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The Girlfriend of the guy who wrote that”superblow” story

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: My House
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

If you haven’t read 16597, you don’t know me.
I’m the girl that’s giving my boyfriend a blowjob cause of
a Superbowl bet. Confidentialy, I always wanted to suck a
cock one day, so I figured I might as well pick someone I
liked. Me and Eric had been comtempleting sex, every since
I gave him his 4th blowjob (2 days after we started going
out, hey I love his dick). We had wants and not wants for
sex, Example neither of us wanted to use protection for our
first time, we would both be naked for it(I’m self-conscios
about my body). and the last one was something i didnt want,
we would do EVERYTHING. He wanted to fuck me in my ass, he
begged me and I like a slut said ok. February 20, 1999
We decided to do it, my parents weren’t gonna be home, until
9:30 p.m. It was a Saturday and we had all day to do it.
Well E, came over at 2:07 exactly. When he came in, he kissed
me and grabbed me by the wrist. He sat on my infamous couch
and pulled me close to him. We hugged for a little while
and I told him to slow down. He said “Aren’t you ready”. I
said ” I want this to be special” He said ok and I went to
the kitchen to get something to drink. When I came back, he
was gone. I looked around and he was upstairs in my room.
I said “calm down, we have time.” Well time passed and we did
nothing, He was getting a little upset, while we watched
I Know What You Did Last Summer. He wanted me, but I was so
nervous, I mean his big dick pounding in and out of my
virgin pussy and THEN my ass. Well soon It was 6:20, and we
started kissing. He placed his hands on my(what i call small
but alot of boys call big)tits. He felt them up, which he
has done before. He has cute hands, and they were exploring
my breast. I put my hands on his zipper, and he got hard as
a rock just like that. He made his way down my body and put
his hands between my legs. And he unzipped my jeans. I got
wet easily. I took him by his hand. It was time. We went
into my room, and locked the door. We sat on my bed and we
got naked. I was sooooooooooo scared. I was nude in front of
my boyfriend. He was naked too. And like a true sweetheart.
He sensed it and held me in his arms, and said I was beauti-
ful and he said he loved me. The feeling this gave me was so
wonderful and indescribable. I laid down on the bed. His
body looked funny,but I love him. I said in a seductive tone
“Ohh Eric I want you to fuck me as hard as can baby”. His
once semi-hard cock shot straight up in the air. I opened
my legs, and he aimed for me pussy. He tried to pop me, Nope.
He backed up and told me to spread alittle more. I did and
he laid between my legs. He pushed his dick into me and popped
my cherry!!!!. I screamed in pain, so loud. It hurt soooo
much!!!!!!!!!!!!!. He was shocked by my reaction and didn’t
know what to do. He decided to pump me. The pain was so bad
That I bit him. He took it out and started bitchin’. I
complained about how much it hurt and how big his cock was.
We both bitched but quickly made up, and tried again. This
time he put it in. It still hurt, but I withstood it. He had
my legs really wide. He was deep in me. The pain subsided,
and the pleasure was making me delirious. He pumped me hard
and I began to moan and scream for him. I said “Ohhh yea
baby, fuck me, fuck me. I said things that I heard on pornos.
He said, Damn baby you are so tight. He took it out, and I
turned on my stomach. I can honestly say this (He gets a
hardon every time I say it) He fucked the shit out of me from
behind. I screamed in pleasure, so loud. I was holding the
headboard of my bed on my hands and knees getting fucked.
My ass started to bubble. I had my second orgasm ever.
(The first came after I gave Eric a blowjob and he was
rubbing my tits). During my orgasm I said “Ohh Eric Ohhhhhhhh
hhhhhh god”. Before he could cum I took him out. I sucked
him off, and he came in my mouth. I don’t see a big deal in
swallowing cum, i kind of enjoy the taste. In about 7 mins.
he was hard again. I knew what was next. It was time for my
virgin ass to be fucked. I bent over, I was so scared and tight
and tense. He said, “I hear that this hurts, if it’s too much
I’ll stop.” I said no keep going fuck me until you cum in my
ass”. He tried to put it in, It wouldn’t fit, it was too
big. After about 15 minutes of spreadng and pushing. It got
in. Girls, let me tell you, the pain of this is sooooooo
bad, you might black out. I think I did but not for long.
He pushed it in me and I let out a short scream, and then I
remember him behind me slowly trying to work his dick in and
out of my ass. I screamed and yelled for him to stop. But
when he tried to take it out, It actually felt good. I said
no don’t and he continued to fuck me. It was slow, but he
gradually picked up the pace. My ass was getting fucked,
the pleaseure from the pain was unbelieveable. He started
to moan too. When both moaned and stroked for about 13 mins,
until He came. I had had 2 orgams as we fucked. He was
exhausted. But I was still wet, I sucked him till he was
hard again. He didn’t want anymore. He (get this) just wanted
to cuddle. I said no. He got hard. And I got on top. I was
riding him. I rode so hard and fast that he was screaming.
I was moaning for him. We did this until he came in me. I came
too. We laid there in a heap. Both sweating and panting,
the smell of sex was vibrant. We laid there in each others
arms. When we woke up, It was 9:45 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was scared, I threw some clothes on and ran down stairs
to check to see if my parnets were her. Luckily, they
weren’t and when I checked my answering machine, they had
called and said they wouldn’t get home til 11:30. A look
of Lust and Greed hit my face, And I went upstairs and told Eric
he said “Great”. We then decided to venture into the world
of 69, and he licked my clit while I sucked his dick.
After we had our orgasms. We went to Wendys and got some
eats. I could still taste his cock while I ate. Well for
the rest of the night we professed our love for each other
all night. He spent the night and we had sex in my basement
and on my couch.

Well since then, we have sex almost everyday. I love him
more than anything in the world. I didn’t get pregnant, as
my test confirmed. I wanna have Eric’s children 1 day.

Eric and Jen 4 Ever

P.S. -to eric My story is better than yours hahahahahahha

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