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teaching friends little brother

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: his bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

When I was 17, my best friend asked me if I would teach his younger brother how to masturbate. I found out that his brother, who I’ll call Joey, had asked my friend, who we’ll call Jake, to teach him about sex and how to masturbate. Jake taught him about sex and girls, but didn’t feel comfortable enough to teach him to masturbate. As it turns out, Joey asked him to at least have a friend teach him. So I got the job.
I went over to my friend’s house when his parents weren’t home, and his brother was in the shower, so I waited in Joey’s bedroom while Jake went and watched TV. I went over what I would do a billion times, and after a minute or two Joey came in wearing only a towel around his waste. He knew why I was there, so I had him sit on his bed, without removing his towel. I asked him how much he knew about masturbation, which was only that it is something you do to your penis to make it feel good. I was impressed; I hadn’t known that at 12 and a half.
My heart started to pound harder as I knew what I had to do next. I told Joey to let me lie down on his bed and show him. He pulled a chair up to his bed and sat down, still in his towel. I laid back and looked over to him.
“To masturbate you need a boner” I said to Joey. I had him put his hand on my crotch and asked him if it felt hard. He said that it did (I was already pretty hard), so I pulled off my pants and underwear. Joey’s eyes widened as he stared at my six inch erection. “Next, you need to get a good grip on it” I said, and grabbed my penis. “Then you need to pump.” I started to masturbate, which felt amazing having someone watch me, especially someone so innocent.
I stopped and switched places with Joey. I had him lie on his bed, still in his towel, and get his penis hard. He had a little trouble doing so, so I started to rub him through his towel, and felt him harden up. I pulled off his towel and saw his three inch hairless penis, hard and ready. I laid down next to him, and started to rub his penis for him, and had him practice on me. We laid head to foot for probably a half hour and just rubbed each other until I was ready to cum. I sat up and had Joey pump me normally until I cummed all over my stomach, his body, and his bed. It was the best orgasm I’d ever had! Joey played with my cum while I pumped him, and soon he had a dry orgasm.
We both got dressed and I went back to chill with Jake. That day started a chain of Joey masturbating every day, and me fooling around with him every time we had the chance. We started doing blow jobs, and soon Jake even joined our fun! So, that’s my story, I hope you like it!

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