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Age when it happend: NA
Where it happened: My aunt's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

My mother and I were visiting her sister’s family for a week and, naturally, they wanted to go shopping. I decided to hang around the house, but got bored and took a nap. I woke up to find my 8 year old cousin, Aisha, playing with my dick. Later, she said that it had fallen out of my boxer shorts and she was curious about it. I began to get hard and she began to stroke it up and down. Then I felt the warmest, wettest touch as she kissed it and took part of the head in her mouth. That caused me to jump and she quickly dropped my dick and started to leave the room. I called her back and asked her why she was quitting. She said she was afraid I would be mad with her and tell her mother. I told her I liked what she was doing and wanted her to continue. I took off my shorts and sat on the side of the bed. I told her to kneel and play with my dick and suck on it some more. She was curious about my balls and played with them, too. I couldn’t stand her sucking very long, so I cupped her head and told her to keep sucking as I was about to come. I shot my biggest wad to that time. She caught most of it in her mouth but some of it got on her face when she pulled her head back. She used her finger to wipe it off and then licked her finger clean. She asked me it I liked it. I told her that it was the best (I didn’t tell her the only one) that I had ever had. She just beamed and told me that she liked it, too. I asked her where she had gotten the idea to suck it and she said that she had seen her mother sucking on her father one night. She had gotten up to go to the bathroom and had seen their bedroom door cracked. She had peeked in and watched her mother suck her father. I told her she had done such a good job that she deserved a treat. I had her take off her clothes and lie on the bed with her legs hanging over the side. I got between her knees and began to examine her little pussy. She didn’t have any hair to obscure the view of her fat little pussy. I spread the lips and couldn’t resist giving it a little kiss. It didn’t have any smell or taste so I began to lick it. Between my saliva and her juices, it quickly got sloppy. I took one finger and began to push it in and out of her hole. She began to moan and hump her little ass toward the finger. I asked her if she liked it and she said it felt better than when she did it herself. I found her little clit and began to lick and suck on it. After a few minutes she began to moan louder and then got stiff and screamed. She had had her first orgasm. After resting and talking about what we had done, I asked her if she wanted to try fucking. I had to explain what fucking was and she wasn’t sure she wanted to try it. Using reverse psychology, I told her we probably shouldn’t because she was too young to do grown-up things. She immediately changed her mind and was ready to do it. I licked her pussy a little more to get it wetter and had her spread her legs and pull her knees up to her chest. I put the head of my dick between her pussy lips and just rubbed it from her clit to her asshole for a few minutes. She began to get excited again and I could feel her little hole sucking on my dick head. I started to push it forward a little more on each thrust and soon had the head completely covered. She said that it was hurting her, so I quit and just left it there. I told her it might be better if I lay on my back and she could sit on my dick, quitting when it hurt too much. She got on her knees and put my dick back into her hole to the depth it had been before. She began to rock back and forth and push downward. All of a sudden, my dick head popped through and about half of my dick was in her pussy. She screamed but kept pushing forward until the whole dick was in her pussy. I came then, which was probably a good thing. When my dick shrank and fell out, a good bit of come and a little blood poured onto my stomach. I got my shorts and wiped it up and used the shorts to wipe the blood off her pussy. I praised her on being so grown-up and she soon forgot it hurting. I kissed her swollen little pussy but we didn’t try anymore fucking that day. The next day she was too sore to fuck but she sucked me off again and I licked her pussy. We managed to get away the second day and I fucked her twice, without causing much pain. We have fucked every chance we have had since then and she has become the best piece I have ever had.

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