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Teacher and Student

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: school
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Everyday after school I had to go and help the teacher that was the leader of the club I was in. I always stared at her in class. She had some nice big tits and a nice ass. She was also hot looking for a older woman. I’ve been to her house a lot of times for meetings and getting homework when I missed school. Well one Friday after school, I went to her classroom like I usually did. I got on the computer and started to the type the papers she gave me to copy. She was over arranging papers in her file cabinet. I started to look at her ass cuz she was bending over. I started to get a huge boner. Then she looked at me and saw me looking at her ass. She kinda smiled and continued to work. I, kinda embarassed stopped looking for a little bit. When I looked back up she was taking her shirt off. Now I was really suprized. She said she couldn’t undue her bra so she called me over. So i jumped up immediately and went over to help her. I grabbed the strap and unhooked it. She took her bra off, said thanks and I went and sat back down. She put her white blouse back on but kept her bra off. She then took her panties off. I got to see her ass. It was so fucking beautiful. I continued to keep typing the paper. She came up to me and told me I was cute. She then said she always wanted to fuck me and never could cuz there was usually other kids around. She leaned down and started to french me. I was a little surprized at first but started to get into it. I started to french her back. She then climbed into my lap and wrapped her legs around me. She took her bra off then and I started to suck and lick and squeeze her breasts. She got up and leaned over the desk sticking her ass towards me and told me to fuck her in the ass because she didn’t have any condoms. So I started to take all my cloths off. I finally got naked and she still had her skirt and high heels on. So I took the hand lotion on her desk and lubed up my cock. I then after a couple of tries stuck my dick into her ass and started pumping. She cocked her head back and started moaning and yelling. She was moaning and yelling really loud that I thought we were gonna get caught if there was any janitors in the school. But waiting for this moment I kept on fucking her as hard as I could. Finally after about 10 minutes I shot my load and watched as the cum dripped from her ass. She still wanting more turned over and told me to fuck her in her pussy and she didn’t care what happened. She then spread her legs and showed me her beautiful pussy. I first when down and started to lick it and then I stuck my tongue in it and started to eat her out. She started to thrust against my face. Then she cummed all over me. After that we kissed more and I played with her breasts while she stroked my cock. Then when we were both ready I stuck my cock into her wet dripping pussy. I started to thrust slow at first trying to go as long as I could then I wanted to go faster so I did. I just kept fucking her and fucking her. She was yelling and moaning. Her legs were wrapped around me and one of her heels was digging into me. Then I looked up and there was the other chick that was suppose to be here but wasn’t cuz she had a softball meeting. I don’t know how long she was watching but I could tell her nipples were errect cuz she had on a tight pink shirt. She walked up and asked if she could join. She had brown hair and a really nice tan. her tits weren’t as big as my teachers but they were big. She started to strip while I still kept pumping and thrusting my cock into our teacher. Then I could feel my teachers pussy clamp on my dick and she started to scream louder. I started to pump as fast as I could cuz I knew I was going to cum soon. She then had an orgasim and soon after I shot my load. After that, my teacher got down and started to suck my dick. Meanwhile, Kara(the other girl) wrapped her legs around me and started to kiss me. After our teacher stopped sucking me she said let’s satisfy Kara. So I got down and stuck my dick in her pussy and started fucking her brains out. While my teacher sat her pussy in Kara’s face and made out with me. We did this for a while even though I didn’t notice that Kara had already had an orgasim. I just kept on fucking her. After this we all went home. About 2 months later I found out that Kara was pregnant with my baby. After 5 months I noticed our teacher was pregnant. And of course it was because of me. I continued to fuck them both but we never had a threesome. I even continued to fuck them while you could tell they were pregnant. It is amazing fucking a pregnant woman. You have to be careful though. I stopped fucking my teacher for awhile when we were caught by her daughter. But she always let me and Kara fuck in her office everyday after school, and sometimes she would join us. Some days I would sit and jack off while I watched them have sex. Then other days they would do that. All I have to say is woman are better at sex with experience. My teacher was much better than Kara. Well my teacher divorced her husband and we are in contact somewhat. I ended up marrying Kara and we have 2 kids.

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