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Age when it happend: 40
Where it happened: Bombay
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

Blow Job From a Professional

A Blowjob from a toothless professional is a mind-blowing experience. I had one some years ago.

I was walking on the fringes of a red light area in Bombay when I spied a woman of around twenty years age staring at me and when I stared back, I was amazed to see her swipe her tongue over her set of beautiful white teeth and dislodge it. As quick as she had it out she got them back in position and I instantly knew her teeth were dentures. The message was clear she was the fabled blowjob artist who could give you a suck to remember.

I felt a surge of blood rushing down my groin as the thought of some one like her going down on me and before I could ask her price my cock had started growing.

She wanted Rs. 500, a good sum those days when a laborer got just Rs. 50 for eight hours of ditch digging. She agreed to service me for Rs. 200 after a quick session of haggling and I followed her to her dilapidated shack that had a discarded sack for a door and a low coir cot for a bed. She asked for her fees in advance and I gave it to her and she motioned me to a low stool beside the cot. She helped me pull my trousers down and giggled at the sight of my rock hard cock pushing over my under wear. She squatted down and pulled her dentures away and went to work instantly by milking my circumcised cock with her soft hands. I saw large droplets of pre cum dripping down as the pleasure mounted.

Next she gently placed her lips over the head and began to suck the head twirling her tongue over the pee hole clamping her toothless gums over the rim.

My tummy contracted and my thigh muscles went rigid as electric sensations began to drill through me. I felt myself gasp and shiver and struggle to end it all and at the same time wanting more. I heard myself moan and grabbed her pleated hair and shook her head it with agonizing pain and pleasure as the tension built up to unimaginable heights. My tummy fluttered and my heart beat raised and just then
She pulled out abruptly and the sensation ceased but the memory of it lingered and my cock whip lashed with uncontrollable energy. She giggled and looked up and giggled with amusement.

I moved my hands over to breasts and found them hard and erect pushing against her bra less blouse. I bent forward and groped around her buttocks and then her lower thighs and finally to her crotch which was clean shaven and smooth like her cheeks. I moved my palm over her pussy and found the lips fleshy with two well defined mounds and ran my finger between them to touch her very small clit and found the wet pee hole. To my amazement it was very small and when I inserted my small finger I felt it tighten and grip it like a fleshy vice.

You a virgin I asked in a whisper and she shook her head. I suddenly felt I must get my hard cock into that small hole but she shook her head violently and made it clear she did not let any one fuck her.

I sat up and realized by now I had collected enough cum to shoot a large dose. Initially when she started the suck the sensations were so intense I could not build up a load of sperm but with the small intermission I had built up enough for some heavy discharge
In the second round she sucked in the whole shaft and tightly clasping the base with her gums began a in and out motion like milking a cow with her gums. The action was unique and I had never had such a sensation in any form of sexual act.

It was only moments before the spasms took over and as my mind went blank I began to shoot my load. She held my buttocks tight and kept it steady keeping her gums pressed on the base as I drained my semen deep inside her throat. I was shaking when it was over. She held me in that position for some time and then began to pull out. This motion again was unique and caused excruciating pleasure as she pressed her gums and pulled her mouth out slowly keeping the pee tubes pressed. She lingered over the rim and then swished her tongue around the swollen head and finally gave a strong suck before pulling out completely. My thighs were shaking as I returned to normal. She asked for a tip and I gave her a fifty-buck note that I had in my pocket with out any second thoughts. That was one experience I was not likely forget in a hurry.

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