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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Party
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My name is Janet. It happened when I was 17. I was at a party with my boyfriend, who was in college, we dated for about 2 weeks and he invited me to a frat party. Since it was my senior year in high school I was very excited to be at a party with college students. So I decided to wear a tight-fitting one piece dress. When we got to the party all the guys started looking at me up and down. After several drinks several guys came up to me and asked me to dance. I looked at my boyfriend and he gave me a nod. So I went off to dance. While we were dancing I noticed that he had an obvious bulge but I pretended not to notice. Suddenly the music changed to a slow number and he grabbed me by the waist. I hesitated at first but figured what the hell. This time he held me close and started to feel me up. However, I didn’t want to make a scene and ruin the party so I just let it go. All the while I was looking for my boyfriend. (The thing was..I never had sex up to that point. I only kissed and made out with my boyfriend…) But I couldn’t find him. I should have reacted in some way…because this guy was becoming more agressive. This time he told me that I was so hot and that he wanted to fuck me right there. Without saying a word I tried to break free from him…but this time he grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards the corner of the room. At that moment I spotted my boyfriend… he was making out with another girl! Somehow I felt betrayed and angry! So wanting to get back at him…I started to strut my body in a sexy manner in front of this guy who had just pulled me into a dark corner. Suddenly I felt someone approach me from behind and start to rub up against me in a rythymical way. As I was dancing in the sluttiest way possible. The guy in front of me started to kiss me hard on the lips…His tongue entered my mouth and with reluctance I started to french kiss this guy I just met at the party. At that moment I realized that no one noticed us in the dark corner of the room…I felt trapped in a situation in which I somehow helped to create. I knew there would be no easy way out…but I wasn’t ready for what happened next. The guy behind me started to take off his shirt and pants… eventually he only had on his boxers. While this was happening I didn’t realize that the guy in front was fondling my breasts. He started to kiss me on the neck while the guy behind unzipped my dress. With one pull my dress fell on the floor and I was standing with my panties and bra on.. with two strangers surrounding me. This time the guy in front pushed me against the wall and started to unhook my bra… He then had his mouth on my breast and was sucking on them while the other guy ripped off my panties. I was completely naked…all this time I didnt even try to fight off these guys… I reluctantly accepted their aggressive behavior. The guys both stripped out of their remaining clothes…and proceeded to lick me all over my body. Then one guy lifted me up against the wall and guided his penis into my pussy. He entered slowly and then started to speed up with more intensity… The other guy was jerking himself off while watching us. After about five minutes of penetration.. he lowered me and then pushed me onto my knees…at this moment the guy who was jerking off shoved his penis into my mouth. I started to react to all this aggressive sexual behavior.. This time I willingly sucked on his dick with passion. He started to cum in my mouth.. I swallowed it all..then a penis entered me from behind and was fucking me doggie style…I told his to Shoot his load inside me..at that point he pumped me in a frantic pace and eventually started to unload his semen in me…I then had the most incredible orgasm to date.

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