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tanning bed salon

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: tanning bed salon
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

My best friend, Andy, and I had just quite our jobs at some dumb ass resturant. It was one of those that only old people go to, and only old people work at. The youngest person that worked there, besides us, was man who was 38 and still living at home. This job really sucked. After not having a job for 2 months, our funds started running low, and since we both had girlfriends we really needed jobs. After looking for 2 weeks we still did find a job we liked. We were being really picking. My friend ended up applying at some tanning salon. They hired him on the spot, since they were just opening and really needed help. They also told him, that if he knew anyone who needed a job he should tell them to go and apply. He told me the next day, and right after school I went there, they also hired me on the spot. The place opened about a week later.
the first day on the job, I couldn’t beleive how hot all the women were. They all had huge breastsand none of them were fat. It was great. The average tit size had to be at least a 36D and the smallest was only a 36C. It wasn’t only the women who went tanning either, all the girls I worked with were hot too. The girl with the smallest tits was Vanessa, and she had a 34C. She was only 15, though. I would fuck her any day, still. The lady who owned the place was really hot. She was about 5’8, had blonde hair, and blue eyes, she had a perfect tan, worked out alot, and her tits were a huge 42DD (implants). She had the tightest ass I’ve ever seen on a 35 year old. She also had a tatoo of a rose on her right tt, and another tatoo on her ankle of the same thing. I fucked her about a week ago, and she is very experienced (she really knows how to suck cock and balls). She was not my first co-worker I fucked, though. In fact she was my third. My first was the hottest girl I have ever seen in my life. Her name was Carla. She was 21 and going to college at Kent State University. She was majoring in pre-med. She was hot as hell. She was about 5’6, had a great all-over tan, and silky legs. She had blonde hair and green eyes. She constantly worked out, but wasn’t too muscular, just firm. Her stomach was one of the flattest I have ever seen. She had the tightest ass, I’ve ever seen. Her tits were a big 38DD. She was soooooo hot. She also had a tatoo (of the Jerry Bears) around her belly button. She had her belly button peirced, and she later got her left nipple peirced. She always wore this tight clothes, but never to the point she looked slutty. She never wore panties, and hardly ever wore a bra. When ever she bent over to wipe the tanning beds, I always was around to get a good look at her tawt. I loved her at first sight.
One day, Andy, Carla, and I were all working. Since it was the middle of Winter and a Thursday night, noone was coming in. Andy and I were sitting in the chairs when Carla came in. Sine the place had been open for about a month, everyone who worked there had become real close. We didn’t hide much from each other. We told each other about our sex lives, and I had seen two other girls’ Emily’s and Stephanie’s, tits. I had also shown them my cock. Emily had even gave me a hand job, but I didn’t go any further with her, since she hadn’t even seen a cock before that. Carla came over and told us (Excitedly) that, she had got her nipple pierced the day before. She told us how bad it hurt and how it still hurt (I was getting hard just listening). She went on to say that thenight before, she waent to a formal dance, and had bought a real low cut dress to wear. When she trie to put her bra on, she couldn’t. It hurt to much. She said that all the guys were staring at her bouncing tits all night long. This made me really hard. She said she even almost fell out when she was dancing with some guy. She then asked Andy and I, if we would like to see her nipple ring. I looked at Andy, and then replied sure.
She slowly pulled her mid-drift top over her tits. When I saw her nipple ring, I had to really concentrate not to explode in my pants. There was a single gold loop dangling from her huge left nipple. The ring had made her nipple permently hard and they were sticking straight out. Her tits were bigger than I imagined, they were perfectly round too. They were perfect. I struggled to tell her one simple word’ “Cool”. She hurried to slid her top back down, when she saw one of our customers in the parking lot. She told the lady to go in the 5th room on the right, and went back to the register. Andy then went back into the employee’s room (I think he was spanking his meat, in fact I’m positive he was. We heard him.) None of us said much the rest of the night.
About a week later, Emily, Carla, and I were working. Only one person came in that whole night, and that was at 4:30. So we spent the whole night talking. We started talking about normal things but, like most teen age conversations, it soon turned torward sex. Emily told us, she had only jerked one guyy off (me), had only seen 4 cocks (me, her dad, Andy, and her new boyfriends, she alos told us she had sucked on one (her boyfriend). I told them I had done evrything but fuck my girlfreind. including titty fuck, BJs, eating her out, and evn up the ass. I could have fucked her, but didn’t. I thought she wasn’t really ready for it. I then told them I thought I would fuck her soon, because she had been begging me to. Carla told us she had fucked 12 times, but all the same guy. She had fucked her boyfriend of 5 years, she had broke up with him, though. Emily asked how big his cock was, and Carla said almost 6 inches. Emily just smiled since she knew mine was a big 8 inches. She went on to describe her first time, it was in the University’s Library. She also told us she broke up with him, and really wanted to fuck. She said she couldn’t bring herself to it, because of her catholic morals. She was taught to wait to marriage, or at leats to you really knew the person. She also told us she had been masturbating alot. We then had to go start cleaning up, so we went and did our jobs.
While Emily and Carla, had to count all the money, and those kind of jobs, while all I did was wipe down the beds.
While they were doing this, they started talking again. Carla asked Emily whose was the first dick she had ever seen. Emily smiled, and just shoke her head. It didn’t take long for Carla to ge it out of her though. Emily made Carla promise not to tell, and then told her it was mine. Carla couldn’t beleive it. She then asked her how big it was, she told her 8. Carla’s jaw dropped. She didn’t beleive it. Even after Emily swore. Emily told her to find out for herself.
That is when I walked in, I told them I was done an was going to go tan. We are allowed to go for free, since we work there. They both smiled and I kinda wondered what was going on, but decided to ignore it. After I left, and a little coaxing from Emily, Carla decided she would sneek in on me.
I was lying in the tanning bed, with absolutely nothing on. I did have a sock over my cock, so it wouldn’t get burnt. You knew how much that would hurt. She came in after I had been in there for about 5 minutes, I didn’t even hear the door open. IMy dick was hard, since I had been playing with it (I can’t help it, what else could you do). She walked over and opened the lid. I still didn’t notice since I had my eyes closed. She stared at my sock covered sock for awhile, and the with more coaxing from Emily, removed it. That’s when I noticed. I jumped up and say Carla rubbing the head of it. It was rock hard and standing at attention now. She slowly lowered her head and began to swirl her tongue around its head. She then lowered her head more and took my balls into her mouth. She gargled them around for awhile. I was in ecatasy. She knew I was about to cum so she stopped. She waited awhile, before going back to licking the head of me cock. She slowly began to take the haed into her mouth, she sucked on it. She wrapped her hand around the rest of my cock and began to jerk me off in rythem. More of my cock was being taken into her mouth. Juat as I was about to cum, she pulled down on my balls, an prevented it. She did this two more times before she got my whole cock into her mouth. I couldn’t take it, I had to cum. I yelled at her but she wouldn’t let me. She prevented it three more times before she knew she wouldn’t be able to stop me. She reached down and grabbed my sack. She squeezed my balls, and I filled her mouth with cum. She swallowed it all down. I think layed her back onto the floor, and lowered my head to her pussy. I slowly rubbed my ongue across her pussy lips. I then began to suck on her cli. I slowly jabbed my tongue into her tawt. Slowly at first, but gradually faster. She came in my face. I continued though and made her come a second time. I then sucked on her beautiful tits, while she got prepared to fuck. I really like sucking on her big tits. After she had calmed down I bent her over the bed, and slowly entered her from behind.

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