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The BJ Girl

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: His apartment
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I wasn’t ever going to write about this, but two earlier stories have given me the nerve. I read #22937, “Messy First Time” and #23849, “Blowjob Queen”, and I think it’s time.

First, I like oral sex of all kinds. The only thing about this site that gripes me (besides people who don’t use spellcheck) are people who say something like, “I’d had/given a few blowjobs, but my first time…” Look, as Bill Clinton discovered, it may be oral, but it definitely is sex. For some of us it’s the best there is, and the way we prefer. And I did it the other way first.

I grew up in a large Southern city. I was the youngest of four kids in a Bible-belt Baptist family. My sister, eight years older than me, got pregnant at 17, married the guy, had three kids in three years, and got beat up about once a week until he left her. So I got all the lectures about not getting pregnant from the time I was 9.

Except everything I knew about sex I learned in “Health” class, which was taught by the girls’ P.E. teacher and was 90% about menstruation and hormones, 9% about s.t.d.s and 1% about sex. So I concentrated on math and science.

Then when I was 14 and starting the ninth grade one of my brothers brought his friend Tommy home. Tommy was a junior and a real HUNK. He wasn’t a jock, but he was into body building. He looked and acted older than a high school guy and I really noticed. But he was going with one of the cheerleaders. He and my brother spent a lot of time together and I tagged along. I had a bad case of puppy love, but I didn’t think Tommy noticed.

After a couple of months we all went swimming together. I am “topheavy” and I thought Tommy noticed, but he had brought the cheerleader along.

Then he and the cheerleader broke up, and a couple of weeks later she left town “to live with an aunt”. About that time my brother told me that Tommy had asked him if it would be okay if he asked me out. I was ecstatic!!

Tommy invited me to a dance. He had a Corvette, and he showed up with flowers and wearing a suit. He asked my parents what time he should bring me back. It was perfect.

He brought me home ten minutes early, took me to the door, gave me a very soft kiss, and asked when he could see me again. I had discovered masturbation, and that night I had a lot of pleasure thinking about him.

The next Saturday we went to a movie. On the way home he told me that he was falling in love with me, and he didn’t want to be hurt, so he needed to know how I felt. I just gushed about how much I loved him, I would do anything for him, it was wonderful that he felt that way…He stopped the car and gave me my first french kiss, and I was in heaven. We did some heavy petting and he took me home. And I had a lot of pleasure thinking about him.

The next Saturday we went to a matinee movie (Something with Robert Duvall, but we were making out and I missed most of it). He told me his parents weren’t home, but would I like to go to his place? You bet!! We went to his apartment and talked for a while, and he took me by the hand and led me to his room. We sat on his bed and he slowly took off my blouse. He told me to take off his shirt and I did. He took off my bra, and I took off his tee shirt. We rubbed skin for a while. I was getting really excited. Then he put my hand on his crotch and I felt my first erection. He slowly took off my pants and stood up while I took off his. I asked if he had any “protection” and he pulled a condom out of a drawer. He took off my panties and told me to take off his briefs. I did very slowly, staring at his penis. He put the condom on and laid down next to me. We hugged and rubbed and touched, and I felt myself getting moister than I already was.

He started to enter me and it HURT. He moved very slowly, but it still hurt like hell. He moved faster, and started to come very quickly and in the pain I felt a little “snap” just as he started to come. He relaxed and slowly pulled out. When he pulled out I saw the torn strip of condom and lost all interest in romance. I was terrified! I started counting from my last period. I jumped up, put on my clothes, and ran out. He grabbed me, told me he was very sorry, it had never happened before, but he was sure I wouldn’t get pregnant…and I slowly calmed down. He took me home, talking all the way about how unlikely it was to get pregnant the first time.

The next day he came over and we went for a drive. He gave me all kinds of reassurance, and we went back to his place and did it again. This time it hurt less and the condom didn’t break, but again he came in about five strokes.

That night I called a girlfriend who had a reputation as a slut. She suggested I come talk to her, so I did. She knew Tommy and told me that he was “selfish” about sex (It didn’t dawn on me how she would know this until much later) and she told me what it meant when the cheerleader went away “to live with an aunt”. I told her I still loved him, but I was afraid of getting pregnant. So she told me she knew there was something I could do for Tommy that would never make me pregnant. She explained it in detail and suggested I practice first. So for five days I “practiced” with a candle.

I called Tommy and told him that I had a surprise that I was sure he would enjoy. During our next date I suggested that we go back to his place because his parents were gone again. When we got there I gave him a big hug and slid down to my knees. I undid his pants and slid them down. He was wearing dark red briefs, which turned me on. I pulled them down just far enough and slowly took him into my mouth. The practice with the candle had worked, and I had no problem. I felt his cock swell even more, and moved my head up and down. Suddenly he moaned, went stiff, and started squirting cum. He held my head still until he had finished. It tasted like sweet-and-sour sauce, but more sour. I swallowed, slowly backed off, and smiled up at one very satisfied man. I asked if he liked my surprise, and he just nodded and said, “Oh, yeah!”

After that I never worried about condoms breaking or getting pregnant. We went together for the rest of the year; then he moved away at the end of the school year.
I had a couple more boyfriends in high school and showed them my “sword swallowing”, but I was pretty reserved about it.

Then I went to the U of Michigan and all the Southern inhibition vanished. During four years there I kept track. I “did” slightly over 1,500 guys. Unlike “BJ Queen” I stayed around the science and math departments, but went to some of the frats. Frat guys don’t care what their cocks do, so long as they get off. One time a dykie teaching assistant told me that what I was doing was degrading to women, and I should be ashamed of myself. I told her that back home we had a saying about the Pope and sex: If you don’t play the game, you don’t make the rules. I asked her if she had ever had sex with a man. From her angry silence I got the answer. For a few months I worked in a massage parlor at night. I could make $250 a week giving massages, or $500 a night giving head. I made a ton of money, enough to pay for the rest of school.

And I learned a lot of things: About one guy in ten won’t accept head; go figure. Of those who do, on a regular date about one in four will offer to give head, and that is fabulous! Some guys insist on wearing a condom, anyway, so I started carrying banana-flavored condoms. I guess some women hate the taste of cum, but I love it. I do sex the regular way if a guy wants it, and I’ve even had a few orgasms that way, but I still prefer the intensity of good oral sex.

So now I work for the largest software manufacturer in Redmond, Washington, and most of the guys I date are neither micro nor soft. Until I finish with them. Someday I will find a guy with an IQ in the high 140s who likes to give head as much as he likes to get it. If he wears dark red briefs, I’ll marry him!

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