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The Girl In The Wet T-Shirt

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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: Daytona Beach, Florida
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

I went to Daytona Beach on Spring Vacation with a couple of buddies. One day they had a wet T-shirt contest, with a bunch of girls participating. I was standing in front of the viewing stand with just my cargo pants on, and I spotted this one girl who had skin tight capri pants on — bright red with white flower design — and a T-shirt that said, “Let’s Do It!” When they poured water over her, I could see that she had the most beautiful breasts, and her hard nipples were showing through the T-shirt, causing my “baby-maker” to stand at attention. After she got off the platform, I made it a point to go over to her. I told her, “I’m Matt, and I’d like to DO IT with you.” She smiled and said, O.K., but not now. We made arrangements to meet that night on the beach, down at one end where there was this little wooden pavilion with several wooden benches in it. After fooling around awhile — kissing and rubbing our bodies against each other — I took off my carho pants and helped her out of her capri pants and T-shirt, and I had my first real fuck as she laid back on one of the benches and opened her legs for me. I’m not sure if she was on the pill or not, but she never asked me to use a condom and so I didn’t. It didn’t take me but a few thrusts into her before I was spurting sperm — and she kept begging me for more. I obliged her as best I could.She was so nice and tight. Her vaginal muscles just seemed to tighten around my cock with every thrust. Later on we had a hamburger and coke, and when I saw her back to her hotel room, she let me fuck her again right there in the hallway next to her door. As we were going at it — and making quite a bit of noise — a girl came out of the room. It was her room-mate. She asked us what in hell we were doing, and I told her “What does it look like.” And she went back into the room.

I never saw that gal in the capri pants again, but I’ll never forget that day — and night. She was the first and best fuck I’ve ever had.

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