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The boy next door

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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: Home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I had just started high school. I’m Australian, so high school starts
at year 7 here.

I lived in an apartment building in a suburb of Sydney. There was an 11 year old Aboriginal
boy who lived in another building just down the road, let’s call him Ivan.
Of course, that’s not his real name.

We had been friends for a while, and he had stayed over night at my place before.
The first time he stayed, we got up to the normal teenage boy thing of comparing sizes,
but we also did a bit of touchy-feely.

This particular night, which was the second time he stayed, was to be a little different. It
started out pretty normal, but once we had both had a shower and were in bed, things started to heat

We lived in a very small place, just me and my mother. Ivan had to share my single bed, and, as it was the middle
of Summer, we didn’t have much on. All we were wearing was a pair of underpants. About an hour after
we had gone to bed, Ivan started to cuddle, close. I could feel his penis, which was fully erect, pressing into
my bottom. I felt his hand wander up my leg until it was resting on my hip.

I turned to face him. Without a word, we embraced. It was the first time I had kissed anyone like that, let alone another boy.
As we kissed, our underpants slid right off. Our pubescent penises touched. We got even closer, until Ivan was right on top of me.
My hands slid down his back and gently groped his smooth butt. We continued like this for about five minutes.

Ivan then sat up and turned on the lamp. I could see him in all his glory. And believe me, it was glorious. He grabbed a bottle
of handcream off my dresser, and I knew what was coming next. He lathered some cream over his hard, hairless dick. I turned over and laid
on my stomach. I felt Ivan’s fingers, covered in cream, fondle with my virgin hole. I gently lubed up my tight butt-hole with handcream.

I then felt him come closer, his penis gently finding its way into my soft bottom. Then it happened. He penetrated. It hurt alot, but I wanted it
so badly. As he gently slid himself in all the way, the pain slowly went. He the began making love to me. Deep and slow. I felt every move he made, and his
hard, throbbing penis was inside me, pumping faster and faster, harder and hareder. Ivan was at a descent pace when he came. I felt his
hot cum entering me. It was amazing. Ivan then collapsed on top ov me, out of breath. After a moment, he gently withdrew. After we both cleaned up a
little, it was my turn.

Ivan laid on his stomach. I stared at the curves of his sweet bottom whilst I covered my dick, which was harder than it had ever been before, in handcream.
I then let my fingers find his tigh little hole. Ivan reached back and spread his cheeks with his hands, giving me a perfect view. I gently caressed his
hole with my fingers, getting it nice and wet with the handcream.

I then moved towards him. Every second felt like a blissful eternity as my penis slid between his cheeks and met with his hot, tight anus for the first
time. I gave a little push and it went in. I lowered my self slowly, the pain on Ivan’s face was evident, but I figured that it he wanted me to stop, he’d
tell me. I got my entire penis inside him and began moving. I slid back and forth, up and down. I never wanted it to end. My hole was still burning pleasently
from when Ivan fucked me. I was picking up pace, savouring every moment. My penis was now pumping his tight hole hard and fast. My penis was beggining to
stir in a way I’d never felt before. All of a sudden, the pressure became too much and I exploded inside him, pumping him deep and hard to get every drop
of cum inside. The orgasm stopped and I laid on him the same way he had me earlier. I then withdrew and laid beside him.

After we leaned eachother up, we slept naked in eachother’s arms the whole night. That was the first time I made love to anyone, but not the last. My and Ivan
spent many nights together. Our relationship lated two years, before he moved away. I haven’t seen him since. He’d be 18 now. I wonder if he remembers me? I
hope he does.

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