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The Grocery Store

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: My Bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I work in a grocery store as a coutesy clerk. I clean the store and take groceries to all these rich peoples cars. After about working for 2 1/2 months this girl wanted a job. Since she was only 16 she could only be a courtesy clerk like me. I tought her houw to do the job and that was that. On her third day she was working she went to her car on her brake. I was out back taking out the trash and I happened to notice her and walked over to her to see what she was doing. I was austruck to she her playing with herself. I sat ther in awe since it was the first realpussy I had seen. Right then and there pornos seemed like the Enquire Magazine. Fake as ever. She turned to look and saw me. She blushed. She motioned me into the car and we talked for a minute. Basically she asked me not to tell anyone. Later that night I asked her to the movies that friday and she agreed in a low tone. I told her not to worry about anything I wouldn’t say a thing. That cheered her up immediatly. We decided on a drive in theatere that way we weren’t surrounded by other people. We really only talked not watching the movie. She asked me if I thought she was attractive. If I was a virgin (yes I was) . I asked her that also (She was too). We talked and evenually she asked me If I wanted to touch her. I agreed and started to jack her off under her soaked panties. I kissed her and squezed her nipples until she screamed in orgasim. She banged the horn and every car around us started looking. We talked and laughed the rest of the movie. I was in love. We drove home and talked of another date very soon. The next day at worked we took a break together and went outside. She wanted to explore a little more. She gave me a blowjob and enjoy it so much she swallowed all of my cum. Then she sucked me dry. The next Friday I asked her to do something and I decided I would take her to dinner. I knew of this resturant that my family always went. It was a little family owned Italian resturant. After that I knew my little brother was at a sleep over and my parents were out of town for the weekend. So I took her to my place. We watched a little TV an talked. For some reason we always talked and made out. From anything from medival times to sex, we had covered it. We that night reaized we were in love. I asked her to spend the night. She knew exactly how to tell her mom where she was. She put it, “I am at Laura’s house see you tomorrow.” I gave her a very big tee-shirt and we got into my parents king-sized bed. We talked late into the night and the the question arose. “Josh, I can’t stop thinking about you. Would you have sex with me?” I was stunned by the offer. I leaned over and started to make-out with her. We slowly undressed and after a couple more hours of making out we started to have oral sex. Soon after eating her out she started moaning screw me. I told her to hop on top and started to ride me. I only lasted five minutes the first time. But we spent the night together and I think that one day I will marry her. But being only 15 I have some time to wait. In conclusion the grocery store brought me happiness that I still carry with me.

– Josh

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