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The Girl Next Door

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Where it happened: Parents House
Langauge: English
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

It was about s ago on a hot summer afternoon in Livonia, Michigan as I was driving in my Ford F-150 down my street when SHE literally came out of nowhere! She appeared to be very young but damn near fully developed standing at about 5’2″ with soft natural blonde hair that went just below her shoulders. By now I was about two houses away and I couldn’t slow my truck down fast enough as I watched her walk down her driveway and across the street to her mailbox. She was wearing these high cut white shorts that hugged her cute bubble but and revealed every inch of her smooth and flawless teenaged thighs. Even from a distance you could see her panty line that disappeared towards the top of her ass crack. She wore this tight baby blue blouse which tapered just above her belly button and this little top shaped her young perfect tits perfectly. As she walked across the steet and got to the mailbox she glanced towards my truck not hardly noticing my presense. As I drove past this minature Pamela Anderson look-alike, I looked in my side mirror exclaiming to myself outloud “Where the hell did that come from!?” I couldn’t beleive that I never noticed this hot little bomb shell that lived about 6 houses down from me. I thought to myself that maybe she’s a new neighbor but I recognized her brothers who always played street hockey out in front so my only guess is that she was the young sister that blossomed overnight and I never noticed her before.

Anyway, needless to say, for weeks I never drove by that house without looking in hopes to catch another glimpse of this suburban super model. It was about two weeks later when I saw her in her driveway talking to someone in a car which appeared to be one of her friends. Without making it too obvious, I wanted to get a close up so I ran back into my house and ripped through a basket in my garage jamming a pair of vintage roller blades and made my way down the sidewalk passing in front of her. I went to the next driveway and circled back down the way I came from and it was then when I REALLY got a great look at her when she cutely perked “Hi”. I was dumbfounded by her beauty and innocience when I replied back “Hi, How are you?” figuring this would be the most intimate moment I would ever have with this babe and life would go on. At this moment the girl she was speaking with in the driveway began to slowly back out as the two girls said their goodbyes. So I stood there on the sidewalk waiting for the car to back out. To me this was absolutely perfect timing as it gave me a few more valuable moments of gawking at the neighborhood sweetheart. As her friend sped down the street, ten feet seperated me from the fuck of my dreams. “Your lace is untied” she said in almost a whisper. The fact remained that BOTH my laces on my skates were untied which caused me a little embarrassment but I quipped “Yeah, I know – I just tossed these ratty old things on to see if they work. The laces are too short to tie anyway but thanks for noticing.” We both laughed and I made some real small talk which lasted a few minutes before she smiled and turned up towards her house. She was even MORE beautiful up close and in person. The way she talked, her sweet smile and that incredible ass sent my hormones into a frenzy! I skated back to my house, popped off my skates and went into my empty house and ripped down my shorts and gripped my raging cock for a fantasy jerk off session which ultimately didn’t last too long.

