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the biggest ever

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: all over my house and outside
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

when i was 15, my neighbors had some guests for the summer, i guess they were related to them or something, i dont really know. but when they arrived, i noticed a fine looking guy who looked about my age. anyway, the next day i saw him sunbathing in their yard so i asked him if he wanted to come over and use our pool. he said sure, and went in and asked if it was ok. i found out his name was joe and he was 14. when he came back out, he asked if i wanted him to wear regular trunks or his speedos, i jokingly said speedos, and he said ok, and went in and got them, but didnt put them on yet. we went to my house, and we were lucky because it was my parents anniversary, so they were gone and werent coming back till late. anyway, he told me he was going to change into his speedos cause i wanted him to, and to my surprise, he didnt go inside, he just walked to the corner of our patio by the pool. he said, im gonna change here, so if you dont wanna see anything, dont look. of course i wanted to see something, so i looked. his back was turned, so i couldnt see that much, but he had a great ass, and his dick was hanging down between his legs, as were his balls, and it was the biggest dick i had ever seen and have seen to this day, although i still hadnt gotten a great look at it yet. he put his speedos on and turned around. he saw me looking at him and said ha ha! caught ya peeking! and i said sorry, i couldnt help but i wasnt looking into his eyes, his dick wasnt even hard, and he had a giant, and i mean huge, bulge in the front of his speedos. he caught me looking at it and laughed, then he told me to go change into my suit. i went up to my room and got out my bikini. my tits were pretty big at the time, i had a 34 C cup size, and i was slim, so they looked big on me, anyway, i got out a bikini that not even my parents knew i had, it doesnt cover all of my boobs, and it has a thong in the back, it looks good cause i have a great butt and im tanned. anyway, i looked out my window at him and i saw him floating in the pool on his back on an inflatable thing, and i could still see his big package, at that point, i vowed that his package would be mine. i went back down to the pool and i stood by the edge of the pool, i said hey, what do ya think? and he looked up and said wow! very nice! and smiled, i could see his bulge start to grow, but before i could get a good look, he slid off the inflatable thing and swam over to the edge of the pool. he helped me in, and we swam around for 15 or 20 minutes, i said we should play a game, he asked what one, and i said water ball. its like basketball, only its in the water, and we had a floating hoop for it. anyway, i said that we would play a couple of games to 5 baskets, and whoever lost the games would have to take off a piece of their suit. he said, smiling, hey, youve got 2 peices, and ive only got one and i said you better play hard, then and smiled back. he let me start with the ball, and i scored, so then he scored, when i went the next time, he blocked me and scored, he was up 2 -1. then i scored, tying it up, and he scored, pulling ahead, soon we were tied at 4, and it was my ball, he rejected me and scored, so i took off my top. he looked a my boobs floating in the water, and had alot of trouble concentrating during the next game, so i won 5 – 2. an easy victory. he took off his speedos and flung them up out of the pool by my bikini top, but since his dick was underwater, i couldnt really see it that well. i said, hey, you can see my boobs great, but i cant see your dick at all he said, why dont we get out of the pool and go inside so you can get a better look? so i got out first and sat down in a chair to watch him emerge from the water, he came up the steps, and i finally saw his whole cock exposed. it was huge, i would say about 7 or 8 inches limp. he stood in front of me smiling, and said what do you think? i didnt know what to say, so he helped me out of the chair and had me lead him to my room. he was totally naked, and becoming aroused, and i was just wearing my thong bikini bottoms, and also becoming aroused. i looked at his dick and watched as it grew, inch by inch, i reached down and stroked it till it was totally hard, it was a monster. so warm and thick, it was almost 2 inches thick, and it was really fucking long, i didnt know how a 14 year old could have such a thing on him. soon he was totally aroused and throbbing, so i told him to sit on the bed and i got down on my knees and sucked him. i put both my hands on his thick shaft as i sucked on his head, i used my tounge to go around it, he said it felt great, and he was moaning to prove it. after about 4 minutes, he started cumming, what a load! i should have expected as much from the size of his balls, but to this day i have never seen a load that big. he gushed about 8 shots, all of them hit the back of my mouth hard. there was so much cum that i couldnt swallow it all. he kind of went limp after that, but not really. i got up on the bed, and he ate me out for a long time, i dont know how long, but i came 3 times. each one was more amazing than the last. he did this thing with his tounge, he used it like a tornado or something, it was amazing. i was screaming his name and i couldnt control myself. then i said i wanted him inside of me, he asked me about protection, but i was a a phase in my period cycle where i wouldnt be able to get pregnant, so i said its ok, i wont get pregnanant. he stuck it in slowly, it was so big, it hurt alot, so joe had to go slow for about 6 or 7 minutes, but then it started to feel good, i came about 10 minutes into it, but he was still going at it, it took about 5 more minutes of his huge dick pumping in and out of me for him to cum. bam! he came inside me, and the feeling of his hot cum filling me up made me cum with him, he totally filled me and we came at the same time. our cum was dripping out of my pussy, and it felt so good to have his softening dick inside of me. yum, he was amazing. we got dressed, and i took him back to his relatives house, we managed to fuck about 15 more times that summer before he had to go back home. oh, he was great, we still write to eachother, and even though both of us are in relationships, we still cant wait till we see eachother again. he said his dick has grown a little more in the last couple years, so he must be more than a foot long now, i cant wait to get that big dick in my mouth again, its so strong and manly. i love you joe.

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