic hair and his balls were covered in spunk and blood . I slapped him . Don’t ever put your sperm in a pussy unless you plan on making babies . He held his face and bawled, OK I won’t he said. Why did you take my virginity any way ? He bawled. It was for your own good, I told him, and you learned a lesson. Ok he said . The next day I kissed his head at the breakfast table . Mom Dad you should be ashamed . My brother left his door open and he kicked his covers off of himself last night. From my room I could see him. Why isn’t my Jewish brother circumcised? My parents were red faced and my brother and I looked at them. We’re going to have a briss after the bar mitzvah? I was thinking I was adopted my brother questioned. My parents hid their faces at the breakfast table . I called the rabbi right then and there from the house phone. We set the briss and only invited close family.

When the tradition was over and my brothers soreness was gone about a week later. I woke my brother and asked him to my room to have sex for the second time. Well I guess the medications he was taking were still working. He in no way could get an erection no matter how hard I sucked. Five days later he pulled the sheet back from me, lifted my night gown, and removed my panties while I slept . I was groggy as he woke me up playing with my pussy. I’m having my first real big hardon Sis . Can I try it out ? Im a little worried it feels different. His face in the dim light did look troubled . Lets see how it works I said and pulled him in bed. I put him on his back and he was just huge with a super hard erection. It’s been three weeks he said and I feel funey. He rolled me over on my back . I have to be careful I don’t want to hurt my self. It was like losing my virginity all over he was so huge and hard. He had me so wet before we started . My spring bed was making lots of noise and I knew My parents could hear it. It works fine my brother said thank you for the birthday present. It’s your birthday ! I kissed his lips as he thumped away on me with his super erection. It was feeling good and my brother pushed me off. My balls hurt he said laying down on his back. I climbed on him and slowly rocked my hips sitting on his erection. He was large and I felt so tight . I reached behind me and rolled his balls in my hand. Suddenly he said hold still a second. I held still and he said just stay still. But I was stupid and rolled my hips some more . He held my hips and just gushed squirt after squirt, over and over in me. Still means still Sis . You made me come . It was done now and as terrible as it was him comming in me, It felt great! He went to the shower and Dad met him and said you can’t be doing that to your sister. I jumped my boyfriend that evening using a rubber . I told him it broke when I only poked my finger nail through it after I took it off of him. My brother did knock me up and my boyfriend who was 18 married me. You see there was no Roe V Wade back then and you had to do what you had to do. Well it was a vivid in my head as the day it happened.

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