Anyway, as a couple weeks passed by I convenently made my presense known every time I saw her outside in which I always made it a point to say something making myself as friendly as possible until one morning when everything would shift to the highest gear. The night before I went to a graduation party and eventually got lit up like a Christmas tree slamming one beer after another. I arrived to an empty house around 4 a.m. and my parents were at our cottage for the weekend. It was about 11 a.m. when I crawled out of the sack and went upstairs to the garage to have a a morning smoke wearing only a pair of boxer shorts. As I lit up the smoke, I hit the garage door opener to vent the smoke outside being blinded by the bright sun. As I leaned on an old washer in the cluttered garage taking a few drags of my smoke thinking in a fog of the festivities of the night before, the perky “Hey!” caught me off guard. Oh no! I thought. It’s her! She can’t see me like this. I looked like shit, I felt like shit! She was looking as hot as she always did in a pair of Spandex running shorts walking her Golden Lab. Trying to act plesantly suprised with as much enthusisasm as possible, “Hey Heather! What’s up?” as she turns and starts walking up my driveway making her way almost into my garage as I flung my cigarette into the grass. I was EXTREMELY uncomfortable and very self concious of my hung over appearance. “You just got up!?” she exclaimed. “Yeah, last night someone put too much alcohol into my liquor and now I’m paying for it” I quipped. She began laughing asking me where I went and this and that. I couldn’t help to notice how she kept peeking at the slight raise in my boxers from my weakened morning hard on. I kept thinking, Man, I hope my cock isn’t being exposed from the slit in the boxers but there was no way I could look down and adjust my tool right in front of her. The best I could do is just hope that everything was in place. “Can I bum one of your smokes?” she asked as I handed her the whole pack and lit it for her. This was a prime opportunity to find out how old this young princess was so, I joked, “Heather, you’re not of age to smoke cigarettes. I’m telling your mother.” “I’m almost 18 so go tell my mother” she shot back. I thought to myself ‘Really!’. Even the way she smoked was so elegant the way she tilted back her head and blew a cloud to the ceiling. It was just then when her Golden Lab made a half circle around me, darn near tripping me up from the leash when Heather yelled “Baxter! Get back.” while she lunged forward to pull the collar around the dogs neck as I tried to do the same thing. As she pulled on the dogs collar her forearm brushed against my somewhat bulging cock which sent it wagging like the dogs tail. “Opps! Sorry about that” in her innocient tone. I mildly joked in a perverted tone, “No, it was my pleasure” as she laughed. But what was happening was no laughing matter, in fact it was almost terrifying as my cock began to peel from my nut sack working its way to a highly noticeble hard on in a matter of s! I tried to turn to conceal my virgin shaft when she exclaimed “Oh my God! Oh my God! What are you doing!” as she laughed almost out of control. Taking the defensive, “What am I doing!? Look what you done!” I shot back pressing my palm over my raging tool as I made my way into the house into the laundry room tripping over the step. In attempt to put on my sweat pants, Heather opened up the door leading to the laundry room to the garage quietly remarking “It’s not a big deal. Don’t be so ashamed of it” I could feel my face heating up with embarrasment as she cupped her palm underneath my ball sack saying “YOU are sooooo cute! Look at you silly.” as she put one hand on the elastic of my boxers and forced one side of them down half way down my thigh taking her other hand and pulling on the other side which sprang my 7 inch cock. I damn near fainted being in total shock of what was going on! I was light headed and queezy anticipating her next move praying that she wasn’t just fucking with me. Fully clothed she stoked my cock with one hand against her belly as she leaned over and lightly nibbled on my ear where the sound of her light breathing drove me fucking nuts! I gripped her head and gently pushed her downd where she croched in a kneeling position lifting my pulsating cock in her small hands and gently licking the peach fuzz on my balls working to the underside of my veiny tender cock then off to the sides and back to the underside. The sensation was bringing the animal out of me and the teasing was too much when I pulled back, gripped my tool and guided the head past her plush lips and deep into her throat where she momentarly gagged. I pulled out and tried it again being more gentle. She slurped and worked her way up and down gently squeezing my soft balls and flickig her tounge around the head of what was now my massive cock that felt like it was going to rip out of the skin. I began to relax a little as I watched this precious butterfly gracefully pucker my cock as she let out “Mmmmmmmmmm” without breaking a stride. It seemed this went on for five minutes or better but who was counting when she ran her lips on my shaft, over the head and “Pop” as my cock bounced from exiting her mouth. She finally lost control of a situation she was controlling from the start and in a wimper she pleaded “Take me” as she rose her hands over her head and I lifted up her tight blouse and tossed it on the floor and she wrapped her arms around my back as I peeled off her form fitting bottoms exposing ever so sexy pair of pink panties as we violently frenched kissed. It was then when I pit my hands underneath her arm pits and raised her onto the washer then slowly peeling off her panties which dangled off her left ankle exposing a pussy suitable for any magazine. It was carefully shaved leaving a light brown runway to the juice pit. I lowered myself taking my fingers and ever so lightly parting her fold which released the most pleasant aroma I have ever smelled in my life. I gently began to flicker my toungue along her slit as her legs tightned around my head like it was in a vice as she let out the most convincing pleasure moans imangable while bouncing her tiny ass up and down. It was hard for me to keep my tongue on target as she squirmed side to side back and fouth. I couldn’t take it anymore, as my cock was screaming for attention when I pulled her off the washer and layed her on the floor bending her soft legs to her ears where I plunged every inch of my blue veined throbber into her love box and thrusted like a machine, picking up momentum with every pound as my balls smacked her ass while she turned her head to the side, with eyes closed nibbling on her finger and rubbing her pussy with the other. I guided my raging cock inside and out of that beautiful pussy over a hundred times but her pleasure screams got to me and I tensed up blasting wad after wad all over her box as we both bellowed out with releif. I rolled off to the side pulling her next to me as we lay there in silence for over an hour when we finally made it to the shower and fucked in there once again. From that point on, we became boyfriend and girlfriend and my love for her is way beyond words. I love you Heather and I can’t wait for the day we make it official!

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