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the baby sitter

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Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: my house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

My mom and dad left me and my 15 year old cousin at the house while her parents and them went out for the night. we knew they wouldn’t be home till 2 or 3 in the morning because they do it all the time. So Tina and I started to play some games and the losser had to remove a item of clothing. The game was pretty even we both had two items left till I beat her in the last two game leaving her in the nude. she said she wanted to play some more but, I told her she didn’t have anything else to loss. She told me that I had things that I could gain if I win, so I asked her like what? Tina said you will win me and I’ll do anything you want me to do. I liked that offer and agreed to play, she won the next game leaving me in my underwear, but I was the winner of the next game. Tina said you won what do you want me to do. I told her I want her to teach me all about sex and show me how it’s done. She said I can do that but what if they come home early. I told Tina you know it’s only 8.30 now and there going to the movies at 9:45 then there going to some club so they will not be home anytime soon and I want to learn all about sex and you said I can do anything I wanted to. Well this is what I want from you, so are you going to teach me or you cann’t keep your word. The next thing she said was lets go to your room and we’ll play in there, so I got up and followed her. she told me to take my underwear off and do what she tells me to do or she will quit. Tina then told me to start kissing her, so I did. She then told me to kiss her breast and suck on them like a baby would real soft and gental so i did that to. Now I was getting a boner and Tina smiled and said for me to lay down, while she kissed my body (it felt good), then she took my not so big hard cock in her mouth and I exploded, but she keep on sucking me till it all stop cuming. She told me that was nice, but it’s time for me to do her. I said do your what? she told me just to lay there and do what she said, she then put her pussy up to my face and told me to lick, she also placed my hands on her ass and told me to rub her ass cheeks, I did everything she told me to. Tina then turned around and told me to open her ass cheeks and lick her pussy then her asshole, I licked her asshole for about 5 mins. when she told me to place a finger in her ass and lick her pussy. I was donig it all just as she told me then she started to suck my dick at the same time, she was moaning and stuf was leaking from her pussy, I stopped and she told me to start eating her pussy again. she then turned around again and started to kiss me on my wet face, she told me that was great and now I’m going to fuck you. Tina then lowered her pussy onto my hard dick and rode me like a horse, it felt great it was just sliding all around my cock and the build up in my cock exploded again in side her, she just keep going and started making noisies and breathing hard, stuff was running between my legs and then she laid on top of me hugging and kissing me. We done it to more times then we showered together and dress for bed, so when or parents came home they wouldn’t know. In the morning she told me mom that she would watch me when ever they wanted. My mom said that’s great because they all wanted to go away that weekend with her parents. Tina is now married but I still have sex with her about three times a month.

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