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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: my home
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My daddy had a habit of spanking us kids…in front of each other, with our panties or pants down, exposing our butts to the whole family. When one got a spanking, all had to be present. One night, knowing it probably is coming because I had gotten home late the night before, daddy ordered the family to the living room because I was to be spanked.

I was 14, my brother was 16 and my sister was 17. I tried to tell daddy that my boyfriend, David, was due here any minute. He said he could wait in his study till my spanking was over. As I bent over, my butt exposed, the doorbell rang and my sister got it and took David to the study to wait, not saying what was going on. Then, in the assumed postion, daddy let me have it..hard..and telling me that being late like I was worried him and mom and he won’t tolerate it. The paddle slammed against my butt, once, twice, three times, then a fourth. I also felt a wetness in my vagina. I began to cry on the third. He stopped on four and had be get dressed. My brother kept eyeing my naked bottom and vagina.

I dried my eyes and went to meet David and we left the house and went to McDonalds to eat. He asked me what happened, it sounded like I was spanked and that it made me cry. I told him he was right and that it did make me cry, it tobe naked in front of my whole family was embarassing. He asked me if it happened often and I told him anytime I did something wrong or on of the others was wrong, we got spanked in front of the whole family.

He asked me how it made me feel and I said it was embarassing, but that it also made me wet down “there”. He said it was turning me on, that is why I got wet. I thought he was right. He then then said, since your family is going out, why not go home and let me spank you and see what happens. I blushed, but said OK. He had touched my breasts a couple times so now was the time for him to touch the rest of me.

We got home and he told me to pull down my jeans and panties and I did and he used his hand to spank my ass! It hurt, and his hand hit me again and again and it hurt, but the wetness came..it was turning me on!. His hand felt my vagina and it was wet and he stood me up and kissed me and then remolved my shirt and bra. He then led me to my room and there he undressed and we laid on the bed, holding each other tight. We began to kiss and touch, lick, and I was so wet and so excited. His penis was so hard and I licked it and then he got over me and slowly put it inside. Oh it felt so good. My hymen had been broken through sports activity so there was no pain. It felt so good as he went in and out..and finally he came and so did I. He collapsed on top of me and we hugged and kissed and then he did it again. It was wonderful!

Needless to say, I get spanked regularly now, and we have gotten some material to study to learn how to have better times.

Hope you enjoyed my first time.


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