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The day I saw her breasts…

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Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: My living room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

She lived next door to me. We had been great friends for years. We always hung out with one another and we sometimes kissed, but we never got serious. She was gorgeous though. I had always wanted her. She was short at around 5’6″ or so. She had long curly red hair. She had a pretty average body, but she was good looking noe the less. One thing about her that I had loved ever since they became noticable were here breasts. They weren’t large, but they were small and pert. And boy did I love to stare at them when she wasn’t looking. I had throuroughly studied them after knowing her for a few years. They were very nicely rounded and I can’t get across to you how pert and beautiful they were. Well, anyhow, she had come over one day to hang with me while my parents had left for the weekend. We sat down on the couch for one of our usual conversations. Somehow, we started a game of Truth or Dare. After a couple dare’s like kissing my dog and other stupid shit, I asked to do a truth. She thought for a while and finally asked me, “Do you like my breasts, because you stare at them alot?” I was like totally dumbfounded. My initial reaction was “Oh shit, she knows, and now she’s gonna beat my ass for it.” I tried to evade the question by the use of silence. It didn’t work. She asked again after five minutes. “Do you like my breasts? It’s not a very hard question.” I finally answered hoping she wouldn’t hit me, “Yes. I really do like your breasts.” Sounds cheesy, I know, but hey, it was hard to think with her glaring at me. She then says, “Oh really? Would you like to see them?” There was absolutely no hesitation from me now. I just sort of nodded quickly. She then told me, “If you want to see them, you have to take off my clothes.” Wow! I didn’t exspect this. I was shocked, but I slowly scooted over near her, and proceeded to take her shirt off. Oh my lord. They were even more magnificient then I had imagined. She still had a bra on, but I was allready to the point of coming in my pants. I then proceeded to take off her bra. I couldn’t quite get it, so she helped me. Oh great allmighty Lord in Heaven be praised. Her tits were just so damn beautiful. Seeing them right in front of me drove me wild. As soon as I had stared in awe at them for a moment I quickly started suckling them. I explored every inch. Her breasts were so pert and her nipples were so hard. I sucked on her nipples and started biting them. She then started moaning at this point. I think I played with her tits for a good 45 minutes. We then just started making out. All our clothes eventually came off. I ended up humping her like a madman while sucking her tits. She had, by this time, reached orgasm about 4 times now. The sex was fucking great and lasted for hours, but I enjoyed the foreplay more. We’re going out now, and she says that she loves my fetish for breasts. I don’t think I can go a day without feeling those soft warm breasts of hers at least once. God be praised for his wonderful invention of the breast!

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