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The Handy-Man

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Where it happened: Grandma's House
Langauge: English
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

It all happened abouts ago. I had been staying with my grandmother for the week while my parents were on vaction. I was only there 3 days so far but it felt like forever while I sat in the scorching heat of mid August. The air conditioning broke and I was left alone in the house while grandma went to play bingo at the fire house. Just after she left I heard someone knocking on the door. I opened the door to find the most gorgeous guy I had ever seen. He was only a year or two older then I. He had brown hair, blue eyes, and he looked as though he was working before he came to my house because he was greasy and his face was slightly blackened with dirt. He said he was sent from the hardware store down the street to fix the air conditioner. “Oh yes, I forgot grandma had called about it,” I replied. “Well is she home, because if not I can come back?” he asked. “No, but don’t leave its so hot. I”ll just show you where it is.” “Ok but how will I get paid?” Ha boy did I have an answer for him but I just replied with, “I have some money upstair.” “Alright, just show me where is.” As I lead through the living room into the dining room I noticed him checking out my butt. My mind started to wander a little but I was soon brought back to reality when he asked for a glass of water. When I came back out with his water I was taken back by the sight of this beautiful creature kneeling half naking on the floor taking apart the air conditioner. How I longed to kiss his lips and feel his naked body entwined with mine. I walked up stairs to change into my bathing suit so I could sit by the pool while the ac was being fixed and so I could grab some money for him. When I came back down stairs I caught him checking me out once more. “Nice boobs…” “WHAT?” “Huh, I mean nice, nice, nice bathing suit. Nice bathsuit. It’s a pretty color on you.” I don’t think he realized I heard what accidently fell out of his mouth but I heard him, and I wanted him to tell me what else he liked. But I just replied with a thank you, and continued walking out to the pool. As I went to lay down on the chair I felt someones hands around my hips. I knew right away it was him. He began softly blowing in my ear. Then moved down to my neck and was gently kissing it. It was the most wonderful feeling I had ever experienced. No one had ever kissed me the way he was. I felt his fingers begining to untie my top. Ever so carefully he placed his hand on my breasts. He laid me down on the chair as he kissed my stomach and caressed my chest. I felt him becoming harder the further he went down my body. I knew right there I had to have him. In my mind I wanted to tear at his pants like a savage animal, but being this my first time I wanted to take it slow, so I slowly began to unzipper his fly and remove his pants. I was very surprised to see that wearing white silk boxers with little pink hearts. I giggled, and he told his mother gave them to him for Valentines Day. He began to blush a little but I told them they were cute and he began to kiss me harder and harder. Now I wanted him inside me. I couldn’t take it anymore I felt like I was about to explode. “Are you ready?” he asked. “I’ve been ready since you got here.” I said with a wink and a smile. “Ok” Ever so carfully he placed himself in side of me and slowly began to thrusting himself inward. I winced with pain at first but then it began to feel so good. I couldn’t believe what I was losing my virginity to this god like boy in my grandmother’s back yard. I never thought this was what my first time was going to be like. None the less it was perfect. It all lasted for about an hour and when it was over I didn’t want him to leave but we both knew he had to becasue my grandmother would be returning home soon. So he cleaned up his tools, I walked him to the front door, and gave him a long kiss good bye. Just before he walked through the door my grandmother pulled up in the drive. As he left he told me not to worry becasue we’d see each other again some day and he left with a wink and a smile. Well, that wass ago and I’ve yet to see him again, but I know I will just one more time.

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