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Teacher’s Pet

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: school
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

When I was a freshman in High School, I went to my biology teacher, who was known to answer sex questions from students. I told him I wanted to have sex with my boyfriend and that I was afraid of getting pregnant. He said”You know, you don’t have to go all the way, you can try some other things you’ll both like just as well.” He started to instruct me, verbally, about oral sex. I had no idea what it was, or how to give, or receive, it. I started to get turned on by the talk, and I could see him staring at my nipples, which were hard and poking through my sweater.
Before I knew it, he had me in the storage room for lab equipment. The building was pretty much empty, and I wasn’t sure what would happen. But I was too turned on to protest. He started fondling my breasts, and rubbing his crotch up against me. I could feel how hard he was. “Would you like a real lesson, Yvon?” I guess I answered yes, because before I knew it, I was on my knees, looking at the biggest, hardest dick I ever imagined. He told me to begin by licking it gently. Then he instructed me to suck him, little by little, into his mouth. He asked me if I wanted to taste his cum, and I didn’t even know what he meant. But I did, and I really liked it. He laughed and told me I’d definitely get an “A” in biology.
But now I knew I really wanted to have sex. He picked me up, put me on the little desk in the storeroom, lifted my skirt, and started kissing me. He rubbed my clit hard with his fingers, and I thought I would cum in a second. But he stopped, just as I was ready. Then he asked, in a whisper, can I put my finger inside you? I said, Please, and he started to rub my clit with his thumb, and fuck me hard with his finger. “I want to taste you, honey. Please let me taste your virgin pussy.” He licked and sucked my clit, explaining all the way. “THis is your clitoris, tell your boyfriend you want him to kiss you like this. I’m going to put another finger inside, do you like, that, honey?” He was gentle, and then stronger and stronger, and he made me cum so hard that I was trembling all over, and almost crying.
“Oh, I can’t believe how much I loved that,” I told him, “But I really want to go all the way, what should I do?, I’m afraid of getting pregnant.” Well, it was my lucky day, because this incredibly sexy 42 year old man had had a vasectomy, and these were the days before aids, so I was ready to be fucked.
He was already hard again, and slowly pushed his hard cock into my virgin pussy. I don’t remember any pain, just surprise and pleasure and excitement. He put his hands under my ass and lifted me up off the little desk. I was very petite, and only weighed about 95 pounds, and he was a big man. He lifted me up and fucked me standing up, all the while talking dirty, telling me how tight and hot my pussy felt, how much he loved fucking me. How he would keep fucking me til he made me cum again. He pulled out of me, kissed me deeply, and put me down. Then he told me to get down on the floor, and I did. He licked and sucked my pussy some more, then he put his knees up against my ass, and spread my legs wide. He sucked my nipples hard, then drove his cock deep into me. I gasped. It felt bigger and deeper than it had before, and I was trembling again, but loving it. He pushed my legs way back, put them over his shoulders, and started to pound his shaft deep into me. “How does it feel, baby? Can you take it all inside you?” I don’t know if I was able to speak, but I know I was weak with excitement and pleasure, and a little bit afraid.
“I want you to turn over, I’m going to show you another position. It’s called doggie style. I promise it will make you come. Trust me, I won’t hurt you.” When I got on my knees, as he told me to do, he placed his hand under my mound, and lifted my ass into the air. Then he just rubbed himself against my ass, holding both my breasts firmly in his hands. “Are you ready for my cock inside you again? Say yes like you really mean it, I want you to NEED this cock inside you.” Now I was really a little freaked out, and he sqeezed my breasts hard. “I need it,” I said timidly. LOUDER! he said. I NEED IT! I answered. He quickly rammed his dick into my pussy, it was so wet by now, I was nervous but unbelievably turned on! He rubbed my clit so hard with one hand while he fucked me with all his might. I felt his balls slapping my ass, all his power and strength ramming into me. I LOVED IT! He kept talking, and kept asking me how I wanted it. “Do you want more, do you want it hard?” I begged for more, he jerked me off and fucked me and made me cum until my knees buckled. All his weight was on top of me, and I was very, very, happy and absolutely addicted to sex. He had cum inside me already, though I was so naive I didnt even know it. I wanted more. I wanted to keep going.
He laughed out loud, and told me I was a natural. “You horny little girl, you just can’t get enough, can you?” He jerked me off again, just standing there in the storeroom, and I came again, gasping and squeeling this time. He said to me, “Are you going to give up that tight little ass, too?” I had no idea what he meant. He told me to suck his dick some more, and he would try to fuck me in the ass. He explained that alot of very experienced women couldn’t take it, and that he would stop if I said so, but he thought I’d like it. He knew he would. He was drunk with the power of taking my cherry, and he was getting a little greedy. But I was on a huge sex high, I was ready for anything.
I sucked his dick again, seeing it soft at first, then growing and getting hard again. He stopped me after about five or ten minutes, but I was really getting into it. I kept sucking, and he had to push me off of his dick. Get back on your knees, little girl, let me see that tight little hole. He licked me from my clit to my asshole, buried his head in me. I was kind of moaning softly, I think. He said,”Your pussy is so wet with your juices and my cum, I hardly need to lube you up.” Then he took some hand lotion that was by the storeroom sink, and rubbed it all over his cock. Take a deep breath, he told me. Then he started to rub on me, then to tongue me again. ALl the while talking, telling me I was so sexy, so hot, so tight, so beautiful. I was completely helpless. He worked his finger into my asshole, and I clenched really hard. It felt a little strange but exciting. But now he really started to move it in and out gently, his other finger stroking my cunt, my lips, my clit. Suddenly, his dick replaced his finger. He put it in me just a little, and I felt like all my breath left my body. “Are you okay, little girl?” he asked. “Okay, I said, I trust you. It feels good.” He kept fingering my clit, moving it in and out, very slowly,just the tip. “Okay, just go with it, baby,” and he started to furiously jerk off my clit. I was almost cumming, but then he stopped. He grabbed me by both hips and thrust his whole cock into me. Halfway, he almost had to stop, but he said in a very excited voice, “Cmon, you can take it all, give it up!” and slammed into me with all his strength. I cried out, but I immediately started to cum. He pounded into me for what seemed like a really long time, I was sore, I was a little embarrassed, but I was cumming anyway! We both had incredibly intense orgasms, and almost passed out afterwards.
To this day, I still love it. In the mouth, in the cunt, in the ass. I love to suck dick. I love men. I am as old as he was at the time, and I hope just as sexy. Maybe I’ll get myself a 14 year old virgin boy this year, just to celebrate. I’ll always be grateful to the best teacher I ever had.

